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Welcome to communication


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Front office is the first impression from the hotel operational..if the guest check in with professional and get amazing experience for the rest stay they will be have a nice experience

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Welcome to communication

  1. 1. By Keken Hardiansyah Santika Premiere Dyandra Medan
  2. 2.  Talking to some one  Meetings  Chatting  Giving speech  Body language  Face expressions  Signs  Reading Newspaper  Listening to the music  Watching TV  And a lot of other activities in our live
  3. 3.  To understand each other  Pass on massage  Socializing  Transfer knowledge  Expressing our selves  To be understood  Making relationships  Building team work  Achieving objectives  Relaxation  Increase income  And many other purposes
  4. 4. Re – phrase Sender Clear Message Receiver
  5. 5. Failure in making an effective communication that may cause misunderstanding and a lot of hassles and may also create negative atmospheres
  6. 6. 1. RUMOURS, People tend to put something more or reducing more when they pass on the message that come from doubtful resources 2. MISSING COMMUNITACION ELEMENTS, only use a part of the communication element 3. PERCEPTION , people always see things from different angle 4. ONE WAY COMMUNICATION , people naturally always go for one way communications 5. References , people intensively use the same reference for different people with different personalities 6. INTERPRETATION, there are always things that differ naturally from many different factor- ex : culture environment , age ,social life , education , family background
  7. 7.  Speak too fast  Lack of interest  Interruptions  Noisy venue  Crowded venue  Wrong timing  Language barrier  Assuming  Too many in the mind  Inability to communicate  Missing interpretation  And a lot of other negative happenings
  8. 8.  Conflict  Defensive reactions  Riot  Demonstrations  Spoil the work  Fail to achieve the objectives  Bad working atmosphere  Creating enemies  Grouping with allies negatively