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How to use social media to market your book, including my "Top Five" best practices, setting up Google Authorship, and my "cheat sheet" with specific tips for leveraging your accounts on Facebook, Foursquare, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SlideShare, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube.

Please see my MobileGroove blog post, "How Should I Use Social Media To Promote My Book?" -

Originally created for the contributors to Peggy Anne Salz's book, "The Everything Guide to Mobile Apps: A Practical Guide to Affordable Mobile App Development for Your Business", which is available on Amazon at:

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Ken's Author's Toolkit

  1. 1. Get more clients/money/speakingengagements by using social mediato promote your contribution to The Everything Guide To Mobile AppsMobileGroove’s Peggy AnneSalz brings you the world’sleading experts — includingYOU — to make YOUR appsucceed!March 2013#EVERYappKen’s Author’s Toolkit
  2. 2. WE have lift off!The Everything Guide To Mobile Apps is available forpre-order and will ship on March 18!Thank you again for providing your insights. You are listed in the appendix asan expert contributor, and we have also designed a package of banners, boxesand badges customized with your name (and that of your company) to helpyou spread the word and reap the benefits.Of course, successful self-promotion requires much more. This is whyMobileGroove has teamed up with Ken Herron, a leading social marketer, toproduce this author’s toolkit.Follow Ken’s tips and advice to achieve fantastic results, and remember toshare your links and tweets so we at MobileGroove can amplify your impactusing our own social media channels.Together we can have great and lasting impact!Ken’s Author’s Toolkit
  3. 3. Ken’s Author’s ToolkitThe countdown starts!Launch activities: We kick off on March 8 with a 10-day countdown to the release date of March 18.To this end MobileGroove has partnered with media relations professionals (including Jeff Fishburn(@jefffishburn) at OnPR1and Sophie Young (@PheeYoung) at éclat marketing2) to outreach to bloggersand industry influencers to report on the book and/or write a review.We are compiling a list that we are happy to share.We also welcome your input, so please feel free to email me ( or AmandaRoulstone ( the names and details of writers/bloggers/influencers youthink we should contact, and we will take it from there.Of course, if you would like to reach out to your contacts directly, we can also provide you a reviewcopy of the book (a collection of excerpts in PDF format). You can circulate this among yourcolleagues and community members, and copy us for follow up.MobileGroove will also launch a microsite to promote all expert contributors and I will be reaching outto each of you individually for guest columns, exclusive Q&As and video interviews over the nextweeks and months.The Everything Guide to Mobile Apps: A Practical Guide to Affordable Mobile AppDevelopment for Your Business3brings together the diverse insights of mobile professionals,practitioners, and pundits to identify the market trends, best practices, and lessons learnedin developing, distributing, and marketing mobile apps. The book is available for pre-order onAmazon at: Barnes and Noble at:
  4. 4. Taking the plunge into thepublishing watersTo make sure you make a splash with your colleagues and communitiesMobileGroove has provided you (attached to this email) a ‘starter pack’of boxes, banners and badges personalized to your name and company. If yourequire a different size artwork or want to include a company name wemissed, then just email us. We’re here to help.And so is Ken Herron.To help you promote your expert contribution to the book and grow your reputation, as an industry authority Ken has collected top tips from recent blogs and presentations.So let’s dive in!Ken’s Author’s ToolkitKen Herron is a frequent author and popular speaker on leveraging technology formarketing, and the leading practices to engage customers online. Follow Ken onTwitter at @KenHerron, and listen to him on Wednesdays from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. ETon the LinkedIn Lady Radio Show with Carol McManus.
  5. 5. Ken’s Author’s Toolkit#1 Visualize, visualize, visualize#2 Share. DON’T sell!#3 Post FRESH content daily#4 Directly target your key influencers#5 Leverage your email sig lineYou already know that people are social. Well, people are also visual. Read C.C. Chapman’s NMX presentation onvisual content7. As C.C. says, “create an emotional response, look for ‘moments’, and share what no one else can.”Find ways to share your story visually (which is why MobileGroove has provided you with a ‘starter pack’ of impactfuland personalized artwork). It has never been easier post [in real-time if you choose] photos and videos on everysingle social network, from your own blog to Instagram.It’s only natural to want to promote your contribution to the book in every single social post. But you should alsouse your blog posts and socialmedia updates to provide valuable insights around the book. Don’t know what to write?Start off with short posts sharing the key takeaways in your section of the book. Build on this material to provideyour readers with your “top do’s and don’ts”. Compelling content, combined with your own personal story as anexpert contributor, will boost your profile, drive interest and increase your social currency.How can you keep your content fresh and relevant and continue to promote your contribution to the book? Even ifyou’re time-crunched, social media enables you to both share new, original content AND to participate in the largerdiscussion in your industry, by showing how the content you contributed relates to current events and trendingtopics. Post often and participate in forums at every opportunity.It used to be difficult to target reviewers, critics, the media, and industry influencers. Now you can engage all ofthem directly on social media. Remember, however, the definition of “targeting8”. This isn’t about “friending”everyone on the planet. Instead, use tools like Klout9, Kred10, and PeerIndex11to identify the social influencers foryour specific niche. Connect with these influencers, and use Twitter Lists to monitor their tweets so you can moreeasily engage with them.And finally, the one place where you absolutely MUST promote your contribution to thebook is your email signature line. Keep it simple. Share your excitement. Remember to usea URL shortener such at http://bit.ly12. You can even get fancy with a custom link with thebook’s hashtag (#EVERYapp —, so you can track the clicks!
  6. 6. Ken’s Cheat SheetRemember, YOU are the brand, your book contribution is one of your brand’sproducts. Therefore, all websites and social media accounts are in the brand’sname, YOUR name, and not that of the book (The Everything Guide To MobileApps). However, you should add the hashtag (#EVERYapp) to all your tweets soMobileGroove can track and amplify them.So many social networks, so little time (?) Don’t get caught in a spiral ofdiminishing return on the time you invest in social media. Instead, focus on thesocial networks whose demographics best match your target audience (i.e.,Snapchat for tweens, Pinterest for women, LinkedIn for professionals, etc.)Ken’s Author’s ToolkitHere’s an overview of how you should approach eachsocial network to drive real results.
  7. 7. Social Network What can you do to grow your audience?Ken’s Author’s ToolkitMake sure your profile is complete/up-to-date (including thebook’s hashtagged keywords)Grow your friendsComment on topic subject matter experts/social influencers’ postsMake sure your profile is complete/up-to-date (including your book’s keywords)Be sure to ‘like’ and ‘follow’ MobileGrooveCheck in to all relevant eventsComment on topic subject matter experts/social influencers’ check insKen’s Cheat Sheet
  8. 8. Social Network What can you do to grow your audience?Ken’s Author’s ToolkitGrow your connectionsMake sure your profile is complete and up-to-date (including yourbook’s keywords)Comment on topic subject matter experts/social influencers’ postsCreate circles for:Target readersBrand fansReviewersMediaBooksellersFellow authors/contributorsTopic area leaders/social influencersGrow your followersMake sure your profile is complete/up-to-date (including the book’shashtagged keywords)Post the book’s front and back coverPost the book’s photos, graphics, and illustrations (including the‘starter pack’ badge and banner)Comment on topic subject matter experts/social influencers’ photos
  9. 9. Social Network What can you do to grow your audience?Ken’s Author’s ToolkitMake sure your profile is complete/up-to-date (including thebook’s hashtagged keywords)Grow your connectionsMake sure your profile is complete and up-to-dateAdd the relevant keywords for your book as “Skills” on your profileInclude a preferred purchase link in your post sig line for all group postsComment on topic subject matter experts/social influencers’ postsUpload your badge to your Professional GalleryAsk reviewers to co-publish their reviews as recommendations of thebook (or your contribution) under a new Current Job of “Book TitleContributor”Make sure your profile is complete and up-to-date (including thebook’s keywords)Grow your followersPin the book’s front and back coverPin the book’s photos, graphics, and illustrations (including your‘starter kit’)Pin all book reviewsComment on topic subject matter experts/social influencers’ pinsPin photos from all live book events
  10. 10. Social Network What can you do to grow your audience?Ken’s Author’s ToolkitMake sure your profile is complete and up-to-date (includingthe book’s keywords)Grow your followersPost infographics/visuals of the book’s content (including the‘starter kit’)Comment on topic subject matter experts/social influencers’presentationsMake sure your profile is complete and up-to-date (including thebook’s keywords)Grow your followersPost disposable “flash sale” book discounts [off of retail price] toaccelerate book sales at live events
  11. 11. Social Network What can you do to grow your audience?Ken’s Author’s ToolkitMake sure your profile is complete/up-to-date (including thebook’s hashtagged keywords)Grow your followersTweet [links to] all book reviews (MobileGroove will also circulatelinks for you to retweet etc.)Proactively engage topic subject matter experts/social influencersRespond to topic subject matter experts/social influencers’ tweetsYou can upload three images to Twitter. Your badge makes anexcellent background photo, so try it for a few weeks :)Create Twitter lists of:Brand FansReviewersMediaBooksellersFellow AuthorsTopic subject matter experts/social influencersNote: MobileGroove will also create and share lists so you don’t have to startfrom scratch
  12. 12. Social Network What can you do to grow your audience?Ken’s Author’s ToolkitGrow your subscribersCreate videos of your events, including book signings and readings,focusing on your audiences’ reactionsRecord readers’ oral book reviewsActively monitor comments
  13. 13. <a href=”[your profile URL]?rel=author”>Google</a>Google authorship allows you to connect content that you create to your Google+ profile. By making thisconnection, you allow searchers to get a number of pieces of information about you right there on the searchresults.It will allow you to tie the content you create to your online identity and provide a snippet full of details aboutyou as an author. But the real benefit is visibility. Including an author detail snippet in organic search results willmake your content stand out from the rest of the search results and encourage searchers to click on the link.Links with verified authors often appear higher in search results and will include the profile picture from yourGoogle+ profile.Google Authorship can be set up in two simple steps.First, visit the Profile section of your Google Plus account and click the Edit Profile button. Tell Google that youare an author for the sites that are posting your content by adding their URLs to the Contributor to section.Why Google authorship is a BIG deal, and what to doHow to Set Up Google AuthorshipKen’s Author’s ToolkitIt is now time to create a link from your content to your Google Plus page. This can be easily accomplished if youhave email addresses on the same domains as the sites you added to the Contributor to section; visit the GooglePlus Authorship14page and enter these email addresses there. Otherwise, you will need to add the followingHTML code to the text of every article you write:Note that the key piece of code in this link is the “?rel=author” snippet. Authorship will not function if thissnippet is not included in the link.Test your content to verify that Authorship has been successfully set up by entering one of your article URLsinto Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool15. Your Google Plus profile picture, byline, and “More by [your profilename]” will appear in the mockup search engine result if it has.
  14. 14. And finally,Books are coming to life on platforms like Kindle, and emerging as THE final step in an effectiveself-promotion strategy to cement your reputation as an authority, influencer and subject matterexpert. Forget the business cards in 2013!Make a lasting impression by telling your prospective client or employer about your contribution toThe Everything Guide To Mobile Apps. Even better if you use Ken’s Author’s Toolkit to generate buzzaround your personal brand.Whether you’re looking for new customers, more clients, or just more public speaking engagementsin the year ahead, there is no better ‘sales and marketing strategy’ than one that showcases yourexpertise and proves your ability to successfully take a great idea from concept to execution. Yourcontribution to The Everything Guide To Mobile Apps does both.Any way you look at it, self-publishing and self-marketing are colliding to create new opportunities forYOU to drive your brand. We hope we have equipped you with the tips you need to go out there andleave your mark — and we are always here to help you every step of the way.Ken’s Author’s Toolkit
  15. 15. All links can be found at:’s Author’s Toolkit