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PASS Summit 2018 Keynote Day 2 Comments and Notes


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Professional Association of SQL Server Summit - Notes on the Keynote from Day 2 by Kendra Little

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PASS Summit 2018 Keynote Day 2 Comments and Notes

  1. 1. PASS Summit 2018 – Day 2 Keynote Kendra Little
  2. 2. Wendy Pastrick
  3. 3. Wendy Pastrick 185 countries, 300K members in PASS 40K virtual group members Wendy sang her way through the budget recap – OH MY WORD THIS WAS AMAZING
  4. 4. Tim Ford
  5. 5. Tim Ford 40% First Timers at Summit this year My own commentary: Wow, that’s a huge source of income Maybe a sign of repeat attendance falling off? I’m not sure how this tracks over the years.
  6. 6. Mark Souza, Ron Soukup, Paul Flessner, Ted Kummert, Rohan Kumar
  7. 7. Mark Souza, Ron Soukup, Paul Flessner, Ted Kummert, Rohan Kumar We have a panel of corporate VPs talking about the history of SQL Server My own observations: We haven’t had any women at this level of leadership at Microsoft in the history of the data platform We need heroes on stage who reflect the new Microsoft culture and empower people across races and genders This session was a big miss for me
  8. 8. Raghu Ramakrishnan
  9. 9. Raghu Ramakrishnan The changing landscape of data Elastic compute and storage Data is exploding, and the complexity is as well Perennial problems: Size of data ops are slow, long recovery is painful Scale with costs reflecting workload
  10. 10. Raghu Ramakrishnan Desire to bring together access to multiple systems SQL Hyperscale – originally named Socrates He just walked around asking queries
  11. 11. Raghu Ramakrishnan Themes: Scale systems separately Separate quorum from compute and data to simply scale Design tiered caching to mask network latencies Interesting talk, but worth watching if you want the details – not sure I can recap this
  12. 12. And I’m out! This was a disappointing keynote for me My main takeaway from today is that PASS hasn’t tapped into the exciting emerging Microsoft culture And PASS isn’t thinking about putting role models on stage each day for people across their membership And what is a keynote about, other than inspiring?