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Ryla heber


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Photos from a weekend in Heber Arizona with youth from around the state. Photos taken by David Archibald

Published in: Education
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Ryla heber

  1. 1. One of these delegates is a foreign exchange student the others various high schools in Arizona
  2. 2. April 2018 focused on high school students
  3. 3. Just before Heber Just past the circle K turn left onto route 504 if you’re down the hill into town you missed it
  4. 4. Gio Christian sponsored by Kyrene Rotary two of the 71 delegates
  5. 5. Liv Loralli two of the many counselors & program directors alumni - those who have been to the camp previously
  6. 6. Tyler the music man
  7. 7. Mail boxes
  8. 8. Featured speaker Jerry Traylor has run marathons walked jogged across the United States February to October supported along the way by Rotarians
  9. 9. Taiwan
  10. 10. Larry Horton the man who ran the show with the help of many former Phoenix policeman
  11. 11. Story and Photography David Archibald