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You Have To Live With Your Bug Out Location… And Your Neighbors

Make sound decisions about your neighbors and your BOL neighborhood, so you can avoid the problems associated with horrible neighbors.

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You Have To Live With Your Bug Out Location… And Your Neighbors

  1. 1. You Have to Live with your Bug OutYou Have to Live with your Bug Out Location… and Your NeighborsLocation… and Your Neighbors By: Ken Jensen
  2. 2. • In a critical situation, your neighbors will become your lifeline, whether you want to admit it or not. You will rely on them for something. • When choosing a bug out location (BOL), don’t forget the people surrounding it! • Learn about your potential neighbors!
  3. 3. Small Towns Offer Large BenefitsSmall Towns Offer Large Benefits If you want a community that everyone knows each other, you may want to choose a small township, maybe even unincorporated communities.
  4. 4. Mid-Sized Towns are a Great OptionMid-Sized Towns are a Great Option • This size town is big enough for people to stay out of your business, but small enough that you will be less likely to deal with large city issues. • These towns also usually have good hospitals.
  5. 5. Your Bug Out Neighbors canYour Bug Out Neighbors can Make or Break YouMake or Break You • Choose helpful and enjoyable neighbors that appreciate and respect your rights. • Choose the ones that will lift you up in hard times, instead of kicking you when you are down or stealing everything you own.
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