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36 Digital Marketing Actions To Take Today


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If you are using digital marketing then you will need to be doing all of these.

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36 Digital Marketing Actions To Take Today

  1. 1. 36 Digital Marketing Actions To Take Today By Amanda Watts Digital Marketing Strategy Every year the best laid schemes of mice and men go awry. I have composed a list of actions to take today which will effect your digital marketing for your business, and ensure that you are as up to date as you can be. If I have missed any, please do put them in the comments section at the bottom, and I will add them to the post (and attribute them to you). Online marketing actions, print off and complete: 1. Check you have the correct Copyright on the bottom of your website and that the date is current. 2. Check your Google analytics are working (and start to use them). 3. Check you have all of your title tags and descriptions on your website unique and present. 4. If you use WordPress check you can log into it, and it is current. 5. Upload an XML sitemap to Google and make sure it is updated regularly. 6. Check that you have nothing out of date on your website, have you referred to last year in it and are you talking about 2011 or before? 7. Check your website domain name registration and ensure you are up to date 8. Check your data capture registration works and any other forms you have. 9. Check your Website Accessibility, this is something which is being required more and more, you must be W3C Compliant. 10. Check your pricing. Now is the time to review and change, new year, new prices. 11. Check your on-line directory listings, are your photos, links and details all correct?  
  2. 2. 12. Do you have an website? If not get one, if so when was the last time you checked it and updated it. Lots of new features available. 13. Have you got up-to-date testimonials? If not get some. Testimonials from 2011 will look very out of place, and will not help your credibility! Ensure that they are current on your website and LinkedIn. 14. If you have had staff changes now would be a good time to ensure your passwords have been changed. 15. Delete any Facebook admins that are no longer employed with you, or are involved with running your Facebook page. 16. Ensure you have your social media covered. You must be on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. If you are not, social media could be killing your business. 17. Check your keyword strategy, are you still targeting the right keywords for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 18. Check you have no unanswered messages in your LinkedIn email, and set up a reminder to do this at least weekly. Social Media Marketing Checks 19. Check your profile is up to date on LinkedIn, have you changed jobs? Or got a promotion? 20. Are your groups on LinkedIn still applicable? Do you need to delete some and join others? Are you even using them to your advantage? 21. Review your LinkedIn account – there were lots of new features added last year, do you utilize them? 22. LinkedIn Company Page is a must, have you got yours? Add it to your to-do list. 23. Facebook Insights. Check your insights and see which updates were popular last year. Get into the habit of doing this weekly, it will ensure that Facebook works better for you. 24. Check you don’t have any outstanding messages in your Facebook account, if you do answer them now and apologize. Better to start the New Year off with a clean slate. 25. Go through your competitors Facebook Pages and follow them. If you don’t know what they are doing how can you do it better? #Massageyourego 26. Ask your Facebook Followers to leave a recommendation on your Business Page Timeline; nothing says it better than someone else saying you are great. Twitter Bio
  3. 3. 27. Check your Twitter Bio and ensure you have an up to date one. Make sure you don’t have it linked to your Facebook page #spamheaven 28. Is your Twitter picture a true reflection of you? Is it the same as your LinkedIn profile picture? Brand consistency! 29. Did you know that you can now add a Header to your Twitter profile. Great to enhance your brand and it is free. Add one now if you haven’t already. 30. Make sure you have a location on your Twitter page. We want to know where you come from! 31. Google + is key to SEO and also to raise your business profile. Get a page now. Click here to set up your Google + page. 32. Have you got a Pinterest account imperative if you run a restaurant or any food business for example. 33. Ensure you have a business plan and that it is up to date. Did you write it 3 years ago and then walk away? 34. Ensure your Tax Return is completed by the 31st January. A £100 fine might seem a drop in the ocean, but image how relieved you will be to get that monkey off your back! Being stress free is priceless! 35. Video is imperative for a content marketing plan. Ensure you have a YouTube channel and start to use it. 36. Slideshare is up and coming for 2013 get ahead of the curve and upload your interesting presentations! 37. Know you will only succeed if you love your job. If you do not love what you do change it! Living your dream is the key to happiness! Amanda is a Client Attraction Expert. She specialising in working with health, wellness and fitness professionals who need to market their business effectively to get more clients and make more money - but without working 70 hours a week. What separates the Clients In Abundance service from other business coaches is that she ONLY works with the health, wellness and fitness industry and ONLY specialises in getting more clients and making more money, but without getting burnt out. Because of this, Amanda's clients receive proven, undiluted, and extremely specific step-by-step information on exactly that they need to do to get more clients. As a result, those who coach with her get more clients, make more money and have more free time than they would doing this on their own.