Tech Comm Presentation 2012 02-16


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Technology updates from the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show and other current sources. Includes TVs, Ultrabooks, Tablets, Apps & "Appcessories", and Green Portable Power Supplies other Accessories.

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Tech Comm Presentation 2012 02-16

  1. 1. Tech from CESFebruary 16,2012
  2. 2. MissionThe purpose of this meeting is to inform and introducetechnology to Chamber members, not necessarily to give acomplete education on the topics discussed.Some of the technologies discussed are quite oftenavailable through Chamber member companies, includingseveral of the volunteers in the subcommittee. Othertopics are presented as classes by the Chambers.If you would like to discuss any of these topics more in-depth, please contact one of the subcommittee membersafter the meeting and we’ll get you in touch with the bestcontact for your interest.
  3. 3. Sub-Committee MembersChamber Member Companies working together to bring youthe information on the technological topics that interest youand can benefit your business!Andy Kastrup, ProTronics Technologies, Inc.Art Zemon, Hen’s Teeth NetworkBeth Richter, ProTronics Technologies, Inc.Ken Tucker, ChangeScape, Inc., Co-ChairMark Peimann, EPC Computers, Co-ChairRandy Downs, JLJ Technology, Archiving Valuable Assets
  4. 4. Facebook Events Check-in
  5. 5. Tech from CESThemes TVs, Ultrabooks, Tablets, Apps & Appcessories, and other AccessoriesAccording to PC World Magazine: At CES this year the focus is less on the devices themselves, and more on the apps that make the devices do cool things. Apps that let you video-chat or send instant messages in a pane to the right of the picture on your TV have been popular, and weve even seen apps that allow you to immediately click to buy a product that you see in the show.  eBay iPad app currently makes you type in the channel you are watching, but there are plans to eventually link to your TV and would recognize the brand of clothing or props in a scene and let you buy them on eBay.
  6. 6. Tech from CESTVs Smarter TVs  Apple & Sony are reportedly working on next-gen TVs that make it easier to share user content among multiple devices Bigger LEDs (Sharp & LG)  Sharp 80-inch 3D LED TV: The Sharp LC-80LE844U is more than just a small billboard, though. It features Sharp’s Quattron technology for better 3D images, plus it has LED backlighting and refreshes at 240Hz to keep fast- moving video clear and can connect to the web through its built-in Wi-Fi. Due out in April, rumored price: $6500 Big OLED TVs (LG & Samsung)  The colors are vivid and rich and the screens have tiny bezels that make them seem to just hang in space on their own. Samsung says their OLED set should be out in the second half of the year. No news on the availability of the LG model. And the companies didnt announce prices for either set. They wont be cheap, but if you love a great picture, they may be worth it.
  7. 7. Tech from CES
  8. 8. Tech from CES
  9. 9. Tech from CES Affordable Ultrabooks  The MacBook Airs success is creating a style revolution in the laptop world. Now Windows laptops are shedding pounds and inches to mimic the Airs thin-and-light chic. The Intel-led Ultrabook initiative will bring a bunch of wafer-thin notebooks in 2012, including the Lenovo IdeaPad U300s, the Asus ZenBook, and the Toshiba Portege Z830 series.  But what were really looking forward to is the price drop. By the second quarter of 2012, Acer reportedly plans to sell Ultrabooks for just $800 to $900, with prices falling to $500 by 2013. Thats a big drop from todays $800-to- $1500 range.
  10. 10. Tech from CES Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga  It’s a Tablet. It’s an Ultrabook. It’s both. Due later this year, this laptops 13.3- inch display has a hinge mechanism that lets you flip it all the way around to transform into a tablet. It also can be used in two other positions.  It is slated to ship with Windows 8 installed.
  11. 11. Tech from CES Wider Choice of Tablets  Range from “just good enough” to “powerful but pricey” Lower-end (price wise)  Amazon’s Kindle Fire ($200)  Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet ($250) Higher-End  Acer Iconia A700  Toshiba Excite X10 ($530-600)  Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime ($599-699)  iPad 3  iPad 2 expected to drop more significantly in price than previous years to be more competitive with the lower end
  12. 12. Tech from CESQuad-Core Mobile Devices Nvidia Tegra 3 powered Transformer Prime Tablet (1st ½ 2012) Qualcomm Snapdragon quad core in Windows 8 tablets (2nd ½ 2012)
  13. 13. Tech from CES Asus Eee Pad MeMo ME370T  Android ICS  Nvidias Tegra 3 quad core  Bright, 1280-by-800-resolution  7-inch display $250
  14. 14. CES 2012 Top Apps Magisto - Magical video editing in a click!   Mobile Apps Showdown Winner  iPhone, Free  Watch videos! Macaw  keep track of your exercise, weight, caloric intake, biometrics  iPhone, Android, Free  75629776.html  75629777.html?tag=mncol;txt
  15. 15. Business Productivity Apps Total Recall – Record calls, meetings, notes  Android, $8, works with Evernote  EasySign - Using your finger or a stylus, sign Word docs, PDFs, JPEGs (3 sigs per doc)  iPhone, iPad or Android device, Free  Works with Dropbox and  LucyPhone - Tired of waiting on hold with customer service  iPhone, Free 
  16. 16. Apps Developed by St. Louisians StagePage - a concert iPhone app–Alexa Miller  Organize Ticket Stubs  Capture, save and share their concert experiences in a visually appealing way  Virtual Concert Scrapbook App Buzze –  Find places to go  Meet people  Get closer to your friends
  17. 17. Portable Power Joos Orange ($149) - Solar   Wired and Men’s Health  Powertrekk ($200) - Hydrogen   powers your portable with pee (or water)  Read more: 57356553/powertrekk-powers-your-portable-with-pee-or- water/#ixzz1mYoAkYOa
  18. 18. Tech from CES Yurbuds  St. Louis based company  Atheltic Earbuds  Secure Fit  Exceptional Sound  Ultra-Soft Comfort
  19. 19. Tech from CES OCZ’s Lightfoot  External solid-state drive uses the new Thunderbolt interface to achieve transfer rates up to 750MB per second.  Due out later this year  Will come in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB sizes. Rumoured price of about $2/GB
  20. 20. Tech from CES Xerox Portable Scanner  Solves some real problems for iPad-using business people on the go.  For $249, it will turn paper documents and images into PDFs or JPGs--and send them via Wi-Fi (provided by an Eye-Fi SD Card) to your iPad.
  21. 21. Tech from CES Targus iNotebook  Like a LiveScribe, without the special paper (for iPad)  For $150, it will connect via Bluetooth to transmit your notes in real-time, or store them to transfer later.  Available mid-year
  22. 22. Tech from CES Microsoft Windows 8  Expected Release October 2012  Features the touch-oriented Metro interface  first seen in Windows Phone 7  this "reimagined" flagship OS will be the first Windows version since the iconic Windows 95 to revamp, rather than simply tweak, the desktop interface.  This interface is also rumored to be spread throughout, from phone to server, and even on the Xbox  Also uses Kinect for Windows to operate by voice  Windows 8s touch-friendly tiles might make sense for tablet users, but how will Microsofts bread-and-butter business clientele embrace the radically new look and feel?
  23. 23. Tech from CES Apple iPad 3  If the gossip is true, the next-generation iPad will be a sight to behold. Its most compelling (alleged) feature: a 2048-by- 1536-pixel display, offering four times the resolution of the iPad 2s 1024-by- 768-pixel screen. Assuming that Apple maintains its tablet-upgrade cycle, we can expect to see the new slate in the spring (the iPad and iPad 2 each shipped in the spring).
  24. 24. Upcoming Events February 21st: Internet Marketing (GSCC Chamber office – 3pm) 23rd: Social Media Bootcamp (GSCC Chamber office – 1pm) March Google Tools / Pinterest Future More In-Depth into Telecommuting TechToys & Tech Updates
  25. 25. February 16, 2012 Tech from CESPresented by: Mark Peimann Ken Tucker Art Zemon Randy Downs Andy Kastrup Beth Richter Please fill out your survey & drop it in the box before you leave