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Kendrae Marshall


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Kendrae Marshall

  1. 1. PUBLIC SPEAKING KENDRAE MARSHALLA.J. Jacobs My Year Of Living Biblically
  2. 2. The Year of LivingBiblically is about myquest to live theultimate biblical life. Tofollow every single rulein the Bible – as literallyas possible. I obey thefamous ones:
  3. 3. The Ten Commandments
  4. 4. Be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the EarthGenesis 1:28
  5. 5. But also, the hundreds of oft-ignored ones.
  6. 6. Like Not Shaving My Beard
  7. 7. And Stoning Adulterers
  8. 8. Through his introduction he capture theaudience with confidence.
  9. 9. I felt like he could’ve displayed morebody language
  10. 10. Tips use fromNancy Duarte& GarrReynolds werehe did engageand storytelling,add visuals tonot bore theviewers , andalso keep theaudiencelaughing andclapping.
  11. 11. And what I learnedabout delivery fromwatching thesepresenters is; youhave to tell impellingstories to keep theaudience attention.
  12. 12. And Don’tStay On OneSubject TooLong
  13. 13. I NOTICED THAT THE SPEAKER THAT I CHOSEN WAS SIMILAR TO SIR KENThey both had the audience together with them tune in, and both told stories andkept the amusement through telling jokes
  14. 14. And here is the tip that I leave my fellow classmates with. Wheneveryou have your next upcoming speech; just make sure that whoever isviewing you remembers you.