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w. | e. | t. 0208 787 5978
A Training & Development
Programme ...
Are you thinking
of leaving your job
and starting your
own business?
Over 6 months we bring together some of the UK’s top ...
Building a profitable business that is an authentic
expression of who you are won’t happen if you
decide to stay in you...
In every sector you will find industry leaders:
• They have solid foundations in their business
• They have a strategy for...
Name: Claire
Business: Personal Assistant Agency
Claire had been running her first business for less than...
We offer a Guarantee.
Yes! You can do the programme
100% risk free.
Our mission is to help you realise your full potential...
Name: Frasier
Business: Leadership Coaching
When Frasier first contacted me he was 51 years old.
He lived in Leicester,...
The first step...
This is the start of your journey on your escape
plan. The first step is to ...
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The Corporate Escape Programme


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The Corporate Escape Programme is designed to get you out of the corporate world to become your own boss doing something you love.

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The Corporate Escape Programme

  1. 1. BY AMANDA C. WATTS w. | e. | t. 0208 787 5978 A Training & Development Programme for Corporate Professionals who want to make the leap and start a business
  2. 2. Are you thinking of leaving your job and starting your own business? Over 6 months we bring together some of the UK’s top entrepreneurs and industry leaders to mentor, inspire and teach you how to make the leap from your day job and confidently become a thriving entrepreneur. WELCOME 01 It’s about helping you with your commitment of building a life on your terms, as you push yourself out of your comfort zone, growing as a person and starting a business that makes a difference to the world. “Corporate Employees constantly experience stress and frustration in their job. Their experience of life to date has been one of success on the outside but wanting more on the inside - they have a dream of running their own business, but no idea how to make the leap. The Corporate Escape Programme was created for this reason, to give you the resources you need to transition with confidence.” Amanda C. Watts Founder of the Corporate Escape Programme and Head Trainer Amanda C. Watts. Amanda C. Watts is a multi-award winning business coach and trainer who has been an innovator in this field since 2009. She holds formal qualifications in coaching and has worked with senior managers and entrepreneurs from over 40 industries. Amanda has created The Corporate Escape Programme, tools and strategies that train and teach professionals from all over the world. Since the creation of the Corporate Escape Programme, Amanda has developed and honed systems and strategies that catapult a businesses success. Her work has led her to become a mentor for the Virgin Start-Up programme, she speaks regularly on escaping your day job and having a start-up that stays up; she is featured in national and international press and is living her mission of helping 1 million people out of a job they hate into a business they love!
  3. 3. 02 Building a profitable business that is an authentic expression of who you are won’t happen if you decide to stay in your day job. What you need right now is confidence, ideas, and a strong business foundation so that when you make the leap you do so knowing you have an income and the strategies for business growth. In the past 6 years we have helped over 1000 business owners and start-ups identify a business opportunity, and package up the business idea and talent in such a way that the business becomes a success and makes a difference to the world. Success requires more than just a set of technical skills and a few Facebook adverts. To become a successful Entrepreneur you need to hone certain skills to set you apart. 1. POWERFUL YOU Regardless of how great your business idea is, if you do not have the right mind-set and attitude towards being an entrepreneur you will fail at the first hurdle. 2. DIAMOND CLARITY If you are unclear on your niche and ideal clients then you will never attract a tribe of raving fans and clients. Knowing how to niche and who you help, with enable you to market your business with ease. 3. HOLLYWOOD BRANDING Being good at what you do is no longer enough to be a top earner. You need to stand out from the crowd to attract clients like paparazzi round a celebrity. What do you want to be known for, and how will you position yourself in the market? 4. PROFIT PACKAGING Turning your skills, ideas and talents into products, systems and programmes is the easiest way to leverage your income and profits. 5. AUTHENTIC MARKETING Clients come from awareness and are attracted to authentic businesses. In a time where digital marketing is essential and traditional marketing is underutilised, you need to understand the different options available and how to dominate your marketplace. 6. WEALTH BREAKTHROUGH Creating partnerships, knowing how to sell and having strategies are your ticket to dramatic and powerful business growth. Once you have the right foundations in your business, anything is possible when you have a plan. ENOUGH BUILDING SOMEONE ELSE’S DREAMS It’s time to build yours! DREAM LIVING DREAMLIVIN GD REAM LIVING Diamond Clarity Hollywood Branding Wealth breakthrough profit packaging authentic marketing POWERFUL YOU These 6 steps are a powerful guide to knowing what you need to do, however nothing will happen without action. The Corporate Escape Programme creates a high performance community dedicated to one thing: creating a business you love through massive action. When you package your value around these steps the acceleration in your business and personal growth will astound you. “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”
  4. 4. In every sector you will find industry leaders: • They have solid foundations in their business • They have a strategy for getting clients with ease • They are a Niche Celebrity and are the “go-to” person in their industry • They earn great money - doing what they love! • They have fun because work doesn’t feel like work anymore Some people think it takes weeks to become a successful business owner, others think it takes years. In fact, success comes from having deep foundations, growth strategies and Niche Celebrity positioning. By completing The Corporate Escape Programme, and taking action, you will have everything you need. The answer, we believe, lies in confidence combined with momentum in a high performance yet intimate environment. The Corporate Escape Programme is a life changer! When you are confident, passionate and have a strategy, starting a new business becomes easy. You get in the life-changing zone by concentrating on what’s important to you, and you rise to a new level of satisfaction and happiness. All of our Corporate Escapees achieve their results WHILE they continue in their day job or are running their start-up. Nothing good ever happens without effort and massive action. The Cornerstone of The Corporate Escape Programme Experience: • 6 live one-day weekend events throughout the programme • Evening momentum sessions to overcome implementation hurdles • Support and care throughout the experience and ongoing After The Corporate Escape Programme • Ongoing support • Access to quality service providers • Invitation to exclusive events • Opportunities to magnify your brand • Frameworks and training for ‘Leaving a Legacy’ • Peer to peer support/experience/sharing I wanted to do Amanda’s coaching, because I decided I was ready to start business and having coaching with Amanda, sounded like perfect fit with my current busy lifestyle. Also the programme covered everything I had to begin my business. My biggest point were lack of clarity who is my ideal client. I never done on-line business before, so all technical details and online marketing was very confusing to me and this program with Amanda’s guidance just put everything into place. My last but perhaps biggest point was to become visible and start sharing my message. I overcome this and now it looks very natural thing to me without fear what others might think of me and what I do. Amanda exceeded all my expectations; she is amazing not only as a coach but also as a person. She believed in me even when I was not and was extremely helpful all the way through. I really would never been without her where I am now. Jurgita Kasparr, Relationship Coach 03 BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER Your Corporate Escape Plan... “Our real problem, then, is not our strength today; it is rather the vital necessity of action today to ensure our strength tomorrow.” Dwight D. Eisenhower
  5. 5. 04 CASE STUDY... Name: Claire Business: Personal Assistant Agency Claire had been running her first business for less than a year when we met, struggling after giving up her career and trying to turn her passions into a profitable and systemized business. Claire was a South Londoner, aged 36 years old and an East London University Graduate in Business Studies with Accounting Finance. She had previously worked in corporate roles for over 10 years. Initially in accounts and bookkeeping, she quickly rose to office manager roles because of her high level of organization, excellent skills and business acumen. Frustrated with the corporate experience she took a role with a nonprofit Environmental charity. And although in this new role she was more active in the world and was providing great value to her employer and those they helped, Claire still felt that something was missing from her life. It was then that she made the leap and launched her own business. As a office manager, and business graduate, it should have been smooth sailing for her. But it wasn’t. She couldn’t find clients. She wasn’t making any money. And it was getting to the stage where she was going to have to return to corporate employment. As Claire told me her story during her complimentary exploration call I knew that I could help her. She was exceptionally clever and knew what she was doing, she just wasn’t marketing her business effectively, was lacking in confidence as it wasn’t as successful as she had hoped and didn’t know which steps to implement for success. So together we started again. In her first week she identified her ideal client, where to find them and how to speak to them so they would buy. Just this small step gave her the confidence to be more visible in the marketplace. Claire is now blogging, networking and hosting webinars. She has created a variety of products and packages to suit the different needs of her ideal clients and is creating her own business success by helping others achieve theirs. She knows what she can achieve and has no doubt that her business can be successful, and far more successful than she had ever considered before. Please note that the name has been changed for confidentiality reasons. All other information is correct. “I chose the programme as it seemed to give a framework around starting a business that just makes sense. Through an easy to follow and fun system the programme takes you through the process of starting your business to successfully running it. I gained confidence, had a coherent system for my clients to follow, I had time to plan and a comprehensive understanding of where my business should be positioned and who it would help. Coming from a corporate world I found Amanda’s programme to be a breath of fresh air that gave life to my business. I would recommend it to anyone in a similar position.’ Mark Poultney Leadership Development Coach Hi I’m Warren Inspire Ryan, I recently did Amanda’s Programme. I have been been in business for just over 5 months now, I was in a place where I had amazing content and delivery, but I didn’t have a niche or clients. I was doing so many different things, it was like chasing 10 rabbits at once. Since doing the programme, I have now been able to package my services and tailor it to my niche. I now have a successful business and I have earned £7000 in one month which is a new height for me. Warren Ryan Coach and Motivational Speaker Warren Inspire Ryan
  6. 6. We offer a Guarantee. Yes! You can do the programme 100% risk free. Our mission is to help you realise your full potential and make the impact on the world you are meant to make. That is why we invite you to participate in the 6 month programme. If you don’t make the investment of the programme back in the first 12 months we will happily refund 100% of your money. Important note: We require your completed worksheets and proof of implementation from the programme before we process your refund. Why? Because we know that when you take action and complete the programme, you’ll get the results; it’s that simple! If you do the work and you don’t get the value then we don’t deserve your money. Just submit the completed worksheets and the business accelerator strategies in month 12 and we will happily refund you. Next steps, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 1. Go to the website and book a call with one of The Corporate Escape Team. In this call we will discuss the options available to you, and to see if the programme is suitable. 2. Depending on the outcome of the call you may initially commence with the 30-Day Entrepreneur Programme, which is dedicated to getting you in the right mindset for your corporate escape plan. 3. You will be given a start date for the next Corporate Escape Programme, and will be on the first steps to making the leap and transition from corporate employee to successful business owner. When I began working with Amanda I thought she would teach me marketing and make me really good at it (which she is). But I never thought that through her coaching I’d literally change my whole life. Finding blockages that prevented me not only from achieving success as a professional but as an athlete as well, as I said…..the whole life. Changing my mind-set is the key to unlock my unlimited human potential. And it seems like Amanda has that key. She knows exactly what and how to ask and say to uncover and eliminate blockages, thus changing the mind-set from its roots. So I came to Amanda to learn marketing and to achieve huge success in business and will leave with that PLUS with the potential to be become world Karate champion. Because it’s all in the mind and when the mind-set changes then everything changes and I can re-write my story. Alexandra Merisoiu Founder Coach, Urban Women Fitness 05 Amanda is a true phenomenon and inspiration. She has been a hugely supportive business mentor and marketing guru helping me set up my holiday let business. She has helped me in so many ways from soldiering on in the face of bureaucratic adversity to developing a comprehensive booking system and so much more. But it is what she gives at a personal level in warmth and enthusiasm with heaps of common sense and her ‘can do’ attitude that makes her special; together with her ability to put the real you at the centre of your business and for this to shine through. She helped me to personalise and articulate where my interests, enjoyment and passions lie so that I could create my own unique business approach. And above all she has given me confidence and self-belief. With Amanda, you will put the true ‘you’ into your business and create something special that people will want. Lucy Arteton Owner, Darley House
  7. 7. 06 Name: Frasier Business: Leadership Coaching When Frasier first contacted me he was 51 years old. He lived in Leicester, the city he grew up in, and had a very successful corporate career spanning over 30 years. A University of Cambridge graduate and member of the Institute of Directors Frasier had experienced massive success in the Sales Roles, Consulting, Senior Management and Directorships that were part of his high performing corporate career. But he kept experiencing a feeling that there was more, and wanted to leave corporate and set up his own business based on his real passions. He was also looking for a way to be more independent and have more control over his life. He wanted to enjoy more time pursuing his personal interests, especially golf. But not only that, he knew that he wanted a way to give more value to people. Frasier had some idea of how running his own business would work. He was a highly qualified and highly experienced corporate professional. He even had an idea of who some of his immediate clients might be. But had no idea what to do to turn these ideas into a business and paying clients. He wanted to know the details first. He wanted all the unknowns cleared up. During our complimentary exploration call it became clear very quickly that Frasier had a great business idea. His knowledge, passion and expertise came to the fore. It was also evident that his years working in high-level corporate roles had given him the strong work ethic and business grounding that he would need in order to be a successful Entrepreneur. All that he lacked was confidence in his idea and his ability, the focus that comes from working with a proven process, the much-needed steps to take, and the accountability and inspiration that a mentor provides. We used a combination of video training, live webinars, worksheets, email and mentoring discussions to expand Frasier’s knowledge and create the framework and systems that his new business needed. As well as the essential administrative tasks a new business has, Mark learnt to market his business. We identified his ideal clients, what they specifically needed, what value he provided and how he could find paying clients. With this in mind we crafted Frasier’s products and packages, and the systems he needed to sell them successfully, and consistently. After a successful launch Frasier’s Leadership Development Business continues to grow and he enjoys his days more than he ever has before. He spends more time with his wife, and playing his golf. Please note that the name has been changed for confidentiality reasons. All other information is correct. I cannot thank Amanda enough for her guidance and support. She is tough enough to give you a boot when you need it and soft enough to empathise when necessary. Either way, with dedication and drive on your end, her wisdom will help you excel. I was recommended to Amanda’s Programme and I haven’t looked back. I am amazed at how easy it actually is to apply and get tangible results from. The programme is set out in such a way that you constantly build momentum. Having Amanda to help me develop complete clarity from the start really got me going and into full swing. Paul Miller Author, Educator, Personal Trainer and Founder, Move Play Explore CASE STUDY... He thought that by setting up his own business he might achieve all of this and wanted to specialize in Leadership Development Coaching.
  8. 8. IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO DECIDE The first step... This is the start of your journey on your escape plan. The first step is to see if you have what it takes to make the most out of The Corporate Escape Programme. You are currently standing at an intersection. It’s choice time. There are two paths in front of you. One path leads to the left and reads ‘continue doing what you have always done’ whilst the other says ‘doing what you love and building your dreams’. The first path represents your choice to keep on doing what you have always done and therefore keep on getting what you have always got, good or bad. The second path involves saying ‘yes, I want to change my life for the better, and do what I really want to do, however daunting!’ And joining The Corporate Escape Programme. Whilst it may seem unchartered territory at this moment in time, you have done things in the past that you didn’t know how to do at the outset. It’s how you became so successful at your job. You soon learnt and became better and better as you practised your new skills and your confidence grew. Right now you have to choose between making excuses and staying in your day job, or facing the challenges that lie ahead and transition into running your own business… the exciting option. No one other than you can make this life changing decision. So what will it be? w. | e. | t. 0208 787 5978