SocialGrow's 2010 MITX Technology Awards Presentation (Round 2 Judging)


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SocialGrow's 2010 MITX Technology Awards Presentation (Round 2 Judging).

For more information about the 2010 MITX Technology Awards, go to

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SocialGrow's 2010 MITX Technology Awards Presentation (Round 2 Judging)

  1. 1. Making it easy to grow your social network connections SocialGrow’s Software Application We had a 2010 MITX Technology Awards | Round 2 Judging total of 15 Microsoft Cambridge minutes to present. April 28, 2010
  2. 2. SocialGrow’s Technology Offers the easiest way to grow users’ social networks Automates the process of sending invitations to friend/follow/connect on users’ choice of social networks Developed in Microsoft .NET, and hosted by Microsoft partner Hostway on Microsoft Windows 2008 Server SocialGrow the Company Founded in July 2009 by Marsh Sutherland (President), Ken Herron (CMO), and Charbel Elkhoury (CTO) Advised by Dean Harris (former Vonage and Kayak CMO) and Raju Matta (TripAdvisor Director of Engineering) Member of the Microsoft BizSpark startup program, and sponsored by CommonAngels of Lexington, MA Monetized with subscription, referral, and OEM licensing fees; and revenue from advertising and social media marketing consulting One of five startups chosen to participate in Microsoft’s Windows 7 Incubation Week, named one of MassHighTech’s “Five Startups to Watch”, named Microsoft’s “Startup of the Day”, and named one of BostInnovation’s “Five Boston Startups Killing It on Twitter” Page 2 of 5 MITX Technology Awards | Round 2 Judging | April 28, 2010
  3. 3. SocialGrow’s Product Demo To demo the SocialGrow application for yourself, go to! Page 3 of 5 MITX Technology Awards | Round 2 Judging | April 28, 2010
  4. 4. SocialGrow’s Business Solution Before SocialGrow, it was tedious and time-consuming to manually invite contacts to connect on LinkedIn and other social networks SocialGrow helps marketers exponentially increase the reach of their brands’ messaging by growing their social media audiences Platform-agnostic, web service SocialGrow works on Windows, Mac, and Linux; and with Outlook, Gmail, and other email applications SocialGrow’s Innovation With its patent-pending digital identification engine, SocialGrow is the only software automating the process for people to send invitations to connect from within their workflow SocialGrow scans users’ emails, allowing them to easily and quickly invite others to connect across social networks SocialGrow’s Scalability Leveraging a modular approach with loosely-coupled components allows SocialGrow to scale on demand Using Microsoft as the main platform, in combination with web services, enables SocialGrow to serve multiple devices on different OSs Page 4 of 5 MITX Technology Awards | Round 2 Judging | April 28, 2010
  5. 5. SocialGrow Q&A (Judges’ Questions) Will you be able to aggregate user intelligence to track [and monetize] things such as the most popular social networks? • Yes. Will you use Social Graph (Google and Facebook APIs)? • Yes. Follow SocialGrow on Twitter at:! Page 5 of 5 MITX Technology Awards | Round 2 Judging | April 28, 2010