Building a Graph-based Analytics Platform


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Meetup is a valuable source of data for understanding trends around products or brands. Meetup does not support an analytics package to track group statistics overtime unless you are an administrator of a group. There are no third-party tools or websites that analyze Meetup trends to understand how communities grow.

In this talk I will present a graph-based analytics platform that uses the API to collect and analyze membership statistics over time.

This talk will cover:

How to poll and import periodic data from the API into Neo4j using Node.js.

How to track meetup group growth over time using a Neo4j graph database using Node.js.

How to apply tags to meetup groups and report combined growth of all groups over time.

How to build an interactive documented analytics API to support applications using Node.js and Neo4j.

How to build a business dashboard to visualize time-based statistics and reports using a Node.js based REST API that queries Neo4j.

Building a Graph-based Analytics Platform

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