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Advanced PROFESSIONAL SECRETARY Training_Administrative Office Procedures


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Advanced PROFESSIONAL SECRETARY Training_Administrative Office Procedures

  1. 1. Administrative Office Procedures By : Kanaidi, SE., M.Si 11-12 Oktober 2016 HP.08122353284 Advanced PROFESSIONAL SECRETARY Training
  2. 2. Administrative Office Procedures • Some companies require the holders of such positions to also know various types of computer software programs, and some may require a small amount of accounting or some knowledge of accounting.
  3. 3. What To Expect • Learning the correct administrative office procedures will assist you in your career path to the corporate office. If you are the office manager, it takes more than just-right people skills to do the job well. • There are many tasks involved in the daily running of any office, including delegating certain tasks to others. • This means not only ensuring that the work gets done but picking the right staff member with the skills required to do it.
  4. 4. Putting out the Call for Hire • Another task included in administrative office procedures is hiring, which begins by writing a job description. • This tool is used for reference as well as to help those who presently work for you to determine if they have the right skills needed to fulfill the requirements of the job. The job description can also be used as part of your posting when you advertise the position. • Responses to positions are evaluated before choosing candidates to interview. After hiring a new employee, you will have to be prepared to do some training. • Even someone skilled in the position you are filling will need to learn how you like the job done.
  5. 5. Crunching Numbers • There are still more administrative office procedures you will have to know to be a good manager. Development of a budget is a task that is often asked of an office manager. • If you run a section of the company, you need to know what it costs to keep your section operating. • This helps to determine if your section is profitable. That means being able to calcuclate not only the cost of your staff but the things that they need to do their job. • If you manage a section of office workers, this will include everything from phone and Internet services to software, salaries and office supplies. If you run an industrial section of a company, you have to know what it costs to maintain the machines, replace parts and pay your skilled workers.
  6. 6. Read All About It • If you are concerned about the best way to do your job, especially if you are new to the position, one option is to look into taking some courses that will familiarize you with administrative office procedures. • It is always best to do what you can to ensure that you perform your job to the best of your abilities.