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ctrfactor d&i e-mentoring


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ctrfactor d&i e-mentoring

  1. 1. E-Mentoring Program LEADERSHIP – DIVERSITY - INCLUSION EVALUATION  IDI Assessment  IAT Testing EXPERIENCE  Executive Coaching  Experiential Activities EDUCATION  M-learning  Digital Resources EXPOSURE  Group Discussions  Constituency Interaction EXECUTION  Development Planning  Accountability Partnering  Interactive Exposure 3 8 4 8 F L A T I R O N L O O P S U I T E 1 0 2 • T A M P A , F L 3 3 5 4 5 • 8 7 7 · 2 7 5 · 9 4 7 2 • i n f o @ c t r f a c t o r . c o m • W W W . C T R F A C T O R . C O M PROGRAMS CTR Factor’s new e-mentoring program for executives is a customized one-on-one coaching program on an innovative digital platform that enables executives at Fortune 1000 companies, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies to benefit from the wisdom and experience of carefully selected, hand-picked senior advisors who have served in leadership roles over long and successful careers in various industry sectors, and from the expertise and insights of our highly regarded research and advisory practice in leadership, diversity and inclusion. It includes state-of-the-art assessments, individualized coaching and counseling sessions, experiential activities and exercises, m- learning through apps, videos, podcasts, articles, books, and movies, group and individual video-conferences, and interactive exposure to diverse constituencies.