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23 Amazing But Affordable Bug Out Vehicles (BOVs)


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All Bug Out Vehicles are guaranteed to be safe but not all of them should be pricey. If you want to purchase one, make sure it would be worth your money.

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23 Amazing But Affordable Bug Out Vehicles (BOVs)

  1. 1. By Ken Jensen
  2. 2. Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) All Terrain and All Affordable • SUVs are great for terrain and comfort, and because they are so common, they are great for your wallet. Here is a nice list of SUVs that are sure to impress you with their prowess off-road. Jeep Wrangler Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
  3. 3. Jeep Cherokee Jeep Commander FJ Cruiser
  4. 4. Hummer Chevrolet Suburban Toyota 4Runner
  5. 5. Toyota Land Cruiser Nissan Xterra Land Rover Range Rover
  6. 6. Trucks – Heavy Haulers with Off-Road Abilities • If you need something that can pull, tow, and carry almost anything, then you need a truck. But what if you need to do all of those things off the beaten path? Try one of these tough trucks. Ford Raptor
  7. 7. Dodge Ram Chevrolet Colorado Ford Super Duty
  8. 8. Nissan Frontier Toyota Tacoma
  9. 9. RVs - Designed to Get You There and Keep You There Earth Roamer XV-LT Mercedes-Benz Unimog • Get an RV that you can stock with a lot of gear so you can have in in either location! • These RVs May be small, but they are designed to be able hang with trucks and SUVs alike.
  10. 10. Unicat Terracross TC59 Ford E-350 Superduty Ambulance
  11. 11. Rough and Tumble All-Terrain Vans 1991 Mitsubishi L300 Ford: E-Series E350 XLT 4X4
  12. 12. Don’t Waste Money on a Vehicle because You Can’t Eat Metal and Rubber  You can completely waste your money if you have no bug-out plan and no storage or resiliency in your life, and then go out and blow thousands of dollars on a “cool” Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV).  If you are going to purchase one, before you throw your wallet at a vehicle, consider what you want in a vehicle.  Once you know what you want, then determine the type of vehicle that will do it for you.
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