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6 Ways to Build a Covert Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) or Gray Car


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“Covert look” is an important function just like off-roading. Know these 6 Ways to build a covert BOV or Gray Car if you want to make an amazing BOV.

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6 Ways to Build a Covert Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) or Gray Car

  1. 1. 6 Ways to Build a Covert Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) or Gray Car
  2. 2.  “Draw attention to yourself. No matter what capabilities your vehicle has, people are smart, and can find a way to overcome it, if they really want to. Your best chance is not to draw their attention. “ Don’t Draw Attention Unless You Want to Pay Dearly
  3. 3. 1. COLOR  Choose a Color That Doesn’t Stand Out  Use Neutral Colors: Simply going down to a dark blue or gray would make a vehicle less visible, but a better option would be to paint your vehicle something earthy like black, brown, or green.  Use Dull Finishes: Want to take it even further? Try primer colors for their dull appearance to reduce the amount of reflection off the body.
  4. 4. 2. Vehicle Type Don’t Off-Road in a Prius, and Don’t Race in a Leaf  In the middle of a packed city, it would be a poor choice to have a huge jacked up off-roading rig. It gets poor mileage and is likely to attract attention. If you have an amazing tactical vehicle, it could be mistaken for an unmarked police, or federal agency, and would attract rioters in an uprising.  Sometimes, just an old pickup is the best option. You don’t attract the attention that you are “wealthy” but you have some basic all-terrain capability with the ability to tow as well.
  5. 5. 3. Lights  Your Lights are Easily Seen  Wire up a Blackout Switch: Wire up a switch that will remove all lights, including your brake and reverse lights, as well as cab l  ights to ensure that nothing is lit up in the dark. This takes a little modification to your Bug-Out Vehicle’s wiring.  Use Duct Tape: Not as absolute of a solution, but SOOOO much easier. Just cover your lights with black duct tape or chafers tape to keep them from being seen. You could just keep the tape off until you need to use it, but you will have to stop, pull off the road, and tape your lights when you are probably in a rush.
  6. 6. 4. Vehicle Size  Vehicle Size is Almost as Obvious as Color  If you are driving around in a tank or Humvee, it is pretty obvious that you stand out from the crowd. A huge F350 that is lifted and has huge mud tires also stands out. If you choose something that is designed for utility, not looks, but is also not huge in size, then people won’t notice you as much. If you have a ten year old, basic 4x4 truck, you probably won’t be too noticeable.
  7. 7. 5. Vehicle Noise  Sound is Critical for Covert Ops• Mufflers: If you own a nice 4x4 pickup, but it has a loud glass-pack or doesn’t even have a muffler, it makes for a poor Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV). • Noise Makers: Keep your vehicle quiet. Reduce any rattling of license plates, and be ready to remove them if required. Don’t blast loud music. Keep a good, efficient muffler on your exhaust. • Tire Alignment: Your tire alignment and balance is also critical. Unbalanced or misaligned wheels not only reduce your tire life, but also generates noise when you drive that others can hear. • Worn Parts: Wipers, brakes, and belts all make noise when they get worn. Keep your vehicle running quiet with a good maintenance schedule on these items. Keep
  8. 8. 6. Accessories  Hide-Able Bulletproofing: Provided yourself with more strength or bullet resistance. You could also get bullet-proof glass if you had a bunch of money for that type of thing.  Hidden Horsepower: Turbo and Super-chargers can also help with these items.  Winch: Having a winch on your truck isn’t a concealed item, but not only will it help you for getting stuck, but it does help with the public opinion of you. TINTED WINDOWS GROCERY SHADE TRUCK BED COVER
  9. 9. Hide your Stuff and Your Vehicle • Use basic concealment methods to hide everything in your vehicle. • Make your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) less desirable to people that want to take them and if you have any upgrades to it, keep them hidden. • Keep older, smaller, and narrower vehicles with good ground clearance that will help you on narrow roads, and make your vehicle less noticeable. • Use vehicles that “fit in” to their intended purposes and locations, so you can be a “gray man” even when in your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV).
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