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Your Facebook Page Isn’t Working


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Facebook is constantly evolving. As a result the way that your business page on Facebook works is always changing as well.

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Your Facebook Page Isn’t Working

  1. 1. Your Facebook Page Isn’t Working By Amanda Watts I have to start this week’s blog with an apology. Sometimes I forget that what I live and breath isn’t necessarily something that everyone knows about, and every once in a while some important information, which I think is general knowledge, slips through the nets. So what do I have to tell you this week? I was sent an email this week by a friend who said ‘Think you had better read this – is this true?’ and it was about Facebook, the message they sent me was about Facebook and how your fans of your business page were not seeing your updates and content. I have spent nearly £300 on Facebook Already This Year! Well for me this was old news, so far this year alone I have spent nearly £300 on promoting my Facebook posts so my fans could see what I had written, simply because they just were not seeing them organically… Back in the day… For those of you who aren’t aware of the Facebook changes let me explain more: Back in early 2013 you could set up a Facebook fan page (business page) and build your audience for free by posting good content which every fan of your page would see. If you posted a picture, update or a link your fans would see them in their timeline and be able to ‘like’, ‘share’ and ‘comment’. Missing organic fans ;( This generated new fans of your page, because friends of your fans would see content being liked, shared and commented on and would in turn ‘like’ your page. Your number of likes and interactions would grow organically… This was exciting, this meant that Facebook became a viable business option that was worth investing in – pretty awesome eh? But times have changed! And this is why I must apologise, as not all of you will know this…  
  2. 2. Facebook doesn’t show your posts to all your fans anymore…. Not even close. The number of people who see your posts is related to how much interaction each post gets. For example if a post is shown to 1,000 people, and you only get 1 like, then Facebook will think you have irrelevant updates – so Facebook will start to limit the number of fans who see your updates because Facebook see it as irrelevant to them! Alternatively if the same post gets 200 likes, 120 shares and 50 comments, that’s a home run of a post. But this is not the norm for small businesses, in fact a few ‘likes’ on a post and most of you are in Facebook heaven! The knock on effect to more interaction is that Facebook will probably show your post to a few more of your fans next time. BUT… No matter how great ‘interaction’ is, Facebook won’t show posts to everyone. A decent result these days is 10%. I have nearly 800 Facebook fans and some posts are lucky to reach 100 people if I don’t pay to promote them…So if you have 10,000 fans 1,000 of those might see your post, if you are lucky! Most of you aren’t that lucky. Facebook does this because they realized that most pages are run by businesses or product owners who are doing promotions. So now they charge you for getting your message in front of your fans… It gets even worse if you ‘buy’ Facebook fans to like your page. Because these fans have no interest in your page, any genuine fans who actually like your page will not see your post due to the percentage interaction, or lack of! So what do I suggest to combat this most annoying change in Facebook? • Pay for promoted posts – this can cost between £3 and £100 per post. It gets expensive! • Get your friends to interact all the time and generate enough interest that will encourage Facebook to show your posts to more people. • Get people to sign up to your newsletter and forget using Facebook as a sales tool (this is something I am seriously considering) • Use your personal profile to promote your business (be careful Facebook doesn’t like too much selling on a personal profile, stick to a ratio of 1 in 3 posts selling if you can) • Forget social media completely and start to do business the old fashioned way – pick up the phone and talk to people. • Make sure your content is relevant and interesting and hope that some of your fans will like it some of the time, keep an eye on your Facebook analytics to see what is working and what is not. • Again apologies for the oversight and hope that this news doesn’t come as too much of a shock to the system… but if you were feeling that Facebook just wasn’t doing it for you recently, you now know why…
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