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TPP122: High Mileage Options For Long Distant Bug-Out Vehicles (BOVs)


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Make a long range trip to your Bug-Out Location by keeping extra Fuel for long-range Bug Outs. Check these high mileage options for Long-Distant BOV.

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TPP122: High Mileage Options For Long Distant Bug-Out Vehicles (BOVs)

  1. 1. TPP122: High MileageTPP122: High Mileage Options for Long-DistantOptions for Long-Distant Bug-Out Vehicles (BOVs)Bug-Out Vehicles (BOVs) By Ken Jensen
  2. 2. Your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) must beYour Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) must be able to go the distanceable to go the distance • Distance you need to go • The route that you have to go
  3. 3. • Gas stations along the route • Gas station closures or lines
  4. 4. How to ensure your Bug-Out VehicleHow to ensure your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) will go the maximum possible(BOV) will go the maximum possible distancedistance The following can help your vehicle go further on less fuel: • Smooth Acceleration and Deceleration • Ensure all panels are in place properly • Keep your engine tuned • Keep your tires inflated properly (check every week) • Keeping speed below 65MPH, but this may not be realistic for bug out
  5. 5. • Low Rolling-Resistance Tires • Alloy Rims (low weight) • Change your air filter (engine management runs richer with dirty filter) • Keep your spark plugs changed or cleaned • Coast in gear, not neutral in newer vehicles • Don’t use higher octane fuel (doesn’t help unless you have a high- compression engine)
  6. 6. Some ways to carry extra fuel are:Some ways to carry extra fuel are: • Larger Fuel Tanks  Conventional tanks are between 350 and 400 miles in distance. Long-range tanks can add about another 100 miles. Bigger tank = more fuel = more fuel • A Second Tank  Many cars actually have space for this. You just doubled your mileage.
  7. 7. • Jerry Can Mounts  You can add 5 gallons per can. You can add to the outer shell of your vehicle, so no interior room is lost. • Flat Fuel Cans  If you want something low profile to add to your roof or the back of your vehicle use flat cans.
  8. 8. • Keep 15 or 50 Gallon HDPE Barrels in Bed of Truck  15 gallon barrels give 150-300 miles extra  50 gallon barrels give 500-1000 extra miles. • Roof Racks  If you have a roof rack, you can use ratcheting straps to hold basic fuel cans down on your roof.
  9. 9. Keep Extra Fuel forKeep Extra Fuel for Long-Range Bug OutsLong-Range Bug Outs • If you keep enough extra fuel with each vehicle, you will be able to make a long range trip to your Bug-Out Location (BOL). Using these options, determine how you will extend the range of any vehicle.
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