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Easy Steps for Brand New Preppers


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In terms of survival, you have to make a list first and keep in mind the basic needs. So let us all find out the Easy Steps for Brand New Preppers.

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Easy Steps for Brand New Preppers

  1. 1. BY KEN JENSEN Easy Steps for Brand New Preppers
  2. 2. One of the most important steps is preparedness is the cheapest... LISTS!!! When you go through your different lists, you need to keep your basic needs in mind. These are: Water Food Fire and Energy Shelter Health and Sanitation Security
  3. 3. Lists You Need to Make First: You need a billion lists when first starting in survival. The 4 lists below are your BEST items to tackle first. • This is a $1 notebook that you will use in your kitchen to jot down exactly what you eat. Don't worry about exact measures... just go through and decide if you went through 1 can of green beans for that meal overall. WRITE IT ALL DOWN. 1. YOU NEED A FOOD LOG:
  4. 4. • Make a list of any natural features in your yard, neighbors yards, or close by such as rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, etc. You also want to know any normal water sources in your home. 2. LIST YOUR WATER RESOURCES: Lists You Need to Make First:
  5. 5. Your Everyday Carry is extremely important because it is THE GEAR that you will be carrying every day to maintain a minimum amount of preparedness for common scenarios. Most probably go through more later, but try finding the following items (keeping it simple on purpose): 1. Water Filter 2. Disposable Lighter 3. Small Flashlight 4. Mylar Space Blanket 5. A Multitool or Pocket Knife 6. A Pen 3. MAKE A LIST OF EVERY DAY CARRY ITEMS: Lists You Need to Make First:
  6. 6. Just list items you think you will need in a 3 hour blackout. Things like a flashlight, tea lights, a weather radio, some bottled water, etc. 4. A BLACKOUT KIT LIST: Lists You Need to Make First:
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