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Kenexa Tech Mall


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Introducing Kenexa's new 2012 technology fall line. Seven individual product launches and product enhancements, all reflections of our investment in research and development and packaged to make user experience ont only simple, but exciting and unique. From rapid recruitment, meaningful onboarding and top-notch compensation management to social learning, mobile feedback and the perfect company fit--we've got it covered.

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Kenexa Tech Mall

  1. 1. Tech MallIntroducIng the new fall lIne
  2. 2. table of contents we are thrIlled to Introduce our new meaningful onboarding and top-notch compensation technology fall lIne. eight individual product management to social learning, mobile feedback and the launches and product enhancements—all reflections perfect company fit—we’ve got it all covered. and we are of our investment in research and development, and excited to showcase each one at the Kenexa techMall. packaged to make the user experience not only simple, stop by and pay us a visit, and learn how our new fall line but exciting and unique. from rapid recruitment, can make you—and your company—look good. 3 rapIdhIre 4 onboardIng experIence by Kenexa® by Kenexa® simplifies hourly hiring! the most innovative way to provide meaningful, personalized experiences to people in new positions! Part of the Recruitment Technology Solution by Kenexa Major component of the 2X Onboard® Product by Kenexa Including 2X BrassRing® and 2X Recruit® coMpanalyst coMpensatIon ManageMent by Kenexa® 6 5 complete set of on-demand by Kenexa® modules to spend time and money where it counts! empowers managers to make better compensation recommendations for their people! Part of the compensation Solution by Kenexa Including Market Data Part of the Performance Management Solution by Kenexa and Job Description Builder Featuring Goals, Appraisals and Succession 2x assess by Kenexa® provides users and 7 socIal learnIng ManageMent systeM by Kenexa® supports learning and knowledge 8 applicants all-new multi-lingual capabilities! sharing—anytime, anywhere! Part of the New Part of the Learning Management Solution by Kenexa Assessment Technology Featuring LMS and hot Lava Mobile Platform by Kenexa fIt coMpass by Kenexa® MobIle feedbacK survey app by Kenexa® 9 Identifies individual archetypes 10 for company fit! gathers valuable real-time feedback! Part of Recruitment Solutions Part of the employee Survey Solution by Kenexa by Kenexa2
  3. 3. rapIdhIre Simplifies hourlyby KeNeXA ® hiring!Kenexa RapidHire™ streamlines recruitment for hourly hiring, giving yourhiring managers the tools they need to find and hire top talent—even on-the-go! RapidHire gives you just what you need—a simple, powerful and user-friendly interface to identify candidates in just seconds. And forget about theneed for training. With our intuitive interface, you can access what you needfrom a variety of devices, including your tablet or desktop.features stay on track• Specially designed for hourly hiring! with our rapidhire sand• Easily sort and filter candidates! timer with• View and print candidate information! suction cup!• Update statuses of candidates!• Schedule interviews!• Recruit on tablet, iPad or desktop!Give RapidHirea try today!Part of the RecruitmentTechnology Solutionby Kenexa 3
  4. 4. onboardIng by Kenexa® experIence Kenexa Onboarding Experience gets your new hires and employees in new positions excited, engaged and productive in their The most innovative way to provide new jobs! Through our unique, innovative meaningful, personalized experiences process, we can transform new hires into to people in new positions! dedicated, productive employees. No boring checklist of tasks here! This revolutionary experience helps your new people complete their onboarding tasks, learn how to doFEATURES their jobs well and work effectively in your• Highly customizable workflow and company. look and feel!• Available on all mobile devices!• Tailor for business unit, locale, employee type or role!• Available in 20 languages! Keep your digital• Shrink time-to-productivity! devices shiny with our free Onboarding• Enhance engagement, collaboration, Experience Mini socialization and retention! Microbuff! Take the Onboarding Experience for a test drive! Major Component of 2X Onboard® by Kenexa4
  5. 5. coMpensatIon ManageMent by Kenexa® Empowers managers to Kenexa Compensation Management™ supports make better compensation pay-for-performance and gives your managers recommendations for confidence to make compensation recommendations their people! that reward each employee appropriately. Look no further for a complete performance management solution! Our Compensation Management module is part of Kenexa 2X Perform® and goes hand-in-hand with our Performance and Succession Management modules. All this gives you the peace of mind you need to support your company’s compensation strategy and drive ongoing performance results.FEATURES• Make better compensation recommendations!• Reward top performers!• Select from any combination of base salary, bonus and equity!• Easily manage to stay within budget! Keep track of your• Adjust payouts based on compensation dollars demographics, performance with our Compensation outcomes and position! Management Money Clip!• Simplify and automate compensation management workflow!• Address stringent audit and security needs!• Supports multi-currency and Check out Compensation multi-language! Management today! Part of the Performance Management Solution by Kenexa 5
  6. 6. coMpanalyst by KeNeXA® Complete set of on-demand modules to spend time and money where it counts! Kenexa CompAnalyst™ supports a market-based approach to compensation. By replacing traditional spreadsheets with web-based tools, FEATURES you save time and avoid errors, giving you the confidence that you’re developing and • Better, faster market pricing, salary maintaining competitive pay programs. But that’s range development, equity analysis not all! You also empower your compensation and pay program design! team to spend less time managing data, and more • Improved visibility into business time helping your managers and HR business metrics and cost drivers! partners use compensation to attract, retain • Reduced time spent on low-value data tasks! and engage employees. • Make recommendations on how to spend compensation dollars! • Communicate compensation programs to employees, managers and executives! • Use compensation as a tool for attraction, retention and engagement! Take charge of your compensation program with our CompAnalyst USB Car Power Adaptor! Look further at what CompAnalyst can offer you! Part of the Compensation Solution by Kenexa6
  7. 7. 2x assess by KeNeXA® Provides users and applicants with all-new multi-lingual capabilities!Kenexa 2X Assess™ is your one-stopglobal content assessment solutionand is part of the Kenexa 2X IntegratedTalent Management Suite. With lotsof new bells and whistles, like multi-lingual capabilities, configurablereports and a custom user interface,2X Assess has the positive, engagingapplicant experience you’re lookingfor. Plus with verbal, numerical andlogical reasoning tests, and personality FEATURESinventory assessments alreadyavailable, this assessment tool is sure • Provide applicants and system usersto meet your needs. We’ll soon be multi-lingual capabilities!including our popular Selectors and Fit • Generate tailored reports, includingassessments, followed by simulations company logos and branding elements!and computer adaptive tests. • Edit content to fit the company culture! • Create positive user experiences! • Thousands of tests to choose from! Take a closer look at what 2X Assess can Take the guesswork out reveal to you! of assessments with our 2X Assess Part of the New Assessment Magic 8 Ball! Technology Platform by Kenexa 7
  8. 8. socIal learnIng ManageMent systeM by KeNeXA® Supports learning and knowledge sharing, anytime, anywhere! Kenexa Social Learning Management System, featuring Kenexa LMS™ and Kenexa Hot Lava Mobile™, gives you the confidence of a full-featured configurable LMS that tracks, reports and delivers learning with the flexibility to develop, deliver and analyze mobile content to support learning, performance and communications—anywhere, anytime! And we can deliver our Social LMS at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. With your workforce constantly on-the-go, your company can finally leverage the most efficient way to interact, share and learn with all your key stakeholders—your employees, customers and partners. FEATURES • Take the cost out of implementation and maintenance! • Increase the efficiency of administrators and learners! Make your mark • Improve user acceptance and with the LMS enhance learning! Dartman and Hot Lava Mobile • SaaS delivery or on-site Lava Pen! deployment! • Develop mobile rich content with PowerPoint! • Take advantage of smart phone and tablet capabilities! • Get device-specific media Start learning conversion and streaming with full media support! what Social LMS can do for you! Part of the Learning Management Solution by Kenexa8
  9. 9. MobIlefeedbacKsurvey appby KeNeXA® Kenexa Mobile Feedback Survey App™ is an all-new application that makes sure your companyGathers valuable real-time feedback! is listening to support your engagement and action planning processes. If you’re curious about what your employees are thinking and want feedback in real-time, this App is just the thing for you. With an easy-to-use interface, our Secure feedback on your digital devices Feedback App allows you to get with the Mobile information instantly and stay in Feedback Survey App Grip Stand! touch with what matters to your company while you’re on-the-go. FEATURES • Gather valuable feedback real-time through an easy-to-use interface! • Post questions to a meeting audience and receive data instantly! • Quickly respond to questions posed to you! • Review all questions you’ve posted or responded to, including the data behind it! Put your feedback • Create polling groups by using your company’s into on-the-go action organizational structure! with Mobile Feedback Survey App! Part of the Employee Survey Solution by Kenexa 9
  10. 10. fIt coMpass by KeNeXA® Identifies individual archetypes for company fit! Kenexa Fit Compass™ is two products in one! The first amazing product is the Interview Guide that the hiring manager receives with custom questions tailored to each candidate based on the outcomes of the Fit Compass Assessment. Second is the Personal Fit Planner—an exciting onboarding tool. Once a new hire starts, the manager and the new employee get a full archetype report and Find your way to the best-fit candidates planner to help make the transition from with our Fit Compass candidate to employee a breeze. Whistle Key-Light Compass! FEATURES • Custom interview guide for all managers! • Facilitate development, career planning Facilitate and team building! • Preserve or evolve company culture! Preserve Increase • Increase overall fit! Enhance • Enhance employee understanding of company culture! Improve • Improve the onboarding experience! Make sure you get the right fit with Fit Compass! Part of Recruitment Solutions by Kenexa10
  11. 11. we’ve got the hottest hr technology Must-haves thIs season. dIscover our new fall lIne at the Kenexa techMall. From rapid recruitment, meaningful onboarding and top-notch compensation management to social learning, mobile feedback and the perfect company fit, we’re thrilled to roll out our new technology fall line. That’s why we’re showcasing all the latest must-haves at the Kenexa TechMall. we’ve got lots More cool stuff at www.Kenexa.coMwww.kenexa.comcontactus@kenexa.comcopyright Kenexa®, 2012
  12. 12. www.Kenexa.coMcopyright Kenexa®, 2012 n