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SQL PASS Summit 2018


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Notes from the keynote of the first day of the Professional Association for SQL Server's Summit in 2018 - by Kendra Little

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SQL PASS Summit 2018

  1. 1. PASS Summit 2018 – Day 1 Keynote Kendra Little
  3. 3. Grant kicking off the keynote
  4. 4. PASSION award winner, Michael Johnson
  5. 5. Rohan Kumar
  6. 6. Rohan Kumar Hybrid cloud is the true enabler for digital transformation AI is helping MS customers • Understand their customers and better meet their needs • Improve their operations Critical to build training model on data that spans the hybrid estate
  7. 7. Rohan Kumar CTP 2.1 has been released • Monthly releases • Using Azure to get feedback on a constant basis • Request for engagement from you
  8. 8. Conor Cunningham and Bob Ward
  9. 9. Conor Cunningham and Bob Ward Demo: Removing page latch waits in tempdb Behind the scenes, it’s using Hekaton in system tables in tempdb to speed this up Not yet in preview Will be in SQL Server 2019
  10. 10. Asad and Nellie Demonstrating Azure Data Studio and Data Clusters • Use Python and Notebooks • Can query HDFS using native features in SQL Server engine to read that data Access multiple data sources through SQL Server Buzzword this and a Thing in a That with a WUT? (This got a bit confusing to me)
  11. 11. More from Rohan Kumar
  12. 12. Azure Database Migration Service Near zero downtime Migrate at scale Optimize IT Infrastructure Azure SQL Database – 5 million active at any give time, a pedabyte of telemetery data every day Microsoft is using machine learning against the data
  13. 13. Managed Instances Big push to get customers here General Availability of Business Critical SKU starting December 1
  14. 14. Azure SQL Database Hyperscale 4 TB limit on initial implementation Have been working on rearchitecting Scales out storage over various nodes Has abilities for fast point in time restore Scale storage and compute independently
  15. 15. Accelerated DB Recovery & Machine Learning Services Azure SQL Database Goal is to make sure that no matter what happens, recovery happens in “constant time” Machine Learning workloads in Azure SQL Database – enables migration for these features
  16. 16. Lindsey Allen
  17. 17. Lindsey Allen We don’t have fancy machines We have 2 socket machines Most customers don’t like figuring out sharding with partitioning keys – whatever key you choose is wrong This is going to happen automatically behind the scenes Now they take snapshots and restore from those – not a size of data operation
  18. 18. Accelerated Database Recovery How long will it take to restore? Painful for customers Painful in Azure as well Can aggressively truncate the log – even in full recovery mode database/sql-database-accelerated-database- recovery
  19. 19. Deborah Chen
  20. 20. Multi-Master Replication in CosmosDB Azure Cosmos DB Apps can read from any region and write to them as well Drawing app Data being replicated to Japan in almost real time Go to instance in Japan and drawn, and it app
  21. 21. John Macintyre
  22. 22. SQL Data Warehouse competing 30% less expensive than Amazon Redshift Fastest cloud DW based on benchmarks Demo with 6 trillion rows of data TPC-H Benchmark running Processing over a trillion rows a second
  23. 23. Demo: prioritizing workloads in SQL Data Warehouse Demonstration of queries being queued, waiting for system resources on a busy system Connect to a dashboard using a special service account That work gets prioritized and jumps the queue Feature name: workload management
  24. 24. Ariel Pisetzky of Taboola
  25. 25. Azure Data Explorer Used across Microsoft internally for several years to explore logs and do analysis Ingest unstructured and semi-structured data Not a lot of prep work to do quick queries
  26. 26. Demo: exploring data Can query and show results in graphs or tables Using the tool to report on the customer experience “What is the 5% of the slowest recommendations we provide?” • Identify spikes where they are above 800 ms • Using queries to zoom in and identify who is impacted
  27. 27. Patrick LeBlanc
  28. 28. Dataflows Point Power BI to any data lake store It will figure out connectivity and transformations for the scenario Big customer request “Self-service for big data” stored in the data lake
  29. 29. SSRS Reports in Power BI Reporting Services – things went quiet for a long time BUT NOW WE HAVE MORE Paginated reports in Power BI Service
  30. 30. Deepsha Menghani
  31. 31. Demo: Shell health & safety portal Predictive alert Azure database notebook Need to have data to feed and train – and you can’t just burn down a gas station – she checked Can do a keyword centric search for images to feed into the model Image classification – databricks lets you build on existing models
  32. 32. Live demo: image detection Hold a cigarette in front of a camera Image identified and detected Notification suggesting stopping a pump
  33. 33. And we’re done! Goodbye from Rohan