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Assignment #2: Osteoperosis

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  1. 1. Silvia KwanProfessor LiangKIN 301March 2, 2012 Osteoporosis in women Osteoporosis is a disease of the bone. This means that by doing a simple task such aswalked or lifting a 5 pound box can cause a fracture in a person’s bone. The reason for this beingthat a person is not getting enough calcium or vitamin D. There are also three types ofosteoporosis; primary type 1, primary type 2, and secondary. Primary type 1 is mostly found inwomen who has gone through the menopause phase while primary type 2 is mostly found in menand women after the age of 75. Secondary osteoporosis does not have an age or gender limitbecause it can be found it men or women of any age. Anorexia is a disease, mostly in girls, where they are always thinking that they look fatand in order to keep themselves skinny they do not eat. If they do eat they will be depressedbecause of their thinking “food makes me fat” mentality. Anorexia is related to osteoporosis. It issaid that women who are anorexic are more likely to be exposed to osteoporosis. The reason isbecause anorexics do not want to eat which means they are not getting enough vitamins tostrengthen their bones. Even if they do eat they force themselves to vomit all the food that theyjust ate and the nutrition’s that are in the food will not be able to be absorbed by the body; whichin the end it is the same as not eating at all. They are also not getting enough physical activitieswhich means that their bone density is extremely lower then people who get their daily exercise.If they do try to get exercise they are unable to exercise for long because of the lack of energy todo anything. If a woman who is anorexic and has osteoporosis falls they can easily get fractured
  2. 2. bones or get hurt more easily than those who aren’t anorexic. Most of the time these women aremostly in their teen and early adult years where osteoporosis may start taking into affect. In elderly people they can be a victim of osteoporosis because as with their age theirbones are not as strong as they use to be. Say for example, before her later years, as a child, shewas always active and always ate healthy foods. During her early years her chances of gettingosteoporosis are smaller than girls who ate unhealthy and sat in front of the television all day.However, during her later years because the body gets weaker she will need the help of vitaminsto help keep her bones stronger. She will also have to be careful of what she does because boneloss starts around the age of thirty to fifty and so that she does not fall or hurt herself and causefractures in the bone. Even with the body getting weaker she can still decrease the chances of hergetting injured by taking extra precautions. Most injuries that occur are usually located in the knee, hip, wrist, and spine. Besidesfalling and injuring yourself, a child can be walking and all of a sudden pull something inside ofher leg. A fracture can occur because while walking you are shifting your weight from one leg toanother. If the girl’s bones are not strong enough to carry the weight it will cause damage. Inregards to hip injuries, they are much more common in females then males. Hip injuries arebasically the bone being dislocated where the legs and hips join. Even with hip surgery thechances of the person getting injured again are very high. Study showed that about 14.4% of thepeople who come out of hip surgery are more likely to dislocate their hips again within a twentyweeks period. When an elderly falls they are very likely going to experience some sort of spineinjury because falling on their bottoms directly affects the spine. When osteoporosis occursaround the spine it is very likely that the person will slouch while walking or sitting. Also withtheir bones losing their density and strength it is very likely to get damaged. Wrist injuries are
  3. 3. caused by carrying heavy packages or by carrying heavy packages the wrong way. The wrist myget broken or get bent in an abnormal position. The main reason why these areas are more likelyt get injured or fracture is because they are used more often and daily throughout the daycompared to other parts of the body. Even though most of these injuries seem like they onlyaffect elderly people they can affect children too. Children who do not get enough of theirvitamins or calcium will have weak bones and an injury to the knee, hip, or spine all of theeffects can be applied to children. Osteoporosis can occur in women of any age. It all depends on their health and how theyare able to keep themselves healthy by getting enough nutrition’s and exercise. The older onegets the more careful they have to be because the density of their bones are slowly weakeningand the chances of getting injured are higher compared to children. There are rehabilitations thatare there to help patients to get back their ability to move around after injuries. The best way toprevent getting osteoporosis is to stay healthy and at an older age safety is a must!
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