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Finding Consort Ch 1


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A fortune sim strives to find her way to the life of the rich and famous- through marriage. (Originally chapters 1, 2, and 3.)

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Finding Consort Ch 1

  1. 1. A fortune sim strives to find her way to the life of the rich and famous- through marriage. Chapter One
  2. 2. Ch 1: Hey, I NeverMet You-But CallMe Back AnywayWelcome to Finding ConsortRedux! It’s the same sillystory and the same crappypictures, but now, instead ofthe sims 2 exchange, it’s onPowerPoint! OOOooOOO!There are some changes inthis special new version,namely I fixed all mymisspellings of the wordtoilet—hopefully, anyway—and I consolidated some ofthe earlier chapters.
  3. 3. Ch 1: Hey, I Never Met You-But Call Me Back AnywayAlso, when there was toomuch text for the new slide,I simply used the old picturetwice. (I’m way too lazy todig out another pic for youguys to look at. :P) Lastly,there’s a shiny new layoutfor the story. That’s prettymuch it. I hope you enjoyreading this story as Ienjoyed writing it. Happyreading. -Kelyns
  4. 4. Hi, my name is Veronica Norwood, and this is my story. Again. But this time inPowerPoint!Anyway, Im a simple fortune aspiration sim fresh out of college trying to achievemy dream: marrying Consort Capp and steal- no, no, no wait (hmm... let me see...stealing sounds too negative... taking, apprehending, acquiring... I got it!) - ahem-inheriting the Capp family fortune. Yeah! That sounds good! Consorts money hasnothing to do with it at all...
  5. 5. Ah, my new home in downtown Veronaville. Lets take a tour!
  6. 6. Hmm, the backyard has plenty of space for expansion.
  7. 7. And now the inside. Not much in here...
  8. 8. And whats in here is pretty cheap...
  9. 9. And whats with the color scheme? Red, green, brown, and white does not match,Maxis.
  10. 10. Cheap toilet, cheap shower, etc. *yawn*
  11. 11. And a spartan bedroom! Wow! Sheesh, at least I got a window.
  12. 12. Why dont I just read the paper? It will help me relax and take my mind off of thedreary surroundings. Besides, I need to look for a job in business, which is thejob Consort has. Once I have a job in business, it will be much easier to meet him.*Rustle, Rustle.*Hmm, no business track jobs. I guess Ill just redecorate a bit to help pass thetime.
  13. 13. And, voila! My newly redecorated home!
  14. 14. As you can see, Ive expanded a bit, which took up most of my money.
  15. 15. And I renovated the inside...
  16. 16. …to make the living room more open and roomy!
  17. 17. See, loads of space!
  18. 18. And this is my new bedroom; its much bigger than that cubbyhole I used to have.
  19. 19. And this is the bathroom. I added a tub; a girl needs a relaxing bubble bath everyonce in a while, ok?
  20. 20. And this is the kitchen. See how I opened up the- okay, okay. Its not much, I know.But its not like Im planning on staying here long. Thats right. Im going to fall inlove with Consort and hell whisk me off to his mansion in Veronaville.
  21. 21. Oh, look! My first visitors! Thats Gilbert Jacquet, Malcolm Landgraab IV (whathappen to the first, second and third?), and Wanda Tinker, for those of you whodont know.
  22. 22. I said goodbye to everybody except Gilbert. Hell be good to know in case thingswith Consort dont work out. Besides, I need to make friends if I want to get to thetop of the Business career.
  23. 23. “So, Gilbert, do you know Consort?""Nope, sorry.""Thats okay. Say, how come you dont have any eyebrows?"
  24. 24. But Gilbert didnt answer my question, he just went on about which new vacationspots hed like to visit. I made friends with him anyway. Its not his fault he wasntborn with eyebrows.
  25. 25. Later on, I got my welcome phone call from a random townie (Dagmar a.k.a. theblonde cowgirl) inviting me on an outing downtown.
  26. 26. Since I was new to the hood, I figured it would be a good idea to get out and meetpeople. I could make contacts for my future job and keep an eye out for Consortas well.
  27. 27. And heres the group Dagmar invited me out to meet. "Geez, Dagmar, dont youhave any older friends?"Most of the group were college townies, so I quickly introduced myself (you neverknow when you need people to visit your pay-per-hour business) and bid thecollege students adieu.
  28. 28. Well, almost all the college students.
  29. 29. I kept Ravi (as hes known in this neighborhood) here, because... well, hes justfun to look at. Hes one of my favorite college townies.V: "Hey, Ravi, when Consort croaks give me a call, k?"R: "Sure thing, V."
  30. 30. Any who, here we are enjoying a nice dinner out. Everyone ordered Baked Alaskabecause, well, Im cheap. Hey, I just renovated my house and I still dont have ajob. I only have 100 simoleons to my name. That reminds me...
  31. 31. "Dagmar?""Yes?""Werent YOU the one who invited ME on an outing?""Yeeesss.""So why do I have to pay for dinner?""Ummmmm..."
  32. 32. I decided not to press the issue. It was getting late and I was tired, andsurprisingly a little hungry. (I guess thats what I get for being cheap.) I wanted toeat before I slept so...
  33. 33. I skilled up a bit in front of the tube before cooking anything. Hey, I didnt have afire alarm and I was not up for playing with fire.Wait a minute.Veronica: "What?"Didnt you say you just graduated? How did you graduate with no skills?V: "Coughcoughboolpropcoughcough."
  34. 34. Anyway, I managed to rustle up some mac and cheese without incident (Yay me!)and made it to bed without passing out.
  35. 35. The next morning I slept in a bit, then woke up and checked the paper. Businessstill wasnt there, but I really needed a job; I only had 50 simoleons left AND thebills were due today. So I decided to take a job in Show Business. It pays reallywell and I would need all of the same skills for business. Well, except for the bodypoints. But hey, it couldnt hurt to have a rockin bod to impress Consort with,right?
  36. 36. I set to work skilling. I needed three body points, two creativity points, twocharisma points and two more friends in order to get a promotion. And all of thishad to be done before 8 AM tomorrow morning. I really wanted to get thatpromotion money in case business showed up in tomorrows paper.Wait.*Gasp*I dont have a mirror! What kind of fortune sim am I?
  37. 37. Well, I sold the bathroom sink to buy a mirror. Its not like I was using it, and I stillhave the kitchen sink. I even had enough extra money left over to pay the bills.
  38. 38. Luckily for me, Carla here walked by just so I could make friends with her. Shemust be psychic."Thanks for stopping by, Carla.""No problem, happy to help."
  39. 39. And this my friends, is what happens when you dont have a No Pets sign. Thanksa lot, Maxis. Thanks a lot.
  40. 40. Anyway, Carla and I easily became friends by playing chess.
  41. 41. "So do you think well become best friends?""I dont know. Are you interested in old men? Cuz, I dont think I want to have toomany women around after Consort and I get together, ya know?"Later on that night, I got another call from Dagmar asking if I wanted to go outagain (and we didnt even have a rockin outing; it was only super). I said yes, as Istill needed to make one more friend.
  42. 42. And here we are again eating dinner at the Hub. No, really, I swear, this is adifferent outing. Dagmar just invited all the same people. And after I got rid of allthe college students again, it was just us four left.
  43. 43. See, this time we had crepes suzette.Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  44. 44. *Sniffles*I threw food at Dagmar. I forgot that in the Maxis universe, throwing food onsomeone makes you fall in love with them. Now I have a stupid crush on Dagmar.How am I supposed to fall in love with Consort and maintain my image as aninnocent, non-goldigging, chaste young woman if I had a stupid crush onDAGMAR? THANKS A LOT MAXIS!
  45. 45. *Sighs*Ill just have to ignore this silly crush for now and concentrate on making friendswith her for my promotion. Besides, Dagmar knows that I only have room for onesim in my heart and that sim is Consort. She knows I dont really like her like that,right? RIGHT?
  46. 46. After dinner, I finish making friends (thank you community lot time), go home, andstart skilling. I still needed three body points and a charisma point by 8 AM and itwas already midnight. Would I really be able to make that promotion?
  47. 47. Well, Im off to work in this ridiculous uniform to find out.
  48. 48. And yes, I do manage to get my promotion, for all you doubters out there.
  49. 49. Okay, okay, so I used the energizer... and I used the Set Hour cheat. So sue me.This aint a legacy, people. Besides, if Maxis let sims skill on community lots likein college, then I wouldnt need to resort to using cheats.
  50. 50. Anyway, I check the paper, but business isnt there, so I decide to stick with showbusiness for now. And that means...
  51. 51. More skilling!
  52. 52. But Dagmar calls me to invite me on another outing. Three nights in a row.Hmmm...
  53. 53. Dagmar brought along the same group of people, too.V: "Dagmar, you need to get out more."D: "But, uni townies are the best." *Pouts*
  54. 54. This time I make friends with Ravi. I wasnt planning on making friends with himbecause he is so young, but... hes here, and I need a friend for a promotion... thentheres his hotness and all.
  55. 55. Next, I make friends with Robert. I wasnt going to originally, because... well,because of his ugliness, but, like I said, I want that promotion.
  56. 56. And of course I wanted to ask him if he knew Consort...
  57. 57. …since he isnt anywhere near here. But Robert said he doesnt know him.
  58. 58. After I introduced myself to Tracy here (Im always on the look out for potentialfriends), I go call a cab. In case you didnt catch it from the last few pictures, itsraining, and I have no desire to eat outside in the rain.
  59. 59. Geez, Dagmar give me a little space, will ya? I can feel your breath on my neck.You know, youre becoming kinda creepy. If I didnt know any better, Id say yourebecoming a stalker.
  60. 60. We go to Bernards Botanical Dining, a nice little upscale place. Or it would beanyway, if we werent so dressed down. Seriously, Maxis, there should be anoption to set the dress code for your businesses. Maybe make a door that makesyou dress in formal wear or whatever, kinda like the doors make you dress inouterwear. I mean come on, how can you even pretend youre in an elegant,sophisticated restaurant when there are sims allowed to eat in gym sweats andcowboy hats? Or should I say cowgirl hats? But, I digress.
  61. 61. So, we sit down to dinner and I toast Robert because Im still trying to makefriends with him (Yup, Im a suck up. In my defense, theres just not a lot ofinteraction I can control during dinner, and I have to bring my outing score upsomehow. Im definitely not about to throw food on him; I certainly dont want acrush on ROBERT. Now, Ravi on the other hand... Id throw food at him any time,any place, any day! Too bad hes so far away...). But back to my point: no oneobjects to my toasting Robert, but at our last dinner, they all objected to mytoasting Dagmar.
  62. 62. See, Im toasting her, and Ravi and Robert both have a big red X across Dagmarsface in their thought bubbles. Maybe this is a sign... I mean there WAS that creepystanding right behind me thing... and all the uni townies (maybe she doesnt havegrown up friends?)... and this IS the third outing shes invited me out on...Aww, who am I kidding? Its not a sign, Dagmars cool. Everybody likes her, and Ihear shes popular in legacies. Ive got nothing to worry about.
  63. 63. So we eat, (nectarine tartlette by the way, and yes, its because Im still cheap) andwe all have another super outing. Thats the third one, too. I just cant seem to getmy score up to rockin; its not fair. I blame it on the service. That waitress tookway too long with our food.
  64. 64. Anyway, I finish making friends with Robert, while Ravi stares creepily in thebackground.
  65. 65. V: "Hey, why ARE you staring, Ravi?"R: "Ive been thinking that you can do so much better than Consort, Veronica. Imean, hes way too old for you. "V: "Now, wait a minute. You said you dont know Consort, so how would you knowwhat hes like? Im sure that, despite being an old man, he has many endearingqualities-"R: "Like what?"
  66. 66. V: "Ummm... like money?"R: "He aint got that much money, V. And hes got three kids and SEVENgrandchildren who all want a piece of his fortune. And three of those kids areorphans, so you KNOW theyre gonna get a lot of money. Face it, V. You reallyought to-"V: "Okay, okay. Thanks for the advice, Ravi. Ill be sure to keep that in mind for thefuture." *Phew* (Runs away.)
  67. 67. So, after a quick introduction to Contessa Breanna (Its always good to get toknow your local vampires. Theyre good to know in case... well, in case things getsticky later and I need to dish out some revenge), I got out of there before Ravicould give me any more lectures.
  68. 68. Back at home, I was in for a night of skilling,
  69. 69. skilling,
  70. 70. and more skilling.
  71. 71. With the occasional energizer, of course.
  72. 72. I even broke up the routine a bit and did some yoga.
  73. 73. And, after hours of working out, I was finally fit."Yeah! Wait til Consort sees me now, he wont be able to take his eyes off me!"
  74. 74. All that working out made me stinky, so I decide to take a bath before work...
  75. 75. and I just barely make it on time.
  76. 76. But, my hard work paid off - I got my promotion!"Hmmm..... What should I do with all this money?"
  77. 77. "SPEND IT!"And heres my newly redecorated bathroom that I was able to finish with mypromotion money. Why the bathroom you ask? Well, as the smallest room in thehouse, its the quickest room to redecorate. Besides, everybody is alwaysimpressed by a nicely decorated bathroom. Just ask the private schoolheadmaster.
  78. 78. Anyway, before I settle in for a night of skilling, I check the paper, but thebusiness track STILL isnt there.
  79. 79. So I skilled...
  80. 80. and skilled...
  81. 81. and energized...
  82. 82. and skilled...
  83. 83. Til dawn, when I check the paper. But once again, business isnt there."Geez, is this some kind of conspiracy, or something? Sponsored by the KeepVeronica Away From Consort Foundation?"
  84. 84. But Im not about to let that get me down. Show business pays way more thanbusiness does, and you all know that if theres one thing I love, its money. So,after a quick chat with Tracy...
  85. 85. I invited her over so I could get to know her better. Why? For my promotion, ofcourse! Come on guys, keep up! :)
  86. 86. Anyway, Tracy and I have a deep and meaningful conversation while we playchess.
  87. 87. We talk about lamps...V: "Wouldnt it be awesome if we could be genies that lived in lamps?"T: "Totally! But the lamp would have to match my outfit."V: "Of course, otherwise it would just be tacky."
  88. 88. And romance..."You know, youre not the first sim whos tried to marry an old geezer for money.""Really?""Yeah. You ever hear of Dina Caliente?""The one from Pleasantview?""Yup. She tried to marry Mortimer Goth, but it didnt work out."
  89. 89. "What happened?""A mysterious force made her break up with Mortimer and have Don Lothariosbaby.""No way! I thought he was engaged to Mortimers daughter Cassandra!""He left her at the altar.""How sad! But at least that means Nina got to marry Mortimer, right?"
  90. 90. "Nope! But she did throw her sister out, who then got married to Don out ofdesperation. Then Nina got a make over and started her quest to become a RockGod with twenty simultaneous lovers.""Wow! I dont think thats going to happen to me and Consort though, I wont let it.Ive already got our futures planned out. And the first thing Im going to do tomake sure Consort and I have a solid relationship is take a honeymoon to one ofthose new exotic locations. After a week in paradise, hell forget about everyoneelse."
  91. 91. "Wow, you sure thought this through. …But how are you going to deal with hisfamily and friends? Wont they be mad at you for trying to steal his fortune? Andwhat about his grandchildren? Doesnt three of them live with him?""I can easily send them off to college, and itll only make me look good. How couldhe say no to higher education? As for his kids... Im still working on that one..."
  92. 92. As Tracy and I talked, (That actually turned out to be a much deeper conversationthat I thought it would be :), I noticed something, or rather SOMEONE, outside mywindow. Guess who showed up for a visit?
  93. 93. Thats right: Dagmar. Seriously, I didnt even invite her over. Honestly, shesbecoming scary. Tracy and I pretended that I wasnt home (apparently, shecouldnt see US through the window) and eventually she went away.
  94. 94. But a couple of hours later, she calls to invite me on another outing!"Uh, sorry Dagmar. I cant make it tonight... Ive got a lot of important things todo... No, Im not lying to you... Really, Dagmar, I swear..."And I do have important stuff to do.
  95. 95. Like dancing!"Woo hoo!"
  96. 96. See, I cant even keep up with myself. And dancing is very important in learninghow to Bust A Move, which is another skill I need to learn so I can impressConsort. So I wasnt lying. :P
  97. 97. After a long night of dancing, (which wasnt really that long because I got tiredand went to sleep. I didnt even finish learning how to Bust A Move.), I went to bedand had dreams about how awesome I am."Best... fortune sim... ever..." (Mumbles in sleep.)
  98. 98. Then I skilled all day, and pretty soon it was time for work.
  99. 99. Ha! Thought there be another promotion picture, didnt you? Well, I didnt get onebecause I need more friends. So, after a quick look in the paper (No businessAGAIN!), I decide to head downtown instead of waiting for Dagmar to call me. Iwant to meet some NEW people... and put some space between me and Dagmar.That crush is starting to freak me out. Who knew Dagmar was secretly a psychostalker?
  100. 100. Hey, somethings different about the Hub...
  101. 101. That pool table wasnt there before...
  102. 102. And now the bars upstairs!
  103. 103. And the dining room is now indoors, which means I can eat without gettingsoaked in the rain. Hmmm... I guess the owners decided to redecorate.
  104. 104. *GASP* Oh my gosh, I cant believe it! NO ONE STOLE MY DRINK!I LOVE this place!
  105. 105. I dont know if its the new decorations or that new bartender, but any place thatlets me keep my drinks from being stolen by some random townie is number onein my book.
  106. 106. Ten minutes and five drinks later:"Heey swee thang, whas ur nam?"Bartender: "Uh, lady, I think you had too much to drink."Hmm, I guess theres a reason why townies steal your drinks when you godowntown.
  107. 107. Anyway, the bartender, whose name turns out to be Marylena, is very nice and letsme chill behind the bar until the room stops spinning.
  108. 108. We even hang out and talk for a while (I guess she doesnt have that manycustomers?).M: "Its always been my dream to get out of this bar and see the world."V: "Really? Thats cool. Me and Consort are gonna see the world, too."
  109. 109. V: "Say, do you know Consort Capp? Hes an old man in a business suit with apermanent scowl plastered on his face..."
  110. 110. M: "Nope, havent seen him. Except for Mrs. CrumpleBottom, we havent had toomany old folks around here lately."V: "Thats too bad. You know, I cant seem to find anybody that knows him. Hey,youre not part of the Keep Veronica Away From Consort Foundation, are you?"M: "The what?"V: "Nothing, nothing." *Sigh*
  111. 111. After making friends with Marylena, I decide to head somewhere new: The CornerShoppes. Perhaps Consort would be there... and, okay, maybe I was looking for anew outfit, too. Hey, I wanted to make a good impression when I met Consort,didnt I?There were so many choices, but I couldnt decided what to buy, so I decided totry on a few outfits.
  112. 112. Hmm... No... Too Dina Caliente after her make over. I dont want people toassociate me with a golddigger...
  113. 113. Hmm... Love the dress, but it might be a touch too slutty. Dont wanna giveConsort a stroke before were married, heehee.
  114. 114. Ugh! No way! Definitely too Brandi Broke after her make over, and I dont want tobe mixed up with that tramp. Its bad enough we have the same colored hair...What? You guys didnt hear how shes trying to fulfill her want of having ten kidsby having six more babies, each with a different guy? Last I heard she wasworking on baby number five. (Boy, doesnt Pleasantview sound like a greatplace?)
  115. 115. Eh.. I guess this ones okay, but I was hoping for something more fun. Its tooMary-Sue Pleasant post make over....What? I dont have any scandalizing stories about the Pleasants. Not yet, anyway.
  116. 116. And then I tried on this baby. I just couldnt resist trying on wedding dresses! Iknow, I know. Consort and I havent even met yet. But, what do you think? Imdefinitely going to keep it in mind for when the big day comes.
  117. 117. But eventually I decided on this. Not too slutty, but not too boring either.
  118. 118. After I made my purchase, I checked out the game lounge to see who was there.But guess who wasnt: Consort! This is getting to be ridiculous! Has he gone intohiding or something?!
  119. 119. Thats it! Im just going to check one more place before I go home. A place thatsnot too loud and flashy, but low key. A place thats perfect for an older gentlemanto hang out and schmooze with his cronies.
  120. 120. What place is that? Why The Lucky Shack, of course!"This place is just so perfect for a sim like Consort. Hes GOT to be in there...Right?"
  121. 121. Not right. *Sighs*"Now this is just getting depressing."
  122. 122. "Bartender, I need a drink.""Coming right up."
  123. 123. What?! No way! That guy just stole my drink!
  124. 124. I cant believe this! First, no Consort, and now this? Cant a sim at least drown hersorrows in... um,... juice? What is this neighborhood coming to? Well, forget it. Idont need a drink anyway.And just as I was about to storm off, who should I see but…
  125. 125. Goneril! (Thought I was going to say Consort, didnt you?)But thats not all!
  126. 126. Kents here, too! Yup, there he is rocking away on the karaoke machine with nocreativity skills. I introduced myself to both of them.
  127. 127. Seeing them boosted my spirits a little. They would definitely know Consort, and ifI made friends with them it wouldnt be long before I did either! With thingslooking up, I decided to stick around and have some fun. I even got my drink.
  128. 128. "Woo hoo! Go Phil! Rock on!"Huh... Who knew the dateable slob could be so creative? And he wasnt badlooking either. Ill keep him in mind for.... ummm... future generations... Yeah, letsgo with that.
  129. 129. But pretty soon it was my turn with the mic.
  130. 130. "Oogie oogie oo ah gah oogie oo oo..."
  131. 131. "Oogie oogie oo ah gah oogie oo oo!"
  132. 132. "Oogie oogie oo ah gah oogie oo oo..."
  133. 133. "Ay no mah eh bah!"
  134. 134. Then Gilbert decided to get in on the action.
  135. 135. And here we are just rockin out, when all of a sudden...
  136. 136. *Gasp*"Why, Gilbert, you do have eyebrows!"
  137. 137. G: "Of course I have eyebrows. Its not my fault you were too stupid to notice."V: "Hey!"Who knew hed have black hair, but blonde eyebrows? Go figure.
  138. 138. "Hey! Contessa Breanna! What are you doing here... dressed like THAT?"
  139. 139. "Cant a vampire just relax and unwind after a long night of hunting? Sometimes Idont want to wear the contessa gown. Ever think of that, huh? Maybe sometimes Iwant just to be comfortable and play a nice game of cards without some peskyCAS sim harassing me to become a vampire.""Geez, sorry Contessa. Ill leave you alone now.""Thank you."
  140. 140. I was about to get some punch, when Kent here took the last cup."Way to go Kent."And thats when I decided it was time to go home.
  141. 141. Id only been home for a short while when it started snowing. That reminds me...What season is it?... Oh, no its winter! I forgot to prolong fall so I could keep theskill boost.
  142. 142. No matter, I just change it back now... And voila! Back to Fall!
  143. 143. While Im at it, I should prolong the season, too.*Fiddles with the weathernaught.*
  144. 144. V: "Uh oh... That doesnt look good..."
  145. 145. V: "Definitely not good!"
  146. 146. V: "Stop, stop, stop... stupid machine..."
  147. 147. V: "Maybe its starting to stop..."
  148. 148. V: "Or not..." *GULP*
  149. 149. V: "OhnoOhnoOhnoOhnoOhnoOhnoOhnoOhnoOhnoOhnoOhnoOhnoOhnoOhnoOhnoOhnoOhnoOhnoOhnoOhnoOhnoOhnoOhnoOhnoOhnoOhno—"
  150. 150. V: "FIRE! Whatdoidowhatdoidowhatdoidowhatdoidowhatdoidowhatdoidowhatdoidowhatdoidowhatdoidowhatdoidowhatdoidowhatdoido—"
  151. 151. V: "Wait a minute, just calm down, Veronica. You can handle this..."
  152. 152. V: "Thats right, you are a strong, independent woman. You can handle this fire,you can put out these flames... You arent going to let a little fire get the best ofyou..."
  154. 154. "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"So, is this the end of our heroine?"GETITOFFGETITOFFGETITOFF!"And if so, what will happen to the rest of this story?"IT BURNS..."Youll just have to wait until next time to see how Veronica gets herself out of thisone. :)