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Beyond Boundaries Symposium '18: Science Stories


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Beyond Boundaries: Symposium on Hybrid Scholarship 2018 Hosted by Yale University Lightening Talk Presentation Slides:

“Science Stories: Using IIIF and Wikidata to Create a Linked-Data Web Application”
Kenneth Seals-Nutt, Undergraduate, Computer Science
Kat Thornton, CLIR Postdoctoral Associate, Computer Science and Digital Preservation

Published in: Technology
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Beyond Boundaries Symposium '18: Science Stories

  1. 1. Science Stories Using IIIF and Wikidata to Create a Linked-Data Web Application Kenneth Seals-Nutt | Katherine Thornton
  2. 2. The Science Stories Team
  3. 3. Science Stories: Project Overview - Visual Storytelling of academic research - Crowdsourcing Content by Leveraging Wikimedia - IIIF Connects to other research institutions - Specialized image viewers allows for annotations, citation, and linking more information - Goal: Bridging the gap between information in print and on the web - Motivation: Celebrating 150 years of women at Yale
  4. 4. Unforgetting is the act of purposively engaging with, and drawing attention to, aspects of history that those with privilege would benefit from forgetting.
  5. 5. About Wikidata – Fully-versioned Wiki – Editable by all with internet access – Machine-readable linked open data CC0 – Designed to support both human and algorithmic curation
  6. 6. About IIIF – Int’l Image Interoperability Framework – Set of API Specifications for Sharing More Extensive Image Metadata – Specialized Interactive Image Viewers – Used and Supported by Many of the World’s Leading Research Institutions
  7. 7. Maxine Singer American Molecular Biologist
  8. 8. Application Demo Prototype Link
  9. 9. Future Presentations First Official Demo: Yale Women’s Faculty Forum (May 2nd) IIIF Conference (May 24th) Submitting to International Semantic Web Conference (October)
  10. 10. Thank You Kenneth Seals-Nutt Katherine Thornton