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L & a ace schools


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Lukins & Associates: ACE Security Laminates for Schools

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L & a ace schools

  1. 1. ACE Security Laminates Protecting our Teachers, our Children, Our Schools!
  2. 2. From Anti-Theft to Ballistic-Resistant!
  3. 3. Glass Security • Things You Should Know About Glass Security as a School Administrator: • Threat/Risk Profiles are Changing Around the World • Civic Officials, School Boards, PTAs, etc. Must Anticipate These Changes and Future Needs • Challenges Lie in Working Within Restraints of Existing Facilities • While There are Many Locks and Access Control Technologies, Vast Majority of Glass is Unprotected
  4. 4. ACE Security Laminates Can be Applied to Glass In-situ to Resist a Range of Threats, From Forced Entry Attacks and Bomb Blasts, Up to and Including Small Arms Fire
  5. 5. The Responsibility to Protect • As School Shootings Become Common-place, There is a Growing Expectation That Schools Take Steps Necessary to Protect Students and Facility • Lawsuit Filed Against Sandy Hook Elementary School, Town and Board of Education, Unprotected Glass Adjacent to Locked Doors Was Specifically Cited as Negligent in Lawsuit Filing
  6. 6. Securing Entrances: Vulnerability and Priority • Entrance-ways, Windows, Glass Doors Among Most Vulnerable Parts of Building and Among Hardest Areas to Secure • In Its Design Primer For Safe Schools, Department Of Homeland Security Recommends Window Security Laminates as Means of Reinforcing Windows to Protect Against Forced Entry, Bomb Blasts, Active-shooter-type Attacks
  7. 7. Active Shooter: Slowing Attacker/Buying Time • Active Shooter Attacks Move Quick, are Highly Fluid • Most Over Within 15 Minutes • Goal of Security: • Slow Attacker • Buy Time • Disrupt Flow of Events
  8. 8. DHS Active Shooter Guide • “Despite prompt law enforcement responses, most attacks were stopped by means other than law enforcement intervention and most were brief in duration. The short duration of most incidents of targeted school violence argues for the importance of developing preventive measures in addition to any emergency planning for a school or school district.” • (U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Department of Education 2012) • Source: US Department of Homeland Security. •
  9. 9. ACE as Protective Barrier • Applied to Ordinary Glass in Minutes, ACE Security Laminates Make Windows: • Smash-Resistant • Bullet-Resistant • Blast-Resistant • Fire-Resistant
  10. 10. Simulated Attack on Standard School Door Method of attack: 3 shots - 9mm, machete, rifle butt. See full video at:
  11. 11. Working With Existing Glass • Working With Existing Windows Found in Most Schools Across US (1/4 Inch Commercial Pane), One Application of Ace’s 300 Series SL14 Security Laminate Will Significantly Harden Glass, Exceed Underwriter Laboratory Standard for Burglary Resistance • When Attacked, Structural Integrity of Window Will Remain, Giving Building Occupants Time to React, Move to Safety and Call for Help
  12. 12. ACE: Prime Objective • Help You Work With Your Existing Infrastructure Whenever Possible • Slow Attacker Down, Throw Them Off Game Plan • Buy Precious seconds Which Can be Used to: • Move to Safety • Call Emergency Responders • Give Law Enforcement Time to Arrive
  13. 13. ACE Protection Factors • Is Up to 10 Times Lighter Than Conventional Ballistic Glass • 10 Times Faster to Manufacture, Deliver and Install • Between1/3rd And 1/10th Cost of Armored Glass • Does Not Compromise Clarity or Security • Does Not Require Complicated Architectural or Structural Enhancements to Accommodate Additional Weight Loading
  14. 14. ACE Laminate vs. Ballistic-Resistant Glass ACE Ballistic glass Cost per sq. ft $50 - $125 per sq. ft installed Approx. $150 - $400 per sq. ft not installed Glass assembly Uses existing glass already in place Requires replacement of glass Weight 4 to 5 ounces per sq. ft. additional to existing glass 18 to 20 pounds per sq. ft. Thickness 40 mil** to 80 mil (depending on base glass) 1.5 to 2 inches Other costs None Engineering study for wall and window assembly weight loading required Other costs None Likely reinforcement of wall and window assemblies for weight loading Project scheduling Days 3 to 6 months for procurement and installation the numbers to achieve ballistic protection UL Level 1*
  15. 15. Summary of Third Party Testing Burglary resistance ULC (Underwriter’s Laboratory) S332 – 93 Burglary Resistant Materials Safety ANSI (American National Standards Institute) - Z97.1 Impact Resistant Safety Glazing Safety CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) – 16 CFR Part 1201 Cat I and II – Safety Standards for Architectural Glazing Hurricane Resistance Tested to Dade County (FL) Building Code – Dade County TAS 201, 202 and 203 and ESTM E1996 Category Level D Burn Resistance ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) - E84 Surface Burning Characteristics Bombs GSA (General Service Administration) 1 and 2 Ltd. Firearms UL (Underwriter’s Laboratory) 752 Bullet Resistant Material Level II Firearms NIJ (National Institute of Justice) .0108.01 Level III-A Ballistic Resistant Protective Materials
  16. 16. Proprietary Design
  17. 17. Proprietary Design (Continued) • ACE Security Laminates are Constructed of Two Or Three Plies of Premium Grade Polyester, Known As Biaxially-oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate (Bopet) • • With This Bi-axial Orientation, Multiple Closing Angles are Created Among the Plies of Polyester. This Biaxial Alignment Dramatically Enhances Product Strength and Reduces the Ability of Shear Forces to Simply "Crack" Through the Laminate • • Finally, ACE Assembles the Plies of Bopet Using Pressure Sensitive Adhesives. Compared to Conventional Water-activated Adhesives Used by Less Expensive Window Films, Pressure Activated Adhesives are Up to 500% Stronger When Fully Cured
  18. 18. Product Testing in Real-World Conditions • In Addition to Third-Party Testing, ACE Works With its Dealer Partners to Test Against Actual Real- World Threats Faced by Our Clients • Lukins & Associates is ACE’s ONLY AUTHORIZED DEALER on the West Coast
  19. 19. How We Can Work With You • Lukins/ACE Has Exceptional Team of Security, Ballistic, Blast Experts to Compliment Your Project Team • ACE Laminates Work With Regular, Off-the-Shelf Glass/Windows • We Can Retrofit Existing Buildings for Enhanced Security • ACE Laminates are Fraction of Cost of Conventional Ballistic-Resistant Glass
  20. 20. Protecting People/Property World-Wide • Our clients include: • Federal, State, Local Law Enforcement; Court Houses • Boston Logan International Airport • Chicago O’Hare International Airport • Indian Armed Forces • 2008 Beijing Olympics (buses and transport) • US National Archives • Grand Central Station (New York City) • Royal Canadian Mounted Police • Parliament Hill (Canada) • Social Media and Media • Schools, Churches, Temples, Mosques • Businesses • Private Residences
  21. 21. Disclaimer • Independent Third Party Testing Using UL-752 Ballistics Standard has Established ACE's 300 Series Laminates are Capable of Resisting Variety of Small Arms Fire and Ammunition • However, at No Time Does ACE Promote or Lead Clients to Believe That Bullet-Proofing or Bomb Proofing Can be Achieved Solely with ACE Products. • We Encourage Potential Users to Consider Having Risk Threat Assessment Performed By One of Our Trained Professionals or a Competent Independent Security Consultant to Evaluate Your Security Needs
  22. 22. Counterfeiters • Beware of Counterfeiters • Lukins & Associates is the SOLE Authorized ACE Dealer in California and on the West Coast. • Several Companies Claim to be ACE or Carry ACE Products – These Companies are False and Sell an Inferior Product
  23. 23. For More Information • For More Information or to Arrange for an Estimate, Please Contact: • Lukins & Associates 530-210-6936 •
  24. 24.