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How to tackle CIP


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The do's and dont's of Central Induction Policy (CIP)
A KemUnited Seminar.

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How to tackle CIP

  1. 1. HOW TO TACKLE CIP Dr Aneeza Jamshed KemUnited
  2. 2. OCIP = Central Induction policy OPRP= Punjab Residency Program KemUnited
  3. 3. Eligibility Criteria O FCPS Part 1 or JCAT cleared (within last 3 years) O 12 months House Job Completion Certificate O PMDC Registration for Pakistani Graduates O License to practice by relevant bodies for foreign graduates KemUnited
  4. 4. Marks Criteria OFCPS part 1/JCAT = 40 marks O30 bands for FCPS part 1 OFor JCAT ,percentage is calculated KemUnited
  5. 5. OMBBS degree = 20 marks OAttempts = 5 marks OGraduation from a public institute= 5 marks KemUnited
  6. 6. OHouse Job from a Public Institution= 2.5 marks OParent Institution= 2.5 marks O IF 1st preference is given to the Parent Institution. KemUnited
  7. 7. ODistinctions = 6 marks maximum OMaximum 3 distinctions are considered (2x3) KemUnited
  8. 8. OPublished research papers = 5 marks OMaximum 2 research papers are considered (2.5+2.5) OMust be published in HEC/PMDC recognized reputable journals before closing date of application. KemUnited
  9. 9. Experience= 20 marks OMinimum experience required = 6 months. OIn experience more than 6 months, every single month is calculated. OSecondary (THQ/DHQ/Urban Dispensary) = 2.5 marks OPrimary (BHU/RHC)= 5 marks KemUnited
  10. 10. Thank You KemUnited