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                            PRESS KIT

                      TABLE OF CONTENTS
     Page 2. COVER

quot;ROCKABILLY BABYquot; is a feature length production filmed entirely in
Texas in HD by Timber ...
                            By Ken Farmer


Baby Boy Watkins almos...
                               DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT

       Twenty years ago, I met Leslie Jordan in Los...
                              EXECUTIVE PRODUCER

       Buck attended the University of Texas at Austin

                                A Short Biography

      Ken ...
Slim Pickens, Scott Glenn, Bo Bridges, Ethan Hawk, Willie Nelson, Matthew
McConaughey, William Smith and John Cleese, to n...
       Jim started his film career in the early 1970’s in
                                   STAGE PLAY WRITER


                         CHARACTERS & CAST

“BABY BOY WATKINS” ………….........                DENTON BLANE...
“YOUNG DIRTY”…………….........……              DYLAN BARTH

“BIG MIKE”……………………...........…             BUCK STIENKE

Audio (Boom Operator)- Avisael Hernandez
Audio (Boom Operator) - Aaron Holt
Sound Effects Editor - Mark Hensley
Dialogue E...

        as             ...
                “BABY BOY WATKINS”
Denton was born and raised i...

Todd Farr has talents both in front and
behind the came...
Brandi Price was born as Vicki D’Aun Price in C...
       (SNEAK PREVIEW in DALLAS, TEXAS - May 29, 2008)

     From Leslie Jorda...
If you had the world to choose from you could not have come up
with a better cast. Great job of casting and kudos to you f...
I do hope you can arrange a screening for the film critics. This is
worth it! No major stars are in it. They aren’t needed...
of male friendship that I ever seen. That's exactly how I am with my
friends and I'm sure that it is how best friends have...
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Press Kit for "ROCKABILLY BABY".

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  2. 2. “ROCKABILLY BABY” PRESS KIT TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 2. COVER 1. 2. Page 3. ABOUT “ROCKABILLY BABY” 3. Page 4. “ROCKABILLY BABY” Synopsis 4. Page 5. Director’s Statement 5. Page 6. Executive Producer - Buck Stienke 6. Page 8. Writer/Director - Ken Farmer 7. Page 9. Producer/DP - Jim Roberson 8. Page 10. Writer of Stage Play - Leslie Jordan 9. Page 11. Cast and Crew 10. Page 14. “ROCKABILLY BABY” Stars 11. Page 15. Denton Blane Everett as ‘Baby Boy Watkins’ 12. Page 17. Todd Farr as ‘Dirty Dawkins’ 13. Page 17. Brandi Price as ‘Jollene Watkins’ 14. Page 18. PR Comments 2
  3. 3. ABOUT “ROCKABILLY BABY” quot;ROCKABILLY BABYquot; is a feature length production filmed entirely in Texas in HD by Timber Creek Productions, LLC. Principal photography was completed on Dec. 21, 2007 on location in Cooke County, Texas. Directed by Ken Farmer. quot;ROCKABILLY BABYquot; was privately screened to an invitation only packed house May 29, 2008 at the Studio Movie Grill in Dallas. Comments heard were: quot;The best indy movie ever shot in Texas.quot;. quot;Outstanding Castquot;. quot;I was mesmerized.quot; quot;Best movie I've seen this year, period.quot; Great adaptation and directing.quot; quot;I was riveted. And no car chases, extravagant scenery, nudity, blood and violence, just consummate, compelling performances. Principals are: BUCK STIENKE - Executive Producer JIM ROBERSON - Producer KEN FARMER- Director DENTON BLANE EVERETT as ‘BABY BOY WATKINS’ TODD FARR as ‘DIRTY DAWKINS’ BRANDI PRICE as ‘JOLLENE WATKINS’ 3
  4. 4. “ROCKABILLY BABY” By Ken Farmer Synopsis Baby Boy Watkins almost destroys his rise to Rock and Roll fame before he comes to terms with the impact his success has on those closest to him. This rollercoaster drama emotionally intertwines the lives of three people during the Rockabilly era. Rockabilly rolled out of Tennessee and took the world by surprise. It was a time when Jerry Lee Lewis, with his boogie-style piano playing and a young Elvis Presley created a phenomenon known as the Rock Concert. It was a time when Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly and the Everly Brothers were combining Negro rhythm and blues with a country-western sound and “tearin’ it up” all over the Southeast. It was the ROCKABILLY ERA... and when it was over... Nothing was ever quite the same. From an original stage play by Leslie Jordan. Adapted for the screen by Ken Farmer. 4
  5. 5. “ROCKABILLY BABY” DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT Twenty years ago, I met Leslie Jordan in Los Angeles. He was going to do the stage play he had written, Rockabilly Baby, in Burbank. My wife, Kathrine Steele, auditioned for the part of ‘Jollene’ and as such, got a copy of the play. I read it through as I helped her prepare for the audition. I told her that this was one hell of a story and would make a great movie, one day. Well, as it turned out, Leslie’s money to do the play fell through and the play was never produced. But, ten years later when I started coaching acting, I picked some scenes from the play for class work. One of my early students was a skinny kid named Denton Blane Everett. I gave him a ‘Baby Boy’ monologue from the play, he absoluted devoured it and said, “Coach, we gotta do this as a movie.” (There’s something I heard about great minds, don’t remember what.) I told Denton, I had come to the same conclusion and called Leslie for permission to write a screen play based on his stage play. He thought that was a wonderful idea. I cranked out the screenplay and started the inevitable process of looking for money. And, surprise, eight years later, we shot it. I had become good friends with a retired Delta pilot in Gainesville, Buck Stienke, about three years ago. He became interested in the movie business and asked to read some of my scripts. To make a long story short, he liked “Rockabilly Baby” and asked what it would take to shoot it. I told him what I thought. Buck replied, “I can come up with most of it, let’s do it”. He found a couple of guys in Gainesville for the balance. With only 30 days of prep, we started shooting. Eleven days later and 421 set ups and with only two hours of overtime, we finished primary photography. We broke for six weeks to finalize the music performance numbers and shot those in two days plus half a day for pick-up shots with an additional 126 set-ups. I was asked by many people how we managed to shoot 106 pages in 14 days. My reply was, “We had a hell of a Producer and DP, Jim Roberson, a dedicated Executive Producer, Buck Stienke and a very talented Cast. My philosophy on Directing is four fold; 1. Have a great Script. 2. Cast (get the right actors for the characters). 3. Supply the Vision to cast and crew. 4. Stay the hell out of everybody’s way and let them do their jobs. 5
  6. 6. BUCK STIENKE EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Buck attended the University of Texas at Austin where he received a congressional appointment to the United States Air Force Academy. Buck played Rugby (Fullback and Outside Center) in college and is proud that his intercollegiate team never lost a match while he was a member. He worked to become an Air Force pilot, and following graduation with a BS degree in Engineering Management, he entered pilot training in Lubbock, Texas. It was at the Academy where Buck first became interested in show business. He was featured in a Lucille Ball show ( Here’s Lucy) and got to work with Lucy, Desi Arnaz Jr. and Luci Arnaz. Buck worked as humor editor for the DODO magazine and starred as the Right Reverend Johnson in the first DODO All Stars Bash presentation. After 8 years in the AF as a jet fighter pilot, Buck resigned his commission to start a career in flying with Delta Airlines. After 25 years as a pilot for Delta, Buck retired to Gainesville, Texas. In Gainesville, thru a friend, Jim Colwell, Buck met several Hollywood actors who now reside in the area and struck up friendships with each one. One actor in particular, Ken Farmer, was still active in the business. Through conversations with Ken, Buck became interested in the film business. After researching the process and getting himself up to speed on the ins and outs of film making, Buck, Ken and Jim put together a production company, Timber Creek Productions. Buck reviewed their scripts and the decision was made to “pull the trigger”, or green light, the “ROCKABILLY BABY” project (written by Ken), adding Ken’s long time friend, veteran cinematographer and director, Jim Roberson, from Los Angeles, as a fourth partner. Jim produced with Ken directing. Buck served as Executive Producer on the film and was on the set daily. His work ethic is “DWIT” or “Do Whatever It Takes”. He also write two of the songs used in the background (“Sugar Baby Blues” and “Rent House Blues”). 6
  7. 7. KEN FARMER Writer/Director A Short Biography Ken Farmer was born in the small East Texas oil boomtown of Kilgore. The son of a Texas wildcatter, Ken attended over 21 grade schools in 7 states, living in almost every boomtown of the time. After graduating from Gainesville, Texas, (high school), Ken attended Oklahoma University, then Stephen F. Austin State University on football scholarship where he received some All America accolades. Majoring in Business and Speech & Drama, after a stint in the Marine Corps, he received his degree in 1964. Ken worked for IBM as a sales rep., leading the nation in sales his first year. Two years later, Ken entered into business for himself by founding an oil exploration and production company, quot;Texas Western, Inc.quot;. It was during the period he was CEO of Texas Western, that Ken became interested in professional acting, having heretofore relegated his drama training to quot;Little Theater, Community Playhouse, etc.quot;. He was talked into auditioning for a Dairy Queen commercial by Dallas agent, Kim Dawson. They needed a real cowboy and Ken also owned a working cattle ranch in East Texas where he raised registered Beefmaster cattle and Quarter Horses and is an expert horseman. Suffice to say, Ken got the part. (That's another story.) That was over two hundred sixty commercials (some of which he Produced and Directed), 15 major feature films, over 50 TV shows and MOW’s ago and only God knows how many Industrials he has done. Ken was the television spokesman for Wolf Brand Chili for six years and most recently appeared in quot;FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTSquot;, quot;THE NEWTON BOYSquot;, quot;ROCKETMANquot;, “RED RIDGE”, quot;THE PRESIDENT'S MANquot;, quot;LOGAN'S WARquot; and six episodes of quot;WALKER, TEXAS RANGERquot;. Ken has worked directly with many award winning actors; Billy Bob Thornton, Gene Hackman, Robert Stack, Linda Hunt, Kevin Kline, Kevin Costner, Lucus Black, Peter Fonda, James Woods, Ben Johnson, Brian Dennehy, Jeff Goldblum, Elizabeth Ashley, Karen Allen, Danny Glover, Kris Kristofferson, Robert Fuller, Rip Torn, Peter Brown, Robert Conrad, 7
  8. 8. Slim Pickens, Scott Glenn, Bo Bridges, Ethan Hawk, Willie Nelson, Matthew McConaughey, William Smith and John Cleese, to name a few. In 1984, Ken had a major role in quot;SILVERADOquot; and decided to devote full time to acting and moved to Los Angles. While in L. A., Ken continued his acting studies under Cliff Osmond, Rowena Balos, and Rob Spera, among others, at the Actor's Center. Ken has also written several projects in addition to his book, quot;ACTING IS STORYTELLINGquot;©, including the screen plays, quot;SLEEPING DOGquot;, an action adventure romantic comedy set in Texas; quot;ROCKABILLY BABYquot; (based on a play of the same name by Leslie Jordan), a 50's drama; “DAMN YOU, BONE!”, a cop who-done-it dramady (plus nine additional ‘BONE’ episodes with his partner, Buck Stienke) and “HOLLYWOOD, OKLAHOMA?”, a contempory dramady. Additionally, Ken and his partners, Buck Stienke and Jim Roberson, founded TIMBER CREEK PRODUCTIONS, LLC, in 2006, specifically to acquire and produce quality film projects. Some of the acquisitions include quot;THE TUMBLEWEED WAGONquot; (which Ken has done several major rewrites on), quot;THE PEACE OFFICERquot;, quot;LONG JOHN GREYquot;, quot;SLEEPING DOGquot;, quot;ROCKABILLY BABYquot;, “DAMN YOU, BONE!”, and quot;BAD MOON RISINGquot;. Timber Creek completed principal photography in Dec., 2007 of Ken’s full length feature, “ROCKABILLY BABY”, with Ken directing (his feature film directorial debut) and executive producing along with Buck Stienke, Jim Roberson, producing. “ROCKABILLY BABY” completed post on June 12, 2008. In addition to an active acting career, Ken started coaching acting a little over ten years ago. He started a class he called PAG (Professional Actor Group) and all the leads in “ROCKABILLY BABY”, Denton Blane Everett, Todd Farr , Brandi Price, Kelly Jackson, Jodie Moore and Maeghan Albach are products of Ken’s PAG. Ken currently resides at his ranch in rural north Texas near Gainesville, Texas. Ken has one son, Clay and two grandaughters, Makenna and Morgan, currently living in Houston. Ken is also a lifetime member of the alumni association of Stephen F. Austin State University as well as a lifetime member of the quot;Tquot; association (letterman's club). Web site: http://kenfarmer.actorsite.com 8
  9. 9. JIM ROBERSON PRODUCER/DIRECTOR of PHOTOGRAPHY Jim started his film career in the early 1970’s in Little Rock, Arkansas working with Harry Thomason, Producer/Director of the network television shows, Designing Women, Evening Shade, and Hearts Afire. In 1975 he began working with Charles B. Pierce as Director of Photography on the feature films, “Winterhawk”, “Town that Dreaded Sundown”, “The Winds of Autumn”, and “Grayeagle”. After the completion of “Grayeagle” in 1978 Jim shot “Mountain Family Robinson”, before moving to Los Angeles and shooting, “Terror on Tour”. In 1980 he directed his first feature film, “The Legend of Alfred Packer”, and in 1982 directed his second feature film, “Superstition”. Jim then turned to television in 1983 to shoot several seasons as 2nd unit Director of Photography on, The Fall Guy. In 1986 he worked with Robert Conrad shooting, as well as directing two episodes of Conrad’s television series, High Mountain Rangers, where he first met Ken Farmer who was acting in one of the episodes. Jim’s work continued with Conrad into the 1990s shooting his movies of the week, “Glory Days”, “Mario and the Mob”, “Jesse Hawkes”, and “Search and Rescue”. In 1990 Jim directed his third feature film, “The Giant of Thunder Mountain”, and shot the Disney Channels MOW, “Back To Hannibal”. In 1992 Jim rejoined long time friend and mentor Harry Thomason to shoot the ½ hour comedy, Hearts Afire, and up until 2007 has shot 100s of ½ hour comedies including, The King of Queens, My Wife and Kids, Less than Perfect, and countless pilots. In 2007 Jim Produced his first feature film, “Rockabilly Baby”, for Executive Producer Buck Stienke and Writer/Director Ken Farmer. Jim also served as Director of Photography. 9
  10. 10. LESLIE JORDAN STAGE PLAY WRITER Biography In 1982, Leslie Jordan stepped off a Greyhound bus from the hills of Tennessee, said “hello” to Hollywood and has never looked back. With hundreds of television shows, films and commercials to his credit, he has become a familiar face on the entertainment scene. Leslie is the 2006 Emmy Award Winner for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for his delicious portrayal of “Beverley Leslie” on “Will and Grace.” Feature film audiences will recognize Leslie from his performance as “Brother Boy” in Del Shores’ adaptation of his play “Sordid Lives’” with Olivia Newton-John, Delta Burke and Beau Bridges. He will reprise the role in the television series based on the play and film for the cable network Logo, which will begin airing in July 2008. Recent feature film appearances include “Love Ranch” in a wonderful scene with Helen Mirren directed by Taylor Hackford, and “Wanted: Undead or Alive” with Chris Kattan. Television audiences will remember Leslie in recurring roles on “Ugly Betty,” “Boston Legal,” “Hidden Palms,” and “Reba.” On stage, Mr. Jordan won the Ovation Award, The Garland Award and The Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award for his portrayal of “Preston Leroy,” the aging, sodden barfly in Del Shores hit play “Southern Baptist Sissies.” Leslie’s autobiographical one-man show “Like a Dog on Linoleum” performed to sold-out audiences at the Elephant Asylum Theater in Los Angeles, the Annenberg Theater in Palm Springs, the Bailiwick Theater in Chicago, the 14th Street Playhouse in Atlanta and the Lorraine Hansberry Theater in San Francisco. Mr. Jordan has also enjoyed considerable success as a writer. His book My Trip Down the Pink Carpet for Simon and Schuster was released in June 2008. In conjunction with the release of the book, Leslie has created a one-man show with material from the book. He is performing the play across the country on a thirty-city book-signing/performance tour. Mr. Jordan’s play “Hysterical Blindness and Other Southern Tragedies That Have Plagued My Life Thus Far” ran to sold-out houses in Los Angeles and had a successful seven month run Off-Broadway at the Playhouse on Van Dam in New York City. His screenplay “Lost in the Pershing Point Hotel” won the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival’s Production Grant Award, winning the competition from over 600 other scripts. Subsequently, it was made into an independent feature film distributed by Northern Arts Entertainment. 10
  11. 11. “ROCKABILLY BABY” CHARACTERS & CAST “BABY BOY WATKINS” …………......... DENTON BLANE EVERETT “DIRTY DAWKINS”….................... TODD FARR “JOLLENE WATKINS”…………........….. BRANDI PRICE “MAMA”……………………………................. MAEGHAN ALBACH “DIXIE DAVENPORT”……….........……... MELISSA ODOM “TOOTIE FORD”………………............…… SAMANTHA THOMSON “PREACHER”……………………...............….. KELLY O. JACKSON “OLD BLACK WALTER”………..........….. GROVER COULSON “BUDDY”……………………................……… JODIE MOORE “EVANGELIST”……………………............. HAVEN POWERS “YOUNG JOLLENE”………..........………. CLAUDIA OFFNER “YOUNG BULLY”………………............…. JOSEPH SICKING “YOUNGER JOLLENE”…………..........… LANIE TAYLOR “GINNY”................................. GINNY MAC “SINGER 1”............................. AQUA LEE “SINGER 2”............................. BREE SAVAGE “GRACE”................................. LORRAINE EUBANK “BASS PLAYER”........................ RUSSELL RAND “DRUMMER”............................ PAUL LAYMON “PIANIST”............................. CHRIS BOOHER “ANNOUNCER”……………............…….. KEN FARMER “YOUNG BABY BOY”…………............ DALTON WYATT 11
  12. 12. “YOUNG DIRTY”…………….........…… DYLAN BARTH “BIG MIKE”……………………...........… BUCK STIENKE “WRESTLER”……………...........……… EDRICK BROWNE “SKIPPER”……………………............ . BRETT BROCK “JOE”………………………..............…… JAMES LaMARR quot;ROCKABILLY BABYquot; TECHNICAL CREW Writer/Director - Ken Farmer Producer- Jim Roberson Executive Producers Buck Stienke Ken Farmer Co-Executive Producer - James LaMarr Director of Photography - Jim Roberson Associate Producers - Jodie Moore Jim Colwell Casting - Toni Cobb-Brock Casting First Assistant Director- Slim Sweatmon Second Unit DP - Victor Zorba Editor - Bill Lowe UPM - Debbie Sicking Camera Operator - Victor Zorba Camera Operator - J. P. Patin Camera Operator - John C. Price Key Grip- Tim McGarity Grip - James Soward Assistant Editor - David Riley John Gonzales Ron Trevino P2 Media Manager- Hollin Lange Sound Mixer - Lance Hoffman Sound Mixer - Darrell Henke Audio (Boom Operator)- Tom Hoffman 12
  13. 13. Audio (Boom Operator)- Avisael Hernandez Audio (Boom Operator) - Aaron Holt Sound Effects Editor - Mark Hensley Dialogue Editor - Mark Hensley Sound Re-recording Mixer - Mark Hensley Script Supervisor - Dana Kaye Miller Stunt Coordinator - Randy Fife Set Design - Jodie Moore Craft Services - Lauri Emde Catering - Stoolies Music Director - Dave Siebels Additional Music- Dave Alexander Ginny Mac Buck Stienke Visual Effects Supervisor - James Castle Visual Effects Compostor - Robert Dixon Post Production Supervisor - Bill Lowe Wardrobe- Bridgett Washington Make Up- Chelsea Lee Hair Design- Bridgett Washington Production Company - Timber Creek Productions, LLC Visual Effects - Castle Digital Design Color Timing - Alpha Dogs Post Production Sound - Monkeyland Audio Grip and Lighting - Zelo Productions 13
  15. 15. DENTON BLANE EVERETT “BABY BOY WATKINS” BIO Denton was born and raised in Oklahoma City , OK . After graduating high school, he attended East Central University in Ada, OK on a full basketball scholarship. He earned a B.S. in Psychology and minored in Criminal Justice. Along with his degree, he received basketball honors for his four years as a shooting guard for the Tigers. After college, Denton moved to Dallas where he began his acting career. He was introduced to acting coach Ken Farmer (Writer/Director of “Rockabilly Baby”) and attended Ken’s class seven plus years. Denton has gone on to do over twenty films, the latest feature he has worked on is entitled “WALKING DISTANCE”. By the beginning of 2009, Denton will have five feature films that he is starring or co-starring, (“MAD BAD [released on DVD July 15, 2008],” “THE LAWLESS”, “DESDEMONA: A LOVE STORY”, “ROCKABILLY BABY”, and “WALKING DISTANCE”) that will be in stores or hitting the film festival circuit. In Denton ’s own words, “ROCKABILLY BABY” was a personal dream role from a well-written original play from Emmy Award Winner Leslie Jordan (Will & Grace). I got to tell the story of a lost boy with a talent coming to grips with the effect his success has on those he loves, and sing songs he might have written back in the good ol’ days, the 50’s. The birth of rock and roll. 15
  16. 16. TODD FARR - “DIRTY DAWKINS” BIO Todd Farr has talents both in front and behind the camera. Born and raised in North Texas, he's a Texan to the core. Successfully running track, cross-country and earning his business degree from Abilene Christian University. He began modeling in 2000 and was discovered by photographer, Bruce Weber. Abercrombie and Fitch, Polo Ralph Lauren, Lo Mo Vogue Magazine, and Interview Magazine were a few of the clients he worked with. Modeling soon led Todd into acting, his true passion. His love for acting was cultivated through Ken Farmer, (his mentor and acting coach) from Dallas Texas, who taught him the fine art of storytelling and organic acting. One day, Todd was asked to photograph some of his friends in acting class. That was the moment he discovered another passion – photography. After talking with his good friends Bruce Weber and Peter Hurley about it, he bought an old Nikon camera and started the photography journey as well With diverse talents in acting, modeling, and photography, Todd continues on with this attitude: quot;My story is still being written, and I am still enjoying the journey!quot; Todd‘s latest (2008) projects include: “ROCKABILLY BABY” - by Timber Creek Productions, and “WALKING DISTANCE” - by Upstart Film works, and Incendiary Features. 16
  17. 17. BRANDI PRICE - “JOLLENE WATKINS” BIO Brandi Price was born as Vicki D’Aun Price in Carlsbad, NM. She is the daughter of tried and true Caveman, Randy Price and the lovely Jeffery (Victoria) Smith and is the oldest of 5 brothers and 2 sisters. . Nomadic by nature, Brandi has lived in seven different states and goodness knows how many homes in her short life. Friends even joked that they were to never going to call her again, for the inevitable disconnect notice; this, of course, was before they mass-marketed the device we can no longer live without: cell phones. Although Brandi found her passion at a very young age, it was not until she moved to Virginia Beach, Va, in 2001 that she pursued acting professionally. Under the tutelage of Sylvia Harman, she began to work regularly on local commercials, industrials and films. During this time, she had the pleasure of working with Pat Morita, in quot;Flight of the Bumblebeequot; and Raymond Franza in “Gravity”. However, her family called her home… back to Texas, where she had spent her formative years. In Texas, she has had the opportunity to pursue her acting career even further in more local commercials, industrials and films, both short and full-length. It was here that she added an essential, yet missing, element to her acting repertoire. In 2006, she started acting classes with veteran actor/writer/director/acting coach, Ken Farmer, who introduced her to ‘organic storytellingquot; (organic acting). And in November of 2007, Ken asked her to portray ‘Jollene’ in his new feature, quot;Rockabilly Babyquot;, her first lead in a feature film. Brandi dabbles in many areas including, martial arts, yoga, crocheting, horseback riding, singing, reading, dancing, writing, jewelry making, traveling etc, etc. She is fluent in Spanish. Her first role was at the age of 9 in a school production of 'Texas Tall Tales'. Nicknames incude: “BB”, “Jolly Green”, “Peach”… 17
  18. 18. quot;ROCKABILLY BABYquot; PRIVATE SCREENING (SNEAK PREVIEW in DALLAS, TEXAS - May 29, 2008) From Leslie Jordan, writer of the stage play, quot;Rockabilly Babyquot;. Ken... I cannot tell you how impressed I was. What I noticed that I had never noticed before was what an amazing quot;character studyquot; the piece is. Those actors gave such fully realized performances that you saw the quot;wants and the dreamsquot; of each actor in a very vivid, clear cut way. It really is a beautiful marriage of writing, directing and acting. Had any one of us not done our job to it's fullest (since there really is not a lot of action) the whole thing would have fallen on it's face. That is always the biggest concern, I think, when taking a theatre piece to film... the lack of action. The quot;rule,quot; if there is such a rule, is that on stage you TELL the story but on film you must SHOW the story. Well, you did both and it worked. Most importantly, IT WORKED. Thank you and thank your cast. I tell you what, those boys sure ain't hard on the eyes either. I am an aging homo who has been blessed with a deep appreciation for BEAUTY and watching that film was like going to a FINE ARTS MUSEUM!!! Love. Light. Leslie Jordan - Writer of Stage Play, ROCKABILLY BABY Dear Ken, As I sat there watching it unfold I felt privileged and grateful to be there. Most of the time on the edge of my seat. What a splendid job by all concerned! I was riveted. And no car chases, extravagant scenery, nudity, blood and violence, just consummate, compelling performances by extraordinarily talented actors. 18
  19. 19. If you had the world to choose from you could not have come up with a better cast. Great job of casting and kudos to you for staying out of their way and letting them rock and roll. The best kind of directing. My hat is off to you and your quot;kids,quot; Denton, Todd, Brandi, Kelly, Maeghan and all the rest. Denton, Todd and Brandi carried the piece like the giant stars they are bound to become. Didn't get to meet Todd but hope that I will sometime. Congratulations to Buck for having the good sense to support y'all. I was also impressed with the quality of the digital photography. Pretty neat. God bless you and the best of quot;British Luckquot; to all of you. Thanks for a great experience. Sincerely, Alex Cord (www.alexcord.com) From Linda Dowell, SCREEN ACTOR’S GUILD Hello, Ken & Buck. I just wanted to extend a big JOB WELL DONE for the wonderful film you have created. I was very impressed with the performances and appreciate the opportunity to experience the sneak peek. You've made the stars of Dallas shine! Linda Dowell / SCREEN ACTORS GUILD - Regional Branch Division Executive Director From Linda McAlister, Linda McAlister Talent Texas talent totally SHINED and glittered in this excellent character driven film: talent, director, crew, music, equipment, locations, wardrobe. A total top shelf production that truly makes us all very proud. AND with no nudity, no action, just crisp, sassy dialogue. Some clichés, yes, but it was the era that clichés were created. Fun times. 19
  20. 20. I do hope you can arrange a screening for the film critics. This is worth it! No major stars are in it. They aren’t needed and I don’t think anyone will care since all performers in this little gem of a movie are star quality. This Texas is very proud of what our industry can do! With the right resources, it’s magic. Truly. Ken, you did an incredible job! Please do keep us posted for future screenings and developments. Staying tuned! Linda Linda McAlister Talent Rikard Errickson Film Critic - DVDFORUM - STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Hi Ken! Now I’ seen Rockabilly Baby, and here are my thoughts: I think it's very brave to do a period film on a limited budget. It also suceeds in a place where other period films most often fail: The dialogue feels very realistic. Of course I wasn't born back then, but I hate it when movies clean up the language and soften the drama. It feels like Rockabilly Baby depicts the time, and not people’ sentimental memories of the time. Of course this couldn't happen without great actors and you really casted gold here. I had to imdb Todd Farr and I was so surprised that he hasn't done more. He's astounding in this flick. It been a long time since I saw someone so hard to read and to know what to think of. I can't help to like him even when he's at his most unlikeble. His and Denton's performances also makes for one of the most realistic depictions 20
  21. 21. of male friendship that I ever seen. That's exactly how I am with my friends and I'm sure that it is how best friends have interacted in all times. The negatives are that due to the limited budget the flick spends a little too much time in the apartment. It shows that it is very faithful to the stage play, but maybe a bit too faithful. Then it's a very smart move to cut to the lovely flashbacks, but this also leaves me aching for more. Especially Dirty and Jollene's first meeting at the car. I would have loved to see that scene continued into a full-on love scene. I also love the split-screen between the b/w past and the color quot;presentquot; when Baby Boy realizes that his music can't save all people. This scene and the very powerful end shot are the two strongest scenes for me. Overall Rockabilly Baby is a fine low budget movie. Not really the kind of film that I usually like but it kept me interested from frame one to the end of the credits. Thank you for the opportunity to see your film before the European release. Keep me posted about Berlin and other European film festivals. It would be great to meet you at a sold-out screening in any European city! Rik Ken, I know you are swimming in some glory at the moment, but I just wanted to say thanks for the invite. I enjoyed Rockabilly. It was a great accomplishment. I still can’t believe you shot it in 14 days. That is amazing. Great adaptation and directing. Thanks for the evening. Ben Dane 21