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January 2014 ip legal minute


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Summary of U.S. Patent Office Initiatives and Pilot Programs

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January 2014 ip legal minute

  1. 1. Kenneth Horton Kirton|McConkie 1800 Eagle Gate Tower 60 East South Temple P.O. Box 45120 Salt Lake City, UT 84145-0120 Main: (801) 328-3600 Direct: (801) 321-4897 Fax: (801) 212-2056 Cell: (801) 809-0310 THE IP LEGALMINUTE JANUARY 2014: USPTO INITIATIVES As we know, the PTO is constantly adding, dropping, and modifying the various initiatives (i.e., PPH) designed to speed up prosecution and improve the quality of thepatents it issues. At times, it can be quite difficult to track and understand the various initiatives. The PTO made it easier to follow them by publishing a chart (reproduced below) containing a timeline of the various initiatives at chart is a nice summary about where each initiative fits within the prosecution process. As well, the chart is interactive so the user can drill down to detailed descriptions about each initiative. Keep this chart (and its embedded links) as a handy reference tool in your practices.