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earthquake in ecuador

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  1. 1. Earthquake in Ecuador
  2. 2. What happen? • Thousands of Ecuadorians awoke Monday from a second night sleeping outside or in temporary shelters following a weekend earthquake that killed at least 272 people and collapsed overpasses and buildings. • Ecuador earthquake: Death toll soars 01:33 • "What am I going to do?" asked Nely Intriago, standing in front of the rubble of a home. "Cry, that's what. Now we are on the street with nothing." • With the death toll expected to rise -- at least 2,527 people were hurt and others are missing -- Ecuadorian rescuers searched for more victims of Saturday's quake, which struck 27 kilometers (16.8 miles) southeast of the coastal town of Muisne, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
  3. 3. Epicenter
  4. 4. Damages
  5. 5. Are we in danger? The answer for this question is YES, Ecuador is located in a very dangerous part of the world "the ring of fire" this location has a lot of eartquakes frequently so we have to take this situation seriously, in this eartquake we had a lot of deaths and if we do not want this to happen, we have to make a plan for a future natural disaster.