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5 Ways To Get Speaking Gigs


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Speaking at events is essential for building your credibility, positioning you as an expert and raising your profile amongst both your peers and your target audience.

In this article I outline 5 different ways that you can speak at a variety of events.

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5 Ways To Get Speaking Gigs

  1. 1. 5 Ways To Get Speaking Gigs By Amanda Watts If you can’t afford to market your health and life coaching business, getting out and speaking to people is the most effective way to get known. Speaking puts you in the space of ‘expert’ and gives you immediate credibility with those who are listening to you. Speaking is essential for positioning you in the market place and also for getting your name out there, and sits under the Clients In Abundance Hollywood Branding and Authentic Marketing Pillars. Please don’t be scared: Nothing used to scare me more than standing up in front of a large group of people waiting to hear me speak about marketing. Now I understand that speaking is just helping and serving those who need you most, and I find it so much easier to do… so… here are my 5 ways to get speaking gigs: 1. Networking Groups: There are loads of networking groups around, and many are looking for speakers, so get in touch and do the rounds to see who might be suitable for you. Don’t worry if the gigs are not full of ideal clients to start with, practice makes perfect so get as many gigs as you can! Google local networking gigs for results for your area. 2. BNI – Business Networking International. Love BNI or loath it, it works. A highly structured environment that really makes you work hard at networking. You are accountable to generate referrals and accountable when following up on referrals people have given you. You have to be a member if you want to speak at a BNI event. 3. Meet-Ups. Find your people. There are thousands of meet-ups all over the world, and you will find one close to you. Both business and social meet-ups are the perfect place to meet potential clients. Raise your profile and ask to speak sat as many as you can.
  2. 2. 4. Trade Associations. Once you have practiced your talks, then its time to get in front of your audience in big numbers. Join trade associations that are relevant to your industry and have a room full of potential yummy clients to pitch. Only do this once you are confident and have your talk smooth as silk! 5. Your own event (in person or virtual). You can run a local event by posting flyers and letting your mailing list know… remember your own event can be virtual so don’t feel you have to restrict who can come… remember you can be a global small business with ease., and a live webinar is all it takes. So how do you get these speaking gigs? Make friends and build relationships through networking. Networking is about building relationships, so your number one priority is to get out there and build deep lasting relationships with people in the world, get them to know and like you and then they will refer you. Become friends with those who host or run networking events and offer your services to speak… and don’t give in at the first no. Keep going until you get a yes. One speaking gig leads to another… What to do after speaking at an event: Get names; don’t leave the room without growing your list! One of the biggest wastes of your time is speaking and not following up. Get peoples emails and offer them you irresistible free gift (IFG), which you will send to them upon your return to the office. First you get their names, and then you add them to your list continuing to market and provide high value content to them through auto-responders and other free gifts. Speaking is the quickest and easiest way to grow your profile and your list. What are you going to do in the next seven days to get a speaking gig? Amanda Watts is a client attraction expert. Clients in Abundance takes talented health and life coaches who are struggling to have the audience and the income they deserve; and helps them turn their passion and skill into profits. The first step is simply taking them from struggling with a handful of clients, to a repeatable business of at least 5-10k per month. Then with that strong foundation we can grow this purpose filled business as far as they want to go... To find out more visit or