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Domestic violence: It's All About Power and Control


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This infographic of domestic violence is a way of looking at the behaviors abusers use to get and keep control in their relationships. Battering is a choice. It is used to gain power and control over another person. Physical abuse is only one part of a system of abusive behaviors.
Domestic violence prevention and awareness should be a priority for all states, communities and every citizen. Domestic violence is at epidemic levels in the United States, with surveys from the U. S. and Canada indicating that domestic violence occurs in 28% of all marriages. The experts feel this estimate is too low, since most domestic violence incidents are not reported.
Until we stand up in one clear voice and tell our local, state and federal lawmakers that domestic violence will no longer be tolerated in a free society, it will continue and women will still be abused and murdered. We must stop accepting alcohol, stress, or drugs as justification for any man to commit violent acts against his partner.
Chances are that if you belong to a civic or professional organization, a church or simply go to work every day, there is someone around you who is currently experiencing or has experienced a violent relationship.

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