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Email marketing software choosing the best tools for your business


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A great Email marketing software is essential to any successful email marketing campaign. Here's some tools that you should consider

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Email marketing software choosing the best tools for your business

  1. 1. Ready to start email marketing for your business and still going over tools?
  2. 2. Important factors to consider
  3. 3. Integration • You’ll want an email marketing software that integrates seamlessly with your CRM , so you can manage that precious customer data, while also having an overview of key metrics (open rates, CTR) to see which campaigns are performing better than others.
  4. 4. Platform Optimization If you’ve studied your analytics and know where your customers are on, you have to ensure the email marketing software you eventually choose is optimised for where your customers are more active on.
  5. 5. Results After sending out a batch of emails, you’d love to know how they did. Every marketing software has their own way of collating and showing analytics, some analytics contain details more than others.
  6. 6. Design Aesthetics matter a lot to some businesses more than others. For example, an E-commerce business or online fashion house will want to use an email marketing software that provides more creatively designed templates
  7. 7. Payment & Price • Most Email marketing softwares start you out on a trial basis and some softwares are free to use provided you have below a certain amount of subscriber
  8. 8. Automation When a new user signs up for a service you offer on your website, or places an order, or downloads any resource you have offered. Automation allows you can have an email sent out each time someone takes an action on your website.
  9. 9. Segmentation & Personalization Nowadays the most successful e-mail marketing strategies use segmentation and personalization to make sure emails are relevant to customers on the buyer’s journey.
  10. 10. Customer Support This is a make or break factor in choosing an email marketing software, You want to make sure that the customer help desk is always on hand to help you get through any issues you might encounter.
  11. 11. Email marketing software recommendations • Mailchimp • Mailerlite • Constant contact
  12. 12. • The right email marketing tool can harness the power of emails for your business. Bringing business goals such awareness, lead nurturing and sales into fruition. • Go to for more information.