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Social media updates and advertising


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Facebook gets a Facelift! And so does Twitter and LinkedIn...

Learn what the latest changes are from the 'big 3 of social media', why these changes have been made, and whether they are good for your business.

We also discuss advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and why you might want to consider it. #socialmediaadvertising #facebookads #twitterads #linkedinads

May TechComm Meeting for @gstccc @CWSChamber and @OFallonChamber by @changescape

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Social media updates and advertising

  1. 1. Social Media Updates and Advertising Presented by: Ken Tucker
  2. 2. • It’s “free” • It’s easy • Over 1.23 Billion Users (945M Mobile) • Immediate / Frequent Tangible Results • “Built In” measures - # Likes, Comments, Shares • Everybody else is doing it Facebook
  3. 3. Facebook – Fan Page Vs Personal • Unlimited Friend Count (no 5000 limit) • SEO – Fan pages public and indexed – – So is some of it’s content • Tabs (apps) and Contests • Advertising and Promoted Posts • Check-ins and Location Services • Brand Tagging (by Fans and other Fan Pages)
  4. 4. • Facebook is just about drama… me and my friends don’t care about drama. That’s why we don’t use Facebook » SCC Student in my Social Media Class » His fellow students agreed!!! • Fan Pages and Advertising are key to being seen Facebook – Is it the right place to be?
  5. 5. Updated Page Timeline Design • Right Column now displays page posts (consistency) • Left Column has info about your business • Easier Access to Admin Tools • Pages to Watch (similar pages to yours) • Slight change in placement of cover photo • Who Moved My Apps???
  6. 6. Old Layout New Layout
  7. 7. New Layout – Left Hand Column
  8. 8. Why Did Facebook Do This? • People rarely visit a Facebook Page after they Like it • Photos are usually seen in the Followers news feed • Most people only see Facebook Apps in the news feed • Given the above and the fact that between the competition now in the news feed and Facebook’s algorithms, the reality is that most businesses need to consider advertising on Facebook to be seen.
  9. 9. According to March 2014 research published on eMarketer, photos accounted for 75% of content posted by Facebook pages worldwide. Source: Social Media Examiner – Published May 13, 2014. Social Photos Generate More Engagement: New Research Photos, Photos, Photos
  10. 10. Facebook App - Contest
  11. 11. Facebook / Email Integration • Provide Something of Value to get Email Sign-ups • Webinar, ebook, cheat sheet, free consult, coupon/discount • Drive to a lead capture (landing) page • Custom app on Facebook Page or landing page on website • Facebook Ads to drive traffic and get leads Concept from Amy Porterfield
  12. 12. Facebook Ads and Promotions • Facebook Ads Targeting • Demographic • Geographic • Psychographic • Promotions • Contests • Sweepstakes • Coupons • Quizzes • ... • Can now do contests in the Timeline (no 3rd party app needed) Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories Guide
  13. 13. Facebook Ads • More targeting options • Specific Ad Locations • Facebook Page Post Ads in Newsfeed Only • Can select desktop, mobile, or both • Shows in Newsfeed • Right side ads are ignored • Create a Custom Audience • From email list • Segment • Free Stock photos to use from Shutterstock (for Ads)
  14. 14. Some of the options (use one, a combination, or all): • Geography • Language • Age • Gender • Workplace • College Facebook Advertising Targeting Options • Interests (including job titles) • Categories • Your own email lists • Relationship status • Education level • College major • School
  15. 15. Facebook Power Editor Must use Google Chrome Browser -
  16. 16. Facebook Power Editor
  17. 17. Facebook - Offers
  18. 18. facebook-call-to-action-buttons/ For Ads or Organic Posts (Power Editor) Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons
  19. 19. Twitter Advertising
  20. 20. Promoted Account or Promoted Tweets
  21. 21. Promoted Account, Tweets, or Lead Generation
  22. 22. Categories for Promoted Account
  23. 23. Example: A user tweets about enjoying the latest album from their favorite band. That band is playing a concert at a local venue. That venue could now run a geotargeted campaign using keywords for that band with a Tweet containing a link to buy the tickets. That way, the user who tweeted about the new album may soon see that Promoted Tweet in their timeline letting them know tickets are for sale in their area. Enter the keywords you want to target, choose whether you want to use phrase match or unordered keyword match, and specify your other targeting options such as geographic location, device and gender. Keywords for Promoted Tweets
  24. 24. Keywords for Promoted Tweets (cont.)
  25. 25. Lead Generation Cards
  26. 26. Grow Your Twitter Followers
  27. 27. Give your profile a makeover: Choose a custom header image, pin a Tweet to the top, and show off your best stuff. “The design includes a lot of new features — including highlighting popular tweets, pinned tweets, a larger background image, and a more prominent media gallery” New Twitter Profile Layout
  28. 28. Here’s what’s new about the web profile: • Best Tweets: Tweets that have received more engagement will appear slightly larger, so your best content is easy to find. • Pinned Tweet: Pin one of your Tweets to the top of your page, so it’s easy for your followers to see what you’re all about. • Filtered Tweets: Now you can choose which timeline to view when checking out other profiles. Select from these options: Tweets, Tweets with photos/videos, or Tweets and replies. New Twitter Profile Layout
  29. 29. New Twitter Layout
  30. 30. Old Twitter Layout
  31. 31. SHARE PHOTOS FAST Snap. Tweet. Done. ADD PHOTO FILTERS Share it how you see it. Twitter Mobile App - Photos
  32. 32. SHARE MULTIPLE PHOTOS When one just isn’t enough. TAG YOUR FRIENDS All together now. Twitter Mobile App - Photos
  33. 33. SHARE PHOTOS PRIVATELY Just between you and me... CROP PHOTOS Show what you want. Twitter Mobile App - Photos
  34. 34. LinkedIn Presented by: Ken Tucker Spring 2014
  35. 35. New Feature: Summary Section
  36. 36. LinkedIn Company Pages Changes • Removed Company Recommendations • Removed Products and Services Pages • Now need to use Showcase Pages • Company Updates
  37. 37. Companies can get more visibility for their products and services by using Showcase Pages and Company Updates as an alternative for sharing content: • Showcase Pages allow you to extend your Company Page presence by creating a dedicated page for prominent products and services. A Showcase Page should be used for building long-term relationships with members who want to follow specific aspects of your business, and not for short-term marketing campaigns. • Company Updates are key to building relationships with your page followers. When your followers engage with your updates, it spreads your message to their networks and provides you even greater reach. Updates can be seen by your followers not just on your Company Page, but also on their newsfeed (across all devices including mobile). Company Pages Products & Services Page - No Longer Supported
  38. 38. Status Update Option for Company Page Post Edit Company Page Options LinkedIn Company Pages (cont)
  39. 39. LinkedIn Company Pages (cont) LinkedIn Banner Image Size is 646 x 220 Pixels Linked In Company Page Guide (pdf)
  40. 40. LinkedIn Company Page Update
  41. 41. LinkedIn Ads • 4 out of 5 LinkedIn Members Drive Business Decisions* • Ads Display on High Target Pages – Homepage, Profile Page and Groups • LinkedIn Ads Give You Precise Targeting • Drive High Quality Leads • Great for Targeting those Golden Geese Referral Sources • B2B Businesses to Target Customer Personas Source: HubSpot and LinkedIn Joint Presentation Aug 2012
  42. 42. LinkedIn Ads - Create
  43. 43. LinkedIn Ads - Targeting
  44. 44. LinkedIn Ads - Options
  45. 45. LinkedIn Ads – Sponsored Updates
  46. 46. LinkedIn Company Page Update
  47. 47. Please Subscribe to the Marketing and Small Business Blog at Follow Us on Twitter @Changescape Thank You! Presented by: Ken Tucker Spring 2014 636-947-6200
  48. 48. What We Do • Create Websites and Social Media Profiles • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Create Content for Clients (including Blogs) • Online and Social Media Marketing • Social Media and SEO Coaching • Design and Execute Online Campaigns • Online Reputation Management • Provide Strategy, Management, Coaching, Training, Virtual Assistance