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Monetizing Online Video


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Looking to Monetize Online Video? Learn the hottest tips from a B-movie producer Kelvin G.

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Monetizing Online Video

  1. 1. Hot Tips for “Making the Money” with Online Video Presented by
  2. 2. Advertising “Pre-rolls, post-rolls, banners, overlays, doughnut holes…” • Sell ads for stuff that fits your audience • Plus, you can advertise your own stuff to make money, like cool hats from Zombie Truckers 3 ! A large following or passionate online community is extremely valuable to advertisers. Focus on connecting with your audience and using your content to attract a big payout. To learn more about monetizing online video visit
  3. 3. Sponsorship “I’m all about making the money, you know that…” • Get one sponsor to pay for exclusive ad space on your site • Content is shown in branded players • Sponsor promotes user-generated contests and more Not all online video platforms allow sponsorships.To take full advantage, you must have complete control over your Web video content and its surrounding environment. To learn more about monetizing online video visit
  4. 4. Pay-Per-View “Just throw one of those credit card forms on there and “Ka-Ching,” I control everything!” • Fans pay you to view exclusive videos on your site • Time-sensitive, format-sensitive content and live video is great for pay-per-view During your live events, make use of live chat, commenting, and rating to create connections with fans and grow your online community. To learn more about monetizing online video visit
  5. 5. Subscriptions “I’m not crazy, I’m just looking to make a little more cash.” • Charge recurring fees for exclusive content • Bonus footage, deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes videos… whatever your fans want This works best if you produce premium, paid content for dedicated fans, but keep offering free content, too. To learn more about monetizing online video visit
  6. 6. Paid Syndication “You like zombies? I love zombies… How’d you like to put my zombies on your website?” • Businesses or brands pay to put your content on their sites to drive audience • And the more places people see your ‘zombies,’ the more you are building your own business Ask for a share of the revenue that comes from the content’s advertising. Sell partial or exclusive rights to your videos, or even give away your content for free if it means more eyeballs and sponsors. To learn more about monetizing online video visit
  7. 7. Product Placement “I can have zombies buying cars, wearing designer labels, drinking their favorite beverage…” • Products become part of the content • Characters directly or indirectly interact with product For best results, only accept deals involving relevant products to your target audience and disclose your product placement agreement. To learn more about monetizing online video visit
  8. 8. Branded Entertainment “…the show will be all about a zombie's experience in buying and financing his first car. It’s very touching.” • Entire show around brand or products, but not an infomercial • Builds relationships with customers that extend far beyond just pitching a product Think of branded entertainment as a long-term campaign and relationship. Encourage conversation and interaction among viewers for great success. To learn more about monetizing online video visit
  9. 9. IPTV “Yep, my zombies piped straight into your family room to view on your 60” LCD TV!” • Deliver content over broadband connections to TVs through a set-top box • You monetize through subscriptions or pay-per-view This is great news for content producers, broadcasters or content aggregators. Start offering exclusive niche content and you’re all set. To learn more about monetizing online video visit
  10. 10. E-Commerce/D-Commerce “My ZombieTruckers is gonna be BIG.” • E-Commerce: The process of selling traditional goods and services online • D-Commerce: Used to promote and sell digital content You can use online videos to engage your customers to sell more of your products. And, you can sell your Web video through pay-per-view, subscriptions and more. To learn more about monetizing online video visit
  11. 11. “The ways to make money with online video never stop.” To learn more about monetizing online video and watch Kelvin G’s world premiere of Zombie Truckers 3 visit