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NUGA Brochure copy

  1. 1. TURN YOUR PASSION INTO A CAREER WWW.NUGOLFACADEMY.ORG 877.NUGOLF.1 10682_NUGA_Brochure_Updated08292012.indd 1 8/29/12 9:52 AM
  2. 2. OUR MISSION The National University Golf Academy is dedicated to providing relevant and accessible academic programs in golf education. Available to a broad range of students, the Golf Academy delivers challenging learning experiences that integrate academics and golf, preparing students for advancement in careers, further education, and/or player development and excellence. ACCREDITATION Golf Academy programs are offered through National University, which has been accredited since 1977 by the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), the same body that accredits the other major universities and colleges in the western United States. This accreditation ensures a recognized standard of education. ABOUT THE NATIONAL UNIVERSITY GOLF ACADEMY LEARN GOLF LIVE GOLF WWW.NUGOLFACADEMY.ORG LOCATION Located in Carlsbad, California, with online courses available, National University Golf Academy will provide you with the skills that you need to succeed in the golf industry. The National University Golf Academy houses a state-of-the-art indoor swing lab utilizing the latest technology in the industry. Our Motion Reality, FlightScope, and VI technologies combine 3-D imaging technology to allow a golfer to feel, see, and quantify improvement. Students have access to individualized instruction with Golf Academy staff at its facilities at Twin Oaks Golf Course and have access to other premier public and private golf courses. EARN A COLLEGE DEGREE IN A GOLF-RELATED FIELD AND MAKE THE GAME YOU LOVE YOUR CAREER. 10682_NUGA_Brochure_Updated08292012.indd 2 8/29/12 9:52 AM
  3. 3. “I was a player when I went into the program, but with his [Ted Norby] help and guidance, I came out a professional. The PGM classes expanded my knowledge beyond the playing side of the game, and really gave me insight into what a career in the industry looks like… To be able to have the opportunity to focus on your game during your studies is invaluable.” —Andrew Bogan, National University Golf Academy Student 877.NUGOLF.1 1 10682_NUGA_Brochure_Updated08292012.indd 1 8/29/12 9:52 AM
  4. 4. Positions in the golf industry range from jobs that support golf course operations, to manufacturing and sales of equipment and merchandise. Job titles include: A CAREER THAT FITS YOU TO A TEE “Playing different courses on a weekly basis is not only a treat, but also a tremendous benefit to my game. … Playing different courses on a continual basis is excellent tournament preparation.” —J. David Marshall, National University Golf Academy Student 2 WWW.NUGOLFACADEMY.ORG § General Manager § Director of Golf § Director of Instruction § Head Golf Professional § Assistant Golf Professional § Golf Clinician/Instructor § College/High School Golf Coach § Merchandising Manager § Equipment Sales and Marketing § Apparel Sales and Marketing § Food and Beverage Manager § Golf Course Superintendent 10682_NUGA_Brochure_Updated08292012.indd 2 8/29/12 9:52 AM
  5. 5. 877.NUGOLF.1 3 10682_NUGA_Brochure_Updated08292012.indd 3 8/29/12 9:52 AM
  6. 6. The Academy provides students with a superior experience in the classroom and on the course, integrating instruction from golf professionals, physical fitness experts, personal trainers, dieticians, and sports psychologists. The Academy’s associations with prominent golf courses and golf institutions provide exciting opportunities for a promising future in golf. Students with a desire to become golf professionals have the advantage of quality education and instruction, while building connections in the industry. WHY ATTEND NATIONAL UNIVERSITY GOLF ACADEMY “Online education was a great avenue for me to take when I was on active duty and the transfer from tuition assistance to the GI Bill was a very easy process. Being a veteran and attending National University has been the best educational decision I have ever made.” —Frank Joseph, National University Golf Academy Student 4 WWW.NUGOLFACADEMY.ORG § As a private, nonprofit institution of higher learning, National University continually invests in students’ success. § With a one-course-per-month accelerated format, graduation is much closer than you imagine. § Online and evening on-campus courses, give you the flexibility you’ve been seeking in a university. § Regional accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), ensures your degree will be highly valued in the workplace. § Our continuous enrollment and monthly class format allows you to start classes any month of the year. § Degree programs ranging from associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s are offered to match your personal and educational goals. § State-of-the-art equipment combines technology and instruction to help you achieve your peak performance. § Personalized one-on-one instruction opportunities will help you hone your skills on and off the course. 10682_NUGA_Brochure_Updated08292012.indd 4 8/29/12 9:52 AM
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  8. 8. 6 WWW.NUGOLFACADEMY.ORG ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE IN PROFESSIONAL GOLF MANAGEMENT The Associate of Science in Professional Golf Management prepares students for careers in professional golf course management and provides learners with a fundamental understanding of the knowledge and skills required for entry-level positions in the golf industry. The coursework focuses on managerial competencies and an understanding of the importance of wellness and peak performance. BACHELOR OF ARTS IN SPORT PSYCHOLOGY WITH AN EMPHASIS IN PROFESSIONAL GOLF MANAGEMENT The Bachelor of Arts in Sport Psychology program offers a comprehensive introduction to the contemporary discipline of sport psychology. Graduate from this program and you will be well prepared to seek employment in entry-level coaching positions and admission to graduate psychology programs at the master’s or doctoral level. BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WITH A CONCENTRATION IN PROFESSIONAL GOLF MANAGEMENT The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree prepares students for career opportunities and advancement in business and industry. The curriculum covers the relationships among marketing; quantitative theory; accountancy; economic principles; and financial, human, and organizational management. The concentration in Professional Golf Management combines this knowledge with essential skills for careers in professional golf course management. MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WITH A SPECIALIZATION IN PROFESSIONAL GOLF MANAGEMENT The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program prepares students for leadership positions in business, and provides them with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully manage organizations in an ever- changing business environment. The program imparts the conceptual understanding and application of problem-solving tools contained in basic business disciplines, including accounting, economics, data analysis, finance, management, leadership, and marketing. In addition, students learn effective team- building, quantitative and qualitative decision- making, and creative problem solving. The concentration in Professional Golf Management combines this knowledge with essential skills for careers in professional golf course management. MASTER OF ARTS IN PERFORMANCE PSYCHOLOGY The Master of Arts degree in Performance Psychology is the only degree of its kind nationally that combines performance psychology techniques, counseling, peak performance, and sport science. You will gain vast knowledge in industrial and organizational psychology as well as sport psychology, enabling you to have a positive impact on the development of individuals and teams in diverse competitive arenas. Graduates are prepared to advance in their profession in a variety of industries including the athletics, organizational behavior, military, fine arts, and consulting. DEGREE PROGRAMS As a National University Golf Academy student, you will learn important skills required for success in the golf industry, including finance and accounting, management, professional golf management, player development, tournament operations, and food and beverage operations. All degree programs mentioned below can be completed on campus or 100 percent online. Certificate and high school programs, as well as private lessons, are also available. 10682_NUGA_Brochure_Updated08292012.indd 6 8/29/12 9:52 AM
  9. 9. 877.NUGOLF.1 7 10682_NUGA_Brochure_Updated08292012.indd 7 8/29/12 9:52 AM
  10. 10. TUITION Undergraduate and graduate tuition rates are available in the current National University General Catalog or on LAB FEE The National University Golf Academy facilities include a state-of-the-art swing lab, located in Carlsbad, CA. Students enrolled in a National University Golf Academy course, either online or at our Carlsbad campus, may enroll in one of the Academy’s lab programs. For participants in the San Diego area the lab includes expert individualized instruction, supervised practice, playing opportunities, and access to the National University Golf Academy Swing Lab. Video instruction is available to students outside of the San Diego area. When taken with a course, lab fees are eligible for financial aid. FINANCIAL AID AND SCHOLARSHIPS National University Golf Academy students may be eligible for financial aid to help lessen, defer, or delay the costs of their education and related expenses. Financial aid is available in the form of grants, loans, and scholarships. National University funds a variety of scholarships and grants. Below is a list of available scholarships and grants funded by National University and the Golf Academy: § Associate of Science in Professional Golf Management Scholarship § Bachelor of Arts in Sport Psychology Scholarship § Transfer to Triumph—California Community College Scholarship § Promising Scholar Award § Presidential Tuition Scholarship § Collegiate Honor Award § Military Tuition Scholarship § Community Scholarship MILITARY STUDENTS Reduced tuition is available for qualified military students including: Active duty members and their spouse and dependents, Department of Defense employees, military retirees, active and inactive military reserve members, and civilian contractors working on a military base. Proof of status will be required to enroll under the military tuition schedule. All Golf Academy degree programs have been approved as eligible programs for Veteran benefits such as the GI Bill. National University also participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program. TUITION, FEES, AND FINANCIAL AID For more information regarding military admissions visit: 8 WWW.NUGOLFACADEMY.ORG 10682_NUGA_Brochure_Updated08292012.indd 8 8/29/12 9:52 AM
  11. 11. “The academy is truly made special by the people within it; the advisors, professors, deans, and of course the golf instruction really makes this a unique forum for education. It’s just a really great feeling to have an instructor who genuinely cares about the improvement in your golf game.” —Chris Go, National University Golf Academy Student 877.NUGOLF.1 9 10682_NUGA_Brochure_Updated08292012.indd 9 8/29/12 9:52 AM
  12. 12. 10 WWW.NUGOLFACADEMY.ORG QUALITY GOLF INSTRUCTION NATIONAL UNIVERSITY GOLF ACADEMY LAB PROGRAM All students enrolled in a National University Golf Academy class have access to the Academy’s swing lab and superior instruction program by paying the monthly lab fee. This lab fee covers services that include: § One lesson per week in the National University Golf Academy Swing Lab. Through video lessons, 3-D motion capture, and ball flight monitor, your instructor can analyze your full swing, short game, and putting. § Rounds of golf with supervised instruction § Supervised practice sessions § Unlimited range balls at a practice facility § Complimentary access to a performance coach and/or sport psychologist § Access to discounted, green fees to golf courses § Student discount on TaylorMade, Adidas, and Ashworth products Remote students may pay a reduced lab fee and take advantage of the Academy’s excellent instructional staff via video technology. 10682_NUGA_Brochure_Updated08292012.indd 10 8/29/12 9:52 AM
  13. 13. 877.NUGOLF.1 11 Dr. David Wurzer has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts from Northern Michigan University, a Ph.D from the University of Utah, and has done post-doctoral study at The Ohio State University. He is Professor Emeritus, Department of Kinesiology, California State University, Long Beach. His specialties include the science and art of coaching, and sport psychology. Dr. Wurzer is the former owner of Golf Excellence International and PGA Head Professional at the Manhattan Beach Marriott Golf Club. DR. DAVID WURZER Associate Dean Ted Norby has been an extremely engaged and successful golf instructor for over 17 years. After playing at the University of California, Irvine, Mr. Norby played professionally on the Canadian, Hogan, and Nike tours, and qualified and played in a number of PGA events, including the U.S. Open. Mr. Norby worked on his own game with a number of instructors including Eddie Merrins, Hank Haney, David Leadbetter, and Kip Puterbaugh. After a wrist injury limited Mr. Norby’s playing career in 1992, he found a passion for helping beginners, novices, and experts improve and enjoy the game of golf. He was a Master Instructor at the Aviara Golf Academy for more than 12 years and his students include PGA Tour winners, NCAA All-Americans, and top-ranked high school athletes. Mr. Norby has written articles for Golf Tips magazine, and Golf Digest consistently ranks Mr. Norby in the top 20 instructors in the state of California. TED NORBY Director of Instruction Dr. Sarah Castillo, an AASP-certified sport psychology consultant, is the Lead Faculty and Program Director for National University’s Bachelor of Arts in Sport Psychology. Prior to coming to National University, Dr. Castillo spent nine years as a sport psychology consultant at the United States Military Academy at West Point. During her time with the Army, Dr. Castillo worked extensively with over 15 intercollegiate, intramural, and club athletic teams in a wide variety of sports. She also helped West Point cadets apply sport psychology skills to their academic pursuits and future careers as Army officers, and has played an important role in extending the West Point program components to the Army at large. DR. SARAH CASTILLO Lead Faculty, Sport Psychology The experts at the National University Golf Academy possess a wide range of personal and professional experience to help guide the student experience. Key members of the staff include: Dr. Wurzer is a PGA Master Professional and is a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Coach GC. He is a pioneer in utilizing technology in instruction and has provided instructional segments to The Golf Channel, Southland Golf, and USA Today. 10682_NUGA_Brochure_Updated08292012.indd 11 8/29/12 9:52 AM
  14. 14. 12 WWW.NUGOLFACADEMY.ORG CAN I ATTEND THE NATIONAL UNIVERSITY GOLF ACADEMY ONLINE, OR DO I HAVE TO TAKE CLASSES IN SAN DIEGO/CARLSBAD? The National University Golf Academy’s programs are designed to reach students from all regions of the world. Our programs may be taken 100 percent online, on campus in Carlsbad, or a combination of both. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, online students can submit video of their swing for analysis and get feedback from the Academy’s instructional staff. HOW WILL I IMPROVE MY GAME AS A STUDENT AT THE NATIONAL UNIVERSITY GOLF ACADEMY? The Academy’s expert instructional staff works with players to develop an individualized performance plan, weekly tournaments and playing opportunities focus upon competitive skills, daily practice sessions in the Academy’s indoor and outdoor facilities develop swing and short game skills, and the course curriculum develops mastery of the short game and mental preparation. DOES THE NATIONAL UNIVERSITY GOLF ACADEMY REQUIRE AN INTERNSHIP? The National University Golf Academy does not require an internship, though students who plan to seek employment in the golf industry, or LPGA or PGA membership, are strongly encouraged to do so. The staff and faculty at the National University Golf Academy work with students and our partners. DOES NATIONAL UNIVERSITY GOLF ACADEMY PREPARE ME TO BE A PGA OR LPGA MEMBER? Both the PGA and LPGA have unique requirements for membership. The Associate of Science in Professional Golf Management, Bachelor of Arts in Sport Psychology with an emphasis in Professional Golf Management, Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Professional Golf FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Students who want to earn an accredited golf-related degree and make the game they love a career should e-mail GOLF@NU.EDU or call 877.NUGOLF.1 Management, and Master of Business Administration with a specialization in Golf Management provide a foundation in the key concepts in the PGA and LPGA’s membership programs. Both the PGA and LPGA require graduates from all universities to complete a six month internship or eligible employment requirement, pass a Playing Abilities Test, and complete three checkpoints. IS THE NATIONAL UNIVERSITY GOLF ACADEMY A MILITARY FRIENDLY SCHOOL? Our commitment to military education is evident in the enhanced educational experience we offer to military members, including: § Flexibility with course schedules during deployment § Special military tuition rates § Member of the Service Members Opportunity Colleges (SOC) Consortium § Military support services including a Veterans Affairs Office and a Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success IS IT EASY TO TRANSFER TO NATIONAL UNIVERSITY GOLF ACADEMY FROM A CALIFORNIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE? National University is the number one choice for community college students transferring to a private school. As a transfer student, you will experience a streamlined admissions process at National University, and you will receive the maximum credit for the coursework you’ve already completed. New courses begin each month, so you can enroll at any time. 10682_NUGA_Brochure_Updated08292012.indd 12 8/29/12 9:52 AM
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  16. 16. 14 WWW.NUGOLFACADEMY.ORGWWW.NUGOLFACADEMY.ORG 877.NUGOLF.1 ©2012 NUGA 10682 10682_NUGA_Brochure_Updated08292012.indd 14 8/29/12 9:53 AM