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Getting Involved in the MongoDB Community to Advance Your Career


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MongoDB World 2018 Developer Advocacy Day talk on steps and ways to get involved in the MongoDB Community and how it can help one's career.

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Getting Involved in the MongoDB Community to Advance Your Career

  1. 1. MongoDB Community Getting Involved to Advance Your Career
  2. 2. Ken W. Alger Teacher, Treehouse @kenwalger
  3. 3. Community
  4. 4. Interacting with like-focused people • We get to interact, share, and get to know people all over the world with shared interests and focus. • Even if you don’t feel that you’re able to contribute much to the community right now, you will still get benefits. • You can contribute!!! Nobody has the same background as you do and we all start at the beginning. • Real-time problem solving
  5. 5. Where are you involved?
  6. 6. Advocacy Hub • Where • • What • Educational Challenges • Social Media (Spread the News) • Rewards • Training and knowledge: MongoDB Certification/Books • Gift Cards • Ask an Expert
  7. 7. MongoDB Community Slack Group • Where • • What • Community discussion room • All sorts of topics, language, product, general information, conferences, etc. • Unofficial support
  8. 8. MongoDB Google Group • Where •!forum/mongodb-user • What • Open forum for discussion of MongoDB technical questions
  9. 9. Access to Amazing Resources • Vendor introductions • MongoDB staff • Startup Accelerator program • Continuous education is key for careers in this industry
  10. 10. Education
  11. 11. Cutting-edge learning • Stay up to date on current MongoDB features and tools • Beta program access in some cases • Provide pre-release product feedback • Exposure to new perspectives and how other MongoDB deployments are done.
  12. 12. How Can You Impact the MongoDB Community? • Write a Blog Post, the Advocacy Hub is a great spot for ideas • Don’t like writing? What about a Podcast? • Training Videos • Host or Speak at a Meetup • Speak at a Conference
  13. 13. Career
  14. 14. What’s the Pay Off?
  15. 15. Career Advancement • Public recognition as a MongoDB thought leader • Book offers • Job advancement and mentoring opportunities • Recent search had over 6,500 open MongoDB positions just in the U.S.
  16. 16. Ken W. Alger @kenwalger
  17. 17. Thank You!