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Slick educator final final


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Trends to be on top of if you want the Moniker "Slick Educator"

Published in: Education
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Slick educator final final

  3. 3. EFFICIENCY Technology != Efficiency
  4. 4. DROPBOX For you - For them Do away with lost flash drives, emailing files around, synch between home and office Instant sharing of folders desktop to desktop
  5. 5. AMAZON KINDLE Available for all devices Instantly distributes latest bookmarks, notes to all devices Distributes “popular” highlights
  6. 6. ETEXT eText scene: iPad, Kindle, Kno, Galaxy, Play, Nook, Galaxy, Xoom CourseSmart for instant desk copies
  7. 7. IPAD Good Reader - carry all pdfs; annotate; file structure BlackBoard Keynote, Pages, Numbers plus Netflix!
  8. 8. CROWDSOURCING• Since everyone has camera, Internet…
  9. 9. IN CLASSROOMCamtasia RelayEasyRelay to course directlyNavigation on recorded speech orPowerPoint text
  10. 10. GOOGLE BOOKSSave a trip to the bookstoreAllowed to read a fixednumber of pages bycopyright holderNeed a bit of material for in-class example?
  11. 11. WOLFRAMALPHAComputational knowledge enginerather than a search engine
  12. 12. DRIVE• Daniel Pink
  13. 13. NEXT...
  14. 14. SIXTH SENSE Wearable Textural device
  15. 15. GARTNER SYMPOSIUM• Cloud Computing• Mobile and Media Tablets• Social Communication/Collaboration• Video• Context aware computing• Ubiquitous computing
  16. 16. GARTNER• Fabric-based infrastructure• Next generation analytics• Social analytics• Storage class memory
  17. 17. CONTACT• Kendall E. Martin, Ph.D.•• Montgomery County Community College• Blue Bell PA