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Convergence of PR and Content Marketing


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This deck was first presented at a Webinar on 30 Nov 2016. It explores the need for PR and Marketing to work closer amidst the rise of digital content. Message alignment is key, both PR and Marketing should speak the same language to drive for the common goal of achieving better conversion rate through PR and Marketing content amplification.

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Convergence of PR and Content Marketing

  1. 1. Convergence of PR and Content Marketing Kenneth Lim CMO Alpha7
  2. 2. Infrastructure Platform Applications MARKETING SALES OPERATIONS FINANCE HUMAN RESOURCES PRIORITIES BUDGET CONSTRAINTS PEOPLE PROCESS TECHNOLOGY About  Alpha7 • Advisory • Solutions • Marketplace Benchmark,  Chart  Plan   for  Digital  Adoption Integrated  Business   Platform Pick,  Pay  &  Use 40+  Business  Apps APPS
  3. 3. • A  marketing  all-­‐rounder • More  than  20  years  in  technology  sector,  more  than  16  years  in   marketing,  transformed  3  times  in  his  career,  from  traditional  IT  to   Dotcom,  from  Dotcom  to  SaaS  (Cloud),  from  Cloud  to  Digital • From  Software  Engineer,  to  Marketer,  to  PR,  to  Content  creator • Career  spans  – Microsoft,  Salesforce,  Trend  Micro,  FLY  Entertainment,   now  in  his  Entrepreneurial  phase,  soon  to  be  back  in  the  corp.  world • Awarded  “Leadership  Award  for  Excellence  in  Marketing  and  Brand   Leadership”  by  World  Brand  Congress  in  2015 • Voted  “50  Asia’s  Best  Marketer”  by  CMO  ASIA  in  Aug  2016 About  Kenneth  Lim
  4. 4. Customer  Life  Cycle Always  ahead   of  the  curve!
  5. 5. The  Journey  and  Experience Source:  HubSpot
  6. 6. • Press  Releases • Bylines • Radio • TV Traditional  PR  Channels Click  here  to  the  TV  interview.
  7. 7. Current  State  of  PR
  8. 8. Rise  of  digital  channels  and  content “Stop looking for that blogger and start looking for that videographer. 50% of your content mixture should be text and video. You need to make the shift to what your consumers are on.” Brian  Halligan,  co-­‐founder  and  CEO  of  HubSpot Click  Here for  Source
  9. 9. PR  =  Content  +  Digital  +  Social  +  Brand
  10. 10. What’s  your  PR  and  Content  Strategy? Image  Source:  Frits  Ahlefeldt-­‐Laurvig
  11. 11. • Declining  footfalls • Too  many  stores • Limited  merchandise  and  services  range • Not  enough  warm  meal  options • Expand  on  products  &  services – Health  and  Beauty  Products – Cash  Withdrawal – Fresh-­‐chilled  ready-­‐to-­‐eat  meals • Make  &-­‐Eleven  the  “Everyday”  store    for  any  needs • A  warm  cozy  environment  for  meals  enjoyment Problems Solutions
  12. 12. The  7-­‐Eleven  Story
  13. 13. Marketing  Assets  to  Leverage  and  Optimise
  14. 14. Click  here  for  resource Alpha7  Blogs
  15. 15. Pictures  Reinforce  Your  Message! Look into the heart of most major businesses and there will sit an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, supplying the main vessels needed to support the organisation’s processes and functions. Over time though, traditional ERP systems grew to be heavily customised and lacked the flexibility to help the enterprise adapt to market changes. In today’s fast-paced market environment, business software systems must be able to support the organisation’s unique requirements and still have the agility to swiftly respond to changes. More importantly, enterprises need a fully integrated platform that can provide a holistic view of all core processes and applications. Copyright 2016 Alpha7 Consultancy Pte. Ltd. c Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Marketing Automation Digital Marketing Cloud-Provisioned Apps Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Human Resource Management (HRM) Accounting Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) Going to Market With Cloud-Provisioned Business Applications In 2014, Gartner introduced a prescriptive organisation model for enterprise IT called “Bimodal IT.” According to this model, “IT organisations of the future will have two separate flavors, if you will: Type 1 is traditional IT, focused on stability and efficiency, while Type 2 is an experimental, agile organisation focused on time-to-market, rapid application evolution, and, in particular, tight alignment with business units.”1 Whether you go for the bimodal approach, if you can afford it, or go on your own to scale up your business or to ensure its continuity, you should not be bogged down by the challenge of the transformation. 1 “What Gartner’s Bimodal IT Model Means to Enterprise CIOs,” CIO Magazine, 27 January 2015 Copyright 2016 Alpha7 Consultancy Pte. Ltd. c How Technology can Help Pave the way for your Business Expansion and Continuity TechnologyBefore Now
  16. 16. Awards  and  Recognitions Click  here  to  the  news  coverage  above
  17. 17. eBook Magazine Digital  Version­‐ magazines/technology-­‐startup-­‐special-­‐ october-­‐2016/#page=20 Web  Version article52/alpha7
  18. 18. Social  Media  Channels
  19. 19. Click  here  for  resources
  20. 20. We  Won!
  21. 21. Click  here  to  the  recorded  interview. Click  here  for  resources
  22. 22. Surveys  /  Research -­‐ an  example  of  Marketing  Content  and  PR  convergence
  23. 23. • Think  Digital • Think  Message  Alignment • Think  Brand  and  PR  building  through  content • Work  with  marketing  lead  and  brand  lead  to  have  PR  messages  better   amplified • Start  understanding  how  campaigns  would  need  messaging  to  support   lead  generation  activities  and  vice-­‐versa • Plan  a  full  year  content  calendar  and  discuss  with  marketing  to  bounce  off   ideas  (of  course  things  will  change  a  long  the  way) • Newsroom  is  a  good  strategy,  where  all  content  are  aggregated,  curated,   and  then  determined  on  its  form  and  function  as  a  team  effort • Be  open  to  explore  unconventional  way  of  disseminating  PR  messaging Key  takeaways  for  PR  Professionals
  24. 24. Content  Calendar!
  25. 25. Click  here  for  more  discussions  from  the  press! PR  +  Content  =  More  $$
  26. 26. “If  you  are  not  marketing  inside  of  Zuckerberg’s  world  you   might  as  well  be  marketing  inside  a  trash  can.” Brian  Halligan,  co-­‐founder  &  CEO  HubSpot Click  Here  for  Source. “Think  of  how  difficult  it  is  to  stop  someone’s  thumb  [from   scrolling  down].  You  have  to  capture  attention  and  get  them  to   stop  their  thumbs  and  look  – that’s  hard.” Victor  Cui,  CEO  One  Championship Click  Here for  Source. Final  Take-­‐away!
  27. 27. Thank  you