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  1. A little about me! Kennedy Coen
  2. 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 2 3 A G E N D A 2
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  4. Academic Career
  5. 3 / 1 / 2 0 X X S A M P L E F O O T E R T E X T 5 I began my academic career at Georgia Southern University in 2018 as a marketing major. I realized quickly into my first semester that, yes, I loved certain aspects of the marketing major, but it did not include everything I wanted in a major. I wanted an outlet for my creative side while also representing a more identifiable public. I liked the idea of supporting a public and selling there values rather than their product. When I took my first public relations class, Intro into PR, I knew I had selected the right major for me. I have continued to learn so much through my professors at Georgia Southern University and the skills I have learned make me feel very prepared to enter into the work force. Currently I am in an Event Management course, which has been my favorite course I have taken. I have learned every detail on how to plan an event and to create a successful event for a client.
  6. Career Aspirations
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