A Specter Legacy Ch 1


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A Specter Legacy Ch 1: Legacy Lawn Living

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A Specter Legacy Ch 1

  1. 1. Welcome to A Specter Legacy! “NO - Stop! You can’t make me - get off me – GET OFF!” I hope you’ve read the prologue, but it’s not really necessary; you’ll figure things out eventually. I just like to give my sims some backstory. “I won’t do this - I won’t! Let GO!”. Andy, will you stop whining and get out here? You’re not getting out of this. It’s not my fault you didn’t read the fine print. *Shove*
  2. 2. “Oomph. You didn’t have to push so hard, you know.” Yeah, well, you didn’t have to resist. Now introduce yourself to the readers. *Sigh* “Fine. Hi everyone, I’m Andy Specter and I’ve been coerced into starting a legacy. Hey! “Okay, okay. I’m cursed and I’m trying to fix things.”
  3. 3. Now, what should you know about me? I’m a knowledge sim and my dream is to max all my skills. I’m also a Virgo, and my personality is 10/0/7/3/5. So I’m super neat, super shy, active, fairly serious and pretty nice. My turns ons are make up and cleaning skill points and my turn off is stink… What else? Oh, the handicaps. I’m a fearless hypochondriac who believes in true love, physical fitness, and being well-dressed. He’ll also be doing the legacy tree, family pastime, family vacation, gas line, international turmoil, and storyteller handicaps. Oh, and extreme start of course. Legacy challenge rules can be found at www.legacychallenge.com.
  4. 4. Yeah, but I can tell everyone right now that I fail the well-dressed and hypochondriac handicaps about a dozen times and the future for the legacy tree looks bleak. It’s a good thing no one’s scoring this. Oh, hush, you. Hmm, a career in oceanography. That sounds good; I’ll take that. Work doesn’t start until tomorrow though.
  5. 5. Well, this is my humble abode for now. The legacy tree way in the corner back there ate up most of my money and I need a dresser for the well-dressed handicap, so I hope this rack counts cuz it’s cheap. But after all this, I have practically no money left and I still need to buy a full elder wardrobe before sundown. And you know, eat. And sleep.
  6. 6. So it’s off to a community lot to abuse the time system and make lots of money by working all day as a barista and abusing a glitch in the money system. It’s times like this that make ya glad you live in the sims 2 world, huh? No, it’s times like this that make me realize being a founder sucks. I’m going to work until I die, aren’t I? Um…
  7. 7. Well, here I am working as a barista. Apparently, if you queue up the ‘work as a barista’ option a bunch of times, you earn more money per hour. Some might call this cheating, but I call it taking advantage of life’s opportunities.
  8. 8. Anyway, I figure I can use this time to scout for potential spouses. I’m at a place called the Starlight Café, if anyone cares. But no one of interest was here yet, so…
  9. 9. Time for a change in scenery. Wait, what? Okay, okay, you see sometimes I get this glitch where my community lots crash after I spend a bit of time there. There’s really no way to fix it, so basically, the only thing I can do is have Andy hop around from lot to lot, so that if the game crashes, it will have at least saved semi-recently. The point is, Andy worked a lot, and visited a bunch of places, too.
  10. 10. But hopping lots meant I got to meet new people all the time. Like this guy who kept interrupting me while I was trying to work. I guess he really wanted his job back.
  11. 11. And I met Gretchen here. Hmm, two bolts. And red hair. That’s lucky; Virgos are usually difficult to pair up. For those of you who don’t know, the true love handicap means only three-bolt couples for this family. And since they have two bolts now, it should be no problem getting them up to three after a turn on adjustment. Get her number, Andy!
  12. 12. I also met Erin. We have two bolts, too. It’s weird; almost like there’s an unspoken connection between us. Like somehow we’ve met before. Well, this is interesting. Andy was also my founder for a different legacy in another ‘hood (Veronaville, actually) and he married this girl, though her name was Theresa over there. But here he is in Crystal Springs with a different personality and aspiration and they still have two bolts. She has good genes, but I don’t know if I want to put them together in this hood…
  13. 13. And back here at the café, which doesn’t have ceilings apparently, I made sure to introduce myself to the waitresses. As I chatted with them, I became attracted by Martha’s red hair, and guess what? We have two bolts! Okay, now this is just freaky. I’ve never seen a Virgo have this much chemistry with anyone. Well, I guess I’m just charismatic.
  14. 14. Oh, and I met Gilbert who has a surprising interest in regency outerwear. What, do you have two bolts for him, too? Ha ha. No, I need to make a bunch of friends if I’m going to top my career.
  15. 15. HEY! I’ve met lots of new people, including potential spouses, and made a few thousand bucks. Do you think I can get out of here now? I’m starving. Alright already. I’ll get you some food.
  16. 16. This doesn’t look like my house. That’s cuz it isn’t. It’s the park. Your house doesn’t have free burgers and a barista stand to work at. You only made enough money for your elder wardrobe. I assume you’d like to sleep somewhere other than on the floor tonight? …This sucks.
  17. 17. Well, I figured I might as well meet some more people. It’s weird; I’m not popularity, but all I’ve been doing is running around making contracts for my friend list. Anyway, I saw Demi here. She’s… she’s… pretty. But, uh, I didn’t get a chance to greet her; I was still eating my burger. Maybe someday we’ll meet.
  18. 18. And maybe someday, you’ll earn enough money for four walls and a roof. Back to work. Siiiiiiigh. You know, it’s almost as if you like living on the lawn. You talk too much, you know that? And when can I go home? I’m about to pass out.
  19. 19. Back at home, it was still morning. I bought the necessities – a phone, a book to skill with, and a sink for the hypochondriac handicap. Anything else, I’d buy and sell back as needed. Like that bed there. For now, I’ll take a nap in it before I sell it and go back to work at a community lot later tonight.
  20. 20. Oh, and I got a computer. But I couldn’t sell it and buy something more useful. Oh, no. I’m doing an extreme start, so it just wouldn’t be fair. It’s not like it was fair of me to abuse the barista glitch. Shut. It. I thought you were tired anyway? Yeah, yeah, I’m going to sleep.
  21. 21. At least, that was the plan. Then the stupid welcome wagon showed up. For those of you who can’t see, That’s Wanda Tinker, Cyd Roseland, and Trisha Traveller. I greeted them and promptly sent them away. I was trying to get some sleep! But as soon as I sent them away…
  22. 22. I was then visited by the matchmaker…
  23. 23. And the garden club lady. Who I think was trying to hit on me! Oh? Do you have two bolts? I don’t know and I don’t want to know. Anyway after she left I finally managed to get a few hours sleep. Only to be woken up hours later so I could work on a community lot.
  24. 24. “Grr, curse this torturous life of a legacy founder!” Yeah, a bought a flamingo. I need something fun. Aw, isn’t that cute? Andy thinks his life is torture and it hasn’t even been a full day! Buddy, wait a few more days and you’ll realize today you had it made. This. Sucks.
  25. 25. Anyway, back at the café, there was a new bartender to meet.
  26. 26. I also discovered that most people have a liking for regency/medieval wear. Thanks, sim store.
  27. 27. Anyway, I spent another day out, making money as a barista. No glitch money this time, though. I bought everything required by the rules; now I was saving up to build a house. And just when I was tired and ready to pass out, I realized that my carpool would be arriving at three in the morning. No full night’s sleep for me…
  28. 28. Okay, Andy, here you go. I placed the tent right at the edge of the lot, so get in and don’t pass out okay? Why a tent? Because it’s cheaper than a nice bed and the phone shouldn’t wake you while you sleep. Plus tents are cool. Whatever, just let me sleep.
  29. 29. Andy, why are you getting out? You’re about to pass out. Get back in there. Don’t come out, you-
  30. 30. Can you be quiet? I’m trying to pass out now, ‘kay thanks. Sigh. Well at least we weren’t going for noble composure.
  31. 31. Andy, you do realize you woke up and got out your tent only to pass out right outside it? Be quiet.
  32. 32. Life for Andy does pass somewhat quietly. He does all the usual lawn-living stuff. You know, bathing in front of the neighbors - “What neighbors? No one’s around for miles – I have this whole side of the ‘hood to myself!”
  33. 33. And eating cheap food in front of his computer - “I could use a dining table, you know. In fact I could use a dining room. I’d settle for any room, really-”
  34. 34. All while random townies get accosted by strays while he’s at work. Random chick: “Nice wolf-doggy, nice-” Stray: *Growls*
  35. 35. Andy greeted the stray when he came home. “Good doggy - who’s a good doggy? You want a treat?” Turns out the stray’s name is Charlie.
  36. 36. What? Don’t look at me like that; this chick had it coming. The last thing this place needs is roaches. Roaches lead to disease, and the hypochondriac handicap states sick sims need to be quarantined. Andy doesn’t have money for that.
  37. 37. “Aren’t you a good boy, guarding the lot when no one even asked you to? Such a loyal doggy.” Andy’s gonna adopt him as soon as he can. “But he’s a wolf! That can’t be good for children.” *Shrugs* Like you said, he’s clearly loyal.
  38. 38. Andy also gets a stereo. He’s got a lot of friend making to do, and that means Bust a Move is a must. For the next few days, he spends his time dancing, going to work, and making friends with the people he met.
  39. 39. Like this chick right here. I don’t care what anyone says. Apartment Life townies rock; most of the women are gorgeous. Better them than the Free Time hobby instructors…
  40. 40. And look, here’s another one. Knew the stereo was a good idea.
  41. 41. Andy throws a party one afternoon so he can make friends with all the guys he’s met. I figure if he’s going to invite them over to talk, he might as well throw a party. He doesn’t seem to mind, even though he’s incredibly shy. Instead he just makes faces at me for making him socialize. “Maybe you should take a hint, then?” Anywho, this is when I discovered it was winter. It should be fall, but then I realized I didn’t change the seasons when I made the new ‘hood.
  42. 42. Yeah, so now I have to suffer. I thought about it and I decided I’d fix the seasons after Andy goes through winter. This way the neighborhood will get the order I usually play in, but Andy won’t get an advantage. If I changed things now, I’d feel like I was cheating to get rid of winter. Great. I get to go through winter twice. I can only hope I have walls by then. Oh, lighten up. I hear spending winter on the lawn is a learning experience.
  43. 43. But back to the party. Andy manages to make it a roof raiser, despite being half frozen. It’s because of my inherent awesomeness. Okay. If you say so.
  44. 44. Now, the good thing about winter is that the legacy tree is dominant. I had kind of forgotten it back here, but at least now Andy won’t have to worry about it. The bad thing about winter is that, well, Andy can freeze to death.
  45. 45. So I built him some walls so he can be nice and cozy in his tent. And just in time, too, as there was lots of snow that night.
  46. 46. See, I just put his tent inside; I wasn’t about to waste money on a- Oh, no. Are you kidding me? Is that what I think it is at the edge of the lot? Andy, you’d better wake up.
  47. 47. A burglar. I put up a few walls and BAM, people think there’s something worth stealing here. Lady, can’t you see he’s living on the lawn? He’s got nothing to steal! Burglar: “I beg to differ.”
  48. 48. “Hello, police? I need some help! There’s a burglar and I think she’s – Crap, she’s right behind me! Come quick!” At this point, I’m confused. I mean, the most expensive thing on the lot is easily the computer Humble gave Andy, which she doesn’t seem to be heading towards.
  49. 49. Oh, no. This one isn’t interested in the computer. She goes straight inside the small shack and swipes the tent. The freakin’ tent. Because that makes sense. Burglar: “I’m gonna go camping soon and I need one, okay? Sheesh.”
  50. 50. “Officer Demi to the rescue!” Took you long enough.
  51. 51. “Get her, Demi, get her! Don’t let her get away with my tent!”
  52. 52. No worries. Demi soon tackles her.
  53. 53. And wins. D: “Was there ever any doubt?” Well, yeah. I mean, a lot of the time you guys don’t catch anybody. D: “Oh, you must be talking about Officer Komei. Yeah, he sucks. But here in Crystal Springs, law enforcement takes its job seriously. Well, Demi, I’m very impressed.
  54. 54. And so is Andy. “ZZZ… Demi’s so hot when she’s taking down criminals… I wonder if we have two bolts…ZZZZ” Yeah, I got Andy a bed. The money from catching the burglar didn’t cover the cost of a new tent, plus it took forever for Andy to get fully rested in it. So he gets a bed. Anyway, it’s at this point I realize that I didn’t put a sink in this room, and one is required in all rooms as per hypochondriac rules. But I want a challenge, so I’ll stick with the handicap anyway. Only thing is, I happen to be the type of player that plans out rooms before she puts stuff in them, so this is really just the beginning. Failed handicap count = 1.
  55. 55. Anyway, Andy does have a job, though he isn’t getting promoted. Probably because he never has time to earn that one body point he needs…
  56. 56. Instead he’s too busy making friends. Why did I make you knowledge in this hood again? Do you even know how much aspiration points you’ve missed out on? Another fun fact: though his plumbbob is green, Andy’s aspiration meter is grey, or neutral, and slowly, slowly falling in the red.
  57. 57. That’s because you won’t let me skill! My life is absolutely miserable! It’s been almost a week and I haven’t earned a single skill point! What kind of knowledge sim am I?! *Sobs* Aw, cheer up, Andy. How ‘bout you make a new friend? I don’t WANT-
  58. 58. Anywho, here’s Erin, the chick I was telling you about before. Andy’s chatting her up because I was thinking about putting them together again. But then Gilbert reminded me of something.
  59. 59. Erin comes with… baggage. She’s one of the women Gilbert has a little thing for. And while such a relationship might be good for a plot twist, I so, so do not feel like dealing with excess baggage right now. You and me both.
  60. 60. I got enough problems. Like having only gelatin for meals, possessing no table, no dining room, or any real house at all. In the middle of winter. Right. So why don’t you call up someone else, Andy? It’s been almost a week and you don’t have a girlfriend! How about Gretchen? Who’s Gretchen?
  61. 61. You remember, Gretchen – this chick here. Inviting Gretchen over turned out to be a great idea. She’s Andy’s savior so to speak. Yes, because she brought a friend over.
  62. 62. A very, very, pretty friend. I think I love her. Uh, huh. Meet Kaylynn Spitzig folks.
  63. 63. “We have two bolts.” I don’t think there was any doubt of that, Andy. You have two bolts for everybody. Quiet. Gretchen: Don’t you wanna see if you have to bolts for me, Andy? …Andy?
  64. 64. “So, uh, Kaylynn, what’s your sign? What do you do for a living? What are your turn ons? Are you opposed to children? Will you marry me and be mine forever and ever and ever and -” “Um, well, I’m a Cancer…” “And I’m a Sagittarius, Andy! I work in culinary and I love kids! …Andy? Curses, he’s not paying attention to me!
  65. 65. “And, um, I like hats- “And I like, you, Andy! I think you’re smexy! Andy? …Andy? Don’t you wanna pay attention to me, Andy? I know! I’ll impress you with my sexy dance!” “I’ll wear a hat for you any time, Kaylynn. In fact, I’d do anything to make you happy.”
  66. 66. “Aw, your so sweet, Andy. But I don’t think that’s necessary.” “Did I tell you how pretty you are?” *Blushes* “Yeah, you did, but I-” “You didn’t tell me how pretty I am, Andy! …Hey! Are you listening to me?!”
  67. 67. “I know this is kind of sudden, but I’m really, really attracted to you and I think you’re really unique, so special and -” *Simultaneously*: “Why, thank you, Andy.” “Thanks, Andy!” *Awkward stare* “I’d really like to go on a date with you, Kaylynn.” “No, no, no. Ask me on a date, Andy! Hello? …Andy? Look at me. Look at me, Andy. Look right here!” *Points to ground* “Well, I guess I wouldn’t mind going on a date…”
  68. 68. The date started innocently enough with some good, old-fashioned pillow fighting. Gretchen, meanwhile, resolved to try and impress Andy with her dancing. “Watch this move, Andy! Are you looking? …Did you see that, what I did there? It was awesome, right?? Andy?”
  69. 69. But Andy only had eyes for one sim. A sim he could make beautiful, blue-eyed, red-haired, skin one babies with. Seriously, how could I not have seen that all their kids would look alike? Ah, well, that’s hindsight for you. “Did you know that your eyes sparkle in the moonlight, Kaylynn?” *Blush* “Uh, no, I didn’t…”
  70. 70. Yup, things heated up pretty quickly. “How’s that, Kaylynn?” “Perfect. You know my back aches all day from working as a drive through clerk.” “Watch this move, Andy! Are you looking?!”
  71. 71. “Gosh, Kaylynn, I could get lost in your eyes forever…” “Oh, Andy, you’re such a smooth talker.” Kaylynn was falling under Andy’s spell pretty fast. Why waste time, after all.
  72. 72. Of course, he had help. Dates are good for something, I guess. I finally get some aspiration points and you waste it on this? Couldn’t I have gotten a thinking cap? Thinking caps won’t help you fall in love, silly! “You know it’s weird, Andy, but even though I’ve only known you for a few hours, I feel like I’ve known you for ages.”
  73. 73. “Me, too, Kaylynn. I-” “Well, it’s 2 am, so I have to say goodbye, Andy-” “Gretchen? …You’re still here?” “Of course, silly! Here, let me give you something to remember me by!” *Grabs* “Uh, Gretchen, what are you-”
  74. 74. *Smooch* “Mmmph!” Sure, just stand there, Kaylynn. Don’t be upset Gretchin’s trying to steal your man. I’m not worried. She’s just desperate, after all. Desperate people do crazy things. True that. …Wait, you can hear me?
  75. 75. Despite that little mishap, it didn’t take long for Kaylynn to fall for Andy. I guess she’s just secure in her relationship. Yup, he’s all mine! No hussy could ever get between us. Seriously, you didn’t move in yet. Stop talking back.
  76. 76. Andy, however, took a bit longer to admit his feelings. A bit more romancing was required.
  77. 77. That’s because I’m flippin’ tired! Can I please go to bed now? No. You are going to fall in love and you are going to like it. Now suck it up.
  78. 78. “Oh, Kaylynn, when I look into your eyes, my soul feels free. Free from the bleak, dark winter that is legacy lawn living. Free from sleeping on the lawn, eating gelatin all day, and using the toilet in front of the neighbors.” “Uh… thanks?” “I finally feel ready to say what I truly, feel, Kaylynn. I can let go, stop holding back. I can finally tell you that I - ”
  79. 79. “I want to hunt down and kill whoever keeps knocking over my flippin’ garbage can!” “Huh?” “I mean, seriously, who do they think they are? Do you see me knocking over their garbage cans, trying to infect their lots with roaches? No. I mean, stealing the paper is one thing, but the garbage can thing makes me crazy! Just crazy, I tell you!”
  80. 80. “Um, Andy, I kinda thought you wanted to tell me you loved me.” “Oh, yes, well, there’s that, too. It is rather obvious, isn’t it?” *Giggles* “You’re so silly, Andy. I love a sim who can make me laugh. I mean, as long as there’s laughter, we can get through anything, right?” “Hmm, well in that case…”
  81. 81. “Kaylynn, will you marry me and make the rest of my days filled with love and laughter and happiness?” “Oh, Andy, this is so sudden! I mean I just met you… But, yes. Yes, I will.”
  82. 82. Hmm, are these two moving too fast? They only met last night after all. But what else do they really need to know about each other? It’s not like one of them is holding on to some big secret about- “Shut up.” “What was that, Andy?” “Uh, nothing, dear... Let’s just make out.” “Okey-dokey.”
  83. 83. And so, the next day Andy was married. I think he waited a full week before marrying. Honestly, it was so long ago, I don’t really remember. But who really cares what day he married on? You failed the extreme start handicap, too, didn’t you? No, I didn’t… At least I don’t think so. No, I’m sure you waited. Really you did; I swear! Uh, huh. Fail count = 2. But I didn’t! Really!
  84. 84. So Andy got a party even though he doesn’t deserve it, because I’m nice like that. I figured that since founders have to go through so much crap, the least I could do was let Andy throw a wedding party. It’s not like it’s hard and I’ll sell everything back later. What you’re seeing here is Andy’s 50 million friends he made during his first week. I really, really should have made him popularity.
  85. 85. Well, everyone was having a good time dancing like morons and as you can see Andy didn’t hold a grudge against Gretchen, though hopefully there will be no smooching goodbye in the future. Anyways, time for the ceremony.
  86. 86. “You can’t seriously expect me to wear this?!” Hmm, you know, I have no idea why you’re wearing that. It certainly doesn’t look like anything I’d choose for you, but you never know. Maybe I thought it’d be funny. “Well, it’s not!” *Shrugs* At least you and Kaylynn match?
  87. 87. See? And did anyone else notice how similar Gretchen’s dress is? It’s blue instead of green, but I still find it very suspicious. Maybe she thought Andy would confuse the two of them? Well, they both do have red hair – same style, too – and I think Gretchen even has blue eyes as well, but fat chance of mistaking her for Kaylynn, I mean – HELLO! Getting married here! Oh. Right. Sorry.
  88. 88. Andy and Kaylynn exchanged their vows, even though half their guests were still dancing. The two didn’t seem to mind. They were lost in their own world.
  89. 89. See? Sorry for the dark pics, but the wedding was in the afternoon. Wasn’t about to let Andy miss work! You suck as a narrator, you know that? When did it become my job to narrate anyway? I thought you were doing it. I was, but you have control issues. Hahaha – SO not funny. You just wait; next chapter I won’t narrate at all and I’ll bet you’ll miss me! Doubt it.
  90. 90. “Honey, stop arguing with the voice in your head; it’s time to cut the cake.” “Yes, dear.”
  91. 91. No cake smashing, though. Shame. Though I suppose Andy’s happy; he’s neat after all.
  92. 92. And everyone grabs a piece; no tables though, so they all sit in front of the wedding arch. …At least they’re talking right?
  93. 93. Anywho, the party goes on: Gretchen pummels an innocent bartender with water balloons (repressed anger, much?).
  94. 94. And a serious game of kicky ball gets started. Bet you haven’t seen that in ages. In the end, all the socializing means a roof raiser for Andy and Kaylynn.
  95. 95. Ah, a sure sign of a great party: the cake is all gone. Thanks for cleaning up, General. My name’s Erin. And hopefully, I’ll get to do this again someday. Preferably at my own wedding. Hint, hint. Hmm, we’ll see.
  96. 96. After the party, Andy stays behind to fix up the house (Kaylynn brought in $15,000, btw) while Kaylynn heads out to buy a new wardrobe before midnight. I think now’s the perfect time to introduce the first generation spouse. Kaylynn is – “Hey, you can’t be serious! You can’t introduce me like this; it’s dark, I’m far away, and there’s a clown in my picture!” I don’t think that’s a- “Not happening!” Okay, okay. Geez. I’ll do it later.
  97. 97. So back at home, the two settle in for a nice wedding dinner of gelatin. Because cake isn’t very filling. “Wow, Andy, the place looks really good; it’s all coming together now, isn’t it?” “Yeah. Um, listen, Kaylynn, we have to talk. There’s something you may not know about me. …You see, I’m a legacy founder.”
  98. 98. “I know. I kind of guessed that on our date when I saw your bathroom had no walls. Legacy founders tend to be the only ones who live on the lawn.” “Right, well, there’s something-” *Yawn* “Else. This isn’t an ordinary legacy. The heirs… Any children we have must go through… Must go through… A chall- A chall- zzz” “A challzzz? What?”
  99. 99. *Ker-SPLAT* Forgive Andy; he’s had a rather long day. “Oh, geez, is this going to be a regular occurrence around here? Am I going to be falling asleep in my food after a week, too?”
  100. 100. And now I’ll introduce Kaylynn. Kaylynn Spitzig Personality: Cancer, 6/3/6/4/6. Alright, a balanced sim. Neat, nice, and active. Aspiration: Family. Hmm, ok. LTW: Marry off six kids. Hahahaha. Oh, Kaylynn, you joker. No. Career: Drive Through Clerk; brought in $15,000. Thanks for the money, but you’re becoming an athlete. Moved in with a fear of getting caught cheating. Hmm, something you want to tell us Kaylynn???
  101. 101. Even though the two are about three seconds from passing out, they still manage to have some wedding night woohoo. But what happened to your dress, Kaylynn? Now you two aren’t matching anymore – you ruined my picture! Will you go away already? We’re trying to make a baby here. Okay, okay, I’ll give a tour of the house or something.
  102. 102. Here’s the house! Yeah, I took a picture in build mode. Sue me. Anyway, notice the car – that’s Andy’s money making ticket for the time being.
  103. 103. Here’s the living room, bedroom to the right, bathroom to the left, where that white door is. I’ll be adding more rooms in the back of the house later.
  104. 104. Here’s the bathroom. Not much yet.
  105. 105. And finally the bedroom. Notice the sinks in all the rooms; I actually remembered them for once. There’s one outside, too; I’m not sure if the yard counts, so I kept one outside just in case. Anyway, if not for all the stupid sinks, these two would have more furniture. Or at least some windows. But wait, where’s Andy? Shouldn’t he be snuggling up with Kaylynn on his wedding night?
  106. 106. Unfortunately for me, there’s no rest for the weary. Noo, I have to spend the night skilling for my promotion and then work on the car. By the way, what are all those blasted lines back there? The lines are to help me remember the layout for the house. And you only need one or two body points, so stop complaining. Plus working on the car will give you the mechanical points you’ll eventually need and raise money at the same time! Andy’s finally in the gold so he can use the energizer to work ‘round the clock. Oh joy.
  107. 107. *Yawn* “Good morn- oh, Andy’s not here. I guess he must have stayed up late last night… I hope this won’t become the norm.” ***** And that’s where I’m ending it. Stay tuned for chapter 2; it’s sure to be filled with lots of plot. If you have any suggestions or comments, look for Kelyns at Boolprop.com. Happy reading! Later, simmers.
  108. 108. Florence Delarosa. …Hmm… I wonder if we have two bolts?