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How to Take Control of Your Preparedness and Your Life


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It is important to be prepared in whatever situations that might come your way. For more details on life's preparedness, better check this out.

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How to Take Control of Your Preparedness and Your Life

  2. 2. HOW PREPARED ARE YOU REALLY??? If you aren't prepared, you have a problem. Your problem is natural disasters such as: Hurricanes Earthquakes Tsunamis
  3. 3. CONTINUATION… Volcanic eruptions Tornadoes A Fire in your home Losing a job
  4. 4. AND IT IS POSSIBLE THAT YOU COULD SEE: Economic collapse Illness Pandemics Nuclear Accidents
  5. 5. YOU CAN PREPARE YOURSELF...  I was unprepared when I lost my job and income. I had to deal with no heat, no electricity, and no food because I couldn't afford it. I swore that would NEVER happen again.  I began working on my preparedness (which I am NOT finished with) but now many natural disasters, economic problems, and illnesses are not a problem for me.  I screwed up a LOT! I learned a lot of lessons and problems in becoming self-reliant that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.  And created a system to teach what I have learned.
  6. 6. HERE ARE A FEW THINGS THAT PEOPLE HAVE TOLD ME:  Blake of Australia: “Simple, Straight forward, Detailed information covering a complete range of prepping knowledge! …keep up the great work Ken!!”  Ken of Michigan: “Wow, what a great thing you are providing, knowledge! I really appreciate your time… The best to you and your family Ken!”  Paul from Hawaii: “There are a lot of us out there doing what we feel is best for our situations and I’m just glad that you keep your information current and add this kind of personal flare.”  Danny from California: “The information is great and I have absorbed a great amount… Thanks again for all you do.”
  7. 7. MY SYSTEM, IF FOLLOWED WILL MAKE YOU MORE PREPARED... QUICKLY!!!  You wont have to worry about your: next meal, financial distress, upcoming disasters, loss of power, and harsh winters.  You will be ready for life and it's problems.  You will have a PLAN when Shit Hits the Fan (SHTF). You will know where to go and what to do.
  8. 8. WHAT YOU WILL GET IN MY PREPAREDNESS SYSTEM You will get all the following in the :  Written Preparedness Instruction  Workbooks  A Preparedness Outline  A simple budget  Access to a closed alumni group  Audio Instructional