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Keeping Discovery in the Library

  1. 1. Keeping Discovery in the Library Ken Varnum 2 November 2011 Charleston Conference
  2. 2. Search Results Summon Native ArticlesPlus (API)
  3. 3. ArticlesPlus Functionality • Replicates most of Summon’s hosted site • 360 Link is resolver • Each citation has a permalink for bookmarking, sharing, and error reporting • Favorites
  4. 4. Being in the Flow Lorcan Dempsey defines “being in the flow” as: • the library needs to be in the user environment and not expect the user to find their way to the library environment • integration of library resources should not be seen as an end in itself but as a means to better integration with the user environment, with workflow. “In the flow”, 6/24/2005 Image credit flickr user M.H
  5. 5. Staying in Our Users’ Flow • We want to be where our users go • We need to be where we are • Our users’ flow often involves the library, so we try to add extra value there
  6. 6. Image credit: Flickr user aigle_dore
  7. 7. Challenges Effects • Not all functionality of • Eliminated Ex Libris’ Metalib Summon’s native interface • Eliminated server for exists in API OpenURL resolution • Need to do extra work – Display Web of Science • Database searching is down Citation Counts • Full-text downloads up – Display LibGuide author photos • Ability to add functionality • API not 100% documented
  8. 8. Adding Functionality This is the big win…. • Favorites • Custom searches • Semi-permalinks • Failure reporting • User analysis
  9. 9. Where Next? • Continue to build services around discovery • Bring scoped searches to specific courses • Move toward sharing frequently used and/or saved resources among natural collaborators • Continue to study search & browse usage
  10. 10. Contact Information Ken Varnum Web Systems Manager University of Michigan Library @varnum

Editor's Notes

  • BackgroundExperience with Summon & DrupalWhat we didWhyImpacts
  • About the Library SiteLaunched 2 years agoRunning on Drupal 6 & SolrIntegrates discovery acrossCatalog (our books, ebooks including HathiTrust)Web content (stuff in Drupal)LibGuidesDatabases & Journals (metadata level)Articles
  • MLibrary signed up with Summon in July 2010Launched our interface 9/27/2010As with Summon’s hosted tool, anyone can search through our interfaceFull text links are OpenURLsUM authentication (off campus) / IP recognition (on campus) to get full text
  • Why do this when the Summon interface is, frankly, pretty good? Information world is easy to get lost in Provide as few starting points as possible Keep users 'at home' as long as possible Provide access to help as much as possible Keep article discovery, catalog discovery, etc. in one context
  • Keep discovery in the library.Provide auxiliary services within the local contextNot discourage users from going elsewhere, but providing reasons to staySend users to destination when they’ve found what they wantIn practice:LibGuides discovery in search & browseDatabase, journal, & catalog discovery in our siteIntegrate article discovery into siteSubject specialists integrated into search & browseOpportunity to learn about our user’s needs and behaviorsAbility to offer services like favorites & problem reporting
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