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Krishna Reddy Layout, Domlur
Bangalore, Karnataka - 560071 KELVIN SAKKARI
+91 9739218787
 Developed the touch screen interface menus and buttons for a Hospital Image Management System and
connected them with ba...
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  1. 1. Krishna Reddy Layout, Domlur Bangalore, Karnataka - 560071 KELVIN SAKKARI +91 9739218787 SKILLS  Languages: C , Core JAVA , SQL, Java Script  Tools: Eclipse/Spring Tool Suit , My Sql Workbench, Android Studio  Servers: Tomcat  Testing: Junit  Others: Shell Scripting  OS: UNIX fundamentals, Linux, RTOS – Vxworks-5.4  Network Protocols: IOS model, TCP/IP, UDP, Socket Programming  Embedded Protocols: I2C, SPI, UART  Embedded Boards: ARM development kit (LPC 2148)  Source control: Git EMPLOYMENT (1.5 YRS.) Software Developer, Intern Tapplent Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Nov 2014 – Till Date Software Developer Software on Silicon Technologies (SOS) Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Jun 2014 – Oct 2014 Trainer/Instructor Young Brain India (YBI) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Apr 2014 – May 2014 PROJECTS ON THE JOB Tapplent application HCM Domain Tapplent Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, Nov 2014 – Till Date Tapplent is a mobile first app which predominantly deals with alter, manage and retrieval of data and performs statistical analysis on it. The retrieved data is rendered and displayed in various formats according to the type of the data. The app facilitates defining of workflows and role based permissions and has been designed to retrieve and store point in time data. When used for human capital management purposes, the app can help companies manage employees objectives/goals, year-end performance, leave management, organization structure visualization and management etc. Responsibilities:  Key member of the backend module of the product development team.  Hands-on on tools and technologies: Restful Api's, Gradle (Bean and Xml), Git, Core JAVA , SQL, Shell Script, Eclipse, My Sql Workbench, Tomcat, Sublime Editor  Responsible for design and maintenance of DDLs, DMLs and product data loads using MySQL database on AWS server instance.  Handled the product integration with the various social network apps such as Facebook, LinkedIn, google+, skype, twitter etc. Proficient in usage of the various social APIs.  Responsible for implementing various APIs and exposing them as RESTful end points to GET, POST, UPDATE and DELETE data for the product frontend consumers.  Built Junit test cases to test the developed RESTful end points.  Involved in bug fixing of JavaScript code. Hospital Image Management System (IMS) Health care Domain Software on Silicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, Jun 2014 – Oct 2014 To capture and store the HD videos and images of the operation being performed by the doctor on hard drive and also edit the same. The small HD camera lens will either be worn by the doctor or suspended with the help of support on the organ to be operated. The image captured is displayed on a wide special HD TV. Keypad, touch screen interfaces are provided to the doctor so that he can capture, zoom in & zoom out on a preferred image of the organ. Responsibilities:
  2. 2.  Developed the touch screen interface menus and buttons for a Hospital Image Management System and connected them with backend functions using Qt-4 and MySQL.  Hands-on on software and hardware technologies: C++ for Qt programming, MySQL, Code warrior to compile and write code on microcontroller, ARM micro controller, Sony chip set HD camera lens, touch screen, keypad, optical cables etc. Trainer/Instructor Embedded electronics Young Brain India (YBI) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore , Apr 2014 – May 2014 Created a robot which turns towards the direction of the sound and its speed increases or decreases according to the intensity of the light or heat supplied. The robot was also provided with an IR sensor to avoid obstacles. The project aimed at making students understand the significance of various electronic components. Responsibilities:  Involved in design, rigging up of circuit and execution of the project end-to-end  Hands-on on software and hardware technologies: C Language, thermistors, photo resistors, IR transmitter- receiver, resistors, diodes and various other embedded electronic circuit components. EDUCATION  2014 Completed Professional Diploma Course in Embedded Systems Design from Cranes Varsity Training Division of Cranes Software International Ltd.  2013 B.E. degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from S C T Institute Of Technology, Bangalore affiliated to Vishveshwariah Technological University.  2008 P U C Affiliated to Karnataka P U examination board.  2006 SSLC Affiliated to Karnataka secondary examination board. ACADEMICS Project done in engineering RFID based library management and theft control system  Application automates the library management operations such as automatic book registration and issuing using RFID tags embedded in each book. Facilitates theft control of books and book drop of facility outside the library.  Hardware used : PIC 16F8177 microcontroller, RFID module, Relay & Zigbee  Software used: Keil microvision, Flash magic. Seminar done in engineering RFID based road information during foggy environment Creating the road map indicating turns, bridges, humps for the convenience of the driver during poor visibility conditions. This is achieved by embedding RFID tags along the road and mounting the reader on the vehicle. The reader reads the road information from a set of tags & creates a road map on the display inside the car. HOBBY PROJECTS Programming Projects:  Chat room application: A single server multi-client application built using C socket programming and linked list data structure. Allows message broadcasting and private chat.  Lift simulation (using Vxworks): A lift simulation program built using Tornado 2.0 and APIs like task spawning and message queues. The algorithm considers user inputs (floor no., destination floor no. etc.) to allocate the nearest possible lift to the user’s request. Hardware Projects:  ARM (lpc 2148) projects involving LED blinking pattern & buzzer, 16x4 LCD, 4x4 keypad interfacing, interrupts, timers and counters.  Arduino UNO board small projects.