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Assignment # 2: Obesity

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  1. 1. Silvia KwanProfessor OlescyskiKIN 301January 21, 2012 Obesity among children Obesity is a major problem within today’s society because of all the fast food that peopleeat so often, and not to mention the lack of getting daily exercise. Some key factors like lifestylepreferences, cultural environment, increased portion size, decrease in physical activities,increased sugar intake from soft drinks, and environmental factors play a big part in theincreasing number of people who are currently overweight or obese. Obesity is the increase inbody fat which can lead to dangerous health problems in the future, such as, coronary heartdisease or type II diabetes. Looking only at the demographics for children in the United States, approximatelytwenty five percent are considered overweight and another eleven percent is considered to beobese. Both females and males are supposed to have twenty five to thirty percent of body fat inorder to be considered healthy. Anything over thirty percent is considered to be obese oroverweight depending on how much the child has gone over the range. Fatty foods are not only considered delicious to children but also inexpensive comparedto healthier and organic foods. Children are more likely to increase the amount of calories thatthey eat because of the tastiness of the food which increases the proportion of what they are ableto eat. Not only are they over eating, but the number of calories that they intake daily increasesdramatically. Unfortunately, the amount of calories is not the only concern. The amount of fat
  2. 2. that fast food products contain is over the daily dairy intake. Considering the amount of fatty andhigh calorie foods that are being consumed, if the child is able keep a steady rate on the amountof exercise he or she does, it will decrease the chances of him or her being overweight comparedto children that do not do any type of physical activities. Some methods of prevention on how to decrease the number of children that areoverweight and obese is to build an environment that promotes healthy choices. For example,creating an easier way for children to get healthy foods by making them more available throughreplacing the fatty foods can be bought in vending machines with healthier choices. Creating apark that has more fun activities for children to play in can also encourage them to become morewilling to go to the park. By doing so, the children are not only more eager to go to the park, butthey will spend more time outdoors instead of just sitting in front of the television. By doingthese simple tasks, not only will they improve the child’s health, decrease the chances of beingoverweight and obese, but it also creates a domino effect. This domino effect help create a longterm road for the child to make a habit of eating healthier without having to think about it toomuch. Studies show that when children are already overweight and obese, they have a higherchance and are more likely to still be overweight and obese by the time they reach to adulthood.The reason that people will have a harder time losing weight at an older age is primarily due tothe lack of will and encouragement. It is very difficult to get people to commit to doing moreexercise nowadays because our environment doesn’t promote the idea very well. With theadvent of technology and transportation that make daily tasks easier and less physical,individuals are more at risk in becoming overweight or obese.
  3. 3. While the advancement in technology makes the lives of each individual even easier,there are fewer methods that promote exercising and living a more balanced and healthier life. Itappears that some people do not realize that obesity isn’t a real problem until it affects themphysically. A more technological method such as liposuction which is the process of extractingexcess body fat from the patient has been seen to be an easy way out of obesity. Othercorporations encourage the use of artificial dieting pills that rely on continuous consumption,while it may or may not affect the human body even more. These methods of losing weight the“easy way” are not the solution to obesity in children. With the conglomeration of fast foodchains, easier and faster transportation, and the ease of doing labor heavy tasks being replaced bytechnology, it would not be surprising to see the exponential rise of obesity in third worldcountries such as China or India. Children who are being born to today’s generation will bemore prone to facing obesity as they grow older due to these factors. Obesity is a very important and ongoing problem because the number of children who arenow overweight or obese is significantly increasing. In addition to that problem, very feworganizations are really promoting or taking any steps to improve the environment that we live inby eating healthier or getting more exercise which are two of the most important things when itcomes to being lean. Being overweight causes a person to get many different kinds of diseaseslater in the future. The rate of children whose health is at risk will slowly increase, unlesschanges are made, and within a short period of time almost one in every three children will fallwithin the category. The risk one takes without being well informed about the effects of obesity can be deadlyand can lead to death. In turn, this calls individuals to create awareness to obesity, whilepromoting healthier diets and more physical activities. Organizations such as VERB, have been
  4. 4. advertising that children of all ages should “go out and play.” While maintaining a stable andbalanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and other daily necessities, it is also viable to have a sufficientamount of exercise daily. It has been advised the children to do at least sixty minutes of aerobicexercise each day. As the population of the U.S. and other nation’s transition into a moretechnological and fast-food reliant society, obesity will increase regardless of age. Children needto start off with a healthy lifestyle which consists of healthier food choices while also performingdaily aerobic exercise such as playing sports. As a society, we need to remember and try to stayaway from fast-foods and eat more accordingly. Children who are already undergoing obesitystill have the chance to lose weight. All it takes is the correct mindset, and the will to achieve ahealthier lifestyle.
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