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8 Super Reliable Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) Maintenance Tips

BOV are the topnotch for safe vehicles. It is still important to reassure the machine's efficiency and safety. Know the 8 Super Reliable BOV Maintenance Tips here.

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8 Super Reliable Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) Maintenance Tips

  1. 1. 8 Super Reliable8 Super Reliable Bug Out Vehicle (BOV)Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) Maintenance TipsMaintenance Tips By Ken Jensen
  2. 2. To keep your vehicle in top notch condition, follow the list of basic preventive maintenance.
  3. 3. Check FluidsCheck Fluids • Check your oil levels at a minimum of a 2 week interval. • Make absolutely sure you are using the proper viscosity for the vehicle and season. • Every 3 months, you should change it completely. Keeping Your Oil Fresh is Super Important
  4. 4. Change Intake and Fuel FiltersChange Intake and Fuel Filters • A clean fuel filter will save you from thousands of dollars in engine damage. It will also allow more clean fuel to hit the engine cylinders and combust, thereby providing more power. • It is a good idea to check these filters when you change your oil. Keep Your Engine Powerful with Clean Intake-Air and fuel Filters
  5. 5. Check TiresCheck Tires A Maintained Tire Provides Safety and Durability • Check your tire pressures, by knocking them, every trip you take. Use a pressure gauge to determine your tire pressure (when the tires are cold) and look at the tread liners for tire wear, as well as uneven wear. Don’t forget to check your spare when you do this.
  6. 6. Check BatteriesCheck Batteries • Check the fluid level in any unsealed batteries you may be using. Clean the terminals monthly, or at least when you change your oil. Maintain Your Power Center, the Battery
  7. 7. Check BrakesCheck Brakes • Every year, you should check your brake pads. I actually recommend doing so every time you rotate your tires. When they get low, you should replace them. Stop On a Dime with Properly Maintained Brakes
  8. 8. Clean RadiatorClean Radiator Flush Your Radiator for Ultimate Heat Transfer • A dirty radiator will cause your engine to explode! When it is cold, an impure radiator can freeze expanding and causing damage. It can also cause your engine to overheat because there is no flow to transfer heat from the engine to the radiator and to the air. • You should be flushing the heater core while you are doing your radiator.
  9. 9. Change WipersChange Wipers Fresh Wipers are as Important as Glasses • If you have worn wiper blades, you can’t see! It never fails, the day that I decide to wait on changing wipers is the day the bottom drops out of the sky, and I can’t see at all.
  10. 10. Change Air FilterChange Air Filter Stay Comfortable With a Clean Air Filter • The air filter for your heating and air in your vehicle is usually extremely easy to get to and even easier to change out. No, this isn’t critical to your car’s operation, but it sure beats letting it get dirty, then having your fan fail, resulting in no heating or air in extreme temperatures.
  11. 11. Keep Your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV)Keep Your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) Maintained for Perfect OperationMaintained for Perfect Operation Just take the time to do the basic maintenance outlined here and you stand a fighting chance.
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