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Reasons to choose india for engineering outsourcing


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India had begun offering services in ESO way back in 1980s. However, back then the research facilities were not that developed as compared to the present. Also, the requirements were far-ahead of the expectations. Facilities were almost negligible and the scenario has not changed much since then. Even now, facilities at bachelor's level and professional level are difficult to find and subsequently avail. A shortage of highly-qualified faculty at master's level is evident. All this encourages Indian professionals to seek employment in outsourcing companies. This ultimately becomes a push factor for the growth of engineering outsourcing. Form more information please visit us at

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Reasons to choose india for engineering outsourcing

  1. 1. Reasons to choose India forEngineering OutsourcingVisit us: • Email us:
  2. 2. Technology today has found a strong foothold in allspheres of our lives. Engineering is one area that grew fastin recent decades. Go to any place and you are sure tocome across one or the other engineering marvel.In all this, technology plays a critical role as it is a measureof a countrys prosperity and development. Thus, whiletalking about technology missing out on mentioningengineering would be sheer negligence.Lets take you on a journey that explores reasons behindwhy companies into engineering services choose Indiaover others? Also not many know what exactly EngineeringOutsourcing means. So lets first know what it is.Visit us: • Email us:
  3. 3. What doesmean?EngineeringOutsourcingEngineering Outsourcing deals with providing engineeringservices to foreign (offshore) or local engineering companies.India had begun offering services in ESO way back in1980s. However, back then the research facilities werenot that developed as compared to the present. Also,the requirements were far-ahead of the expectations.Facilities were almost negligible and the scenario has notchanged much since then. Even now, facilities atbachelors level and professional level are difficult to findand subsequently avail. A shortage of highly-qualifiedfaculty at masters level is evident. All this encouragesIndian professionals to seek employment in outsourcingcompanies. This ultimately becomes a push factor for thegrowth of engineering outsourcing.Visit us: • Email us:
  4. 4. Lets take a lookat the reasons?One of the main advantages of offshoring engineering services toIndia is the considerable low labour/manual cost.?The quality of work is superior and not compromised.?Indian professional have a strong grip on domain expertise.?Knowledge workers in India have an eye for detail and ensurethey don’t lose to countries like US, UK, Australia and Germany.?With offshoring labour-intensive tasks to a country like India, theemployer company is able to gather enough time on hand formain-important tasks.?Companies into engineering services save a substantial amountof money by offshoring engineering projects to Indian serviceproviders.?Offshoring engineering services to others as compared tokeeping in-house employees saves resources and costs up to 85%of the employer company.Visit us: • Email us:
  5. 5. Lets take a look at the reasons?India long ago earned an image of a country with growingintelligentsia.?Providing quality services is depended upon exchange ofinformation and proper communication between the companyoffshoring and the service provider.?How well and clearly the instructions are understood by a serviceprovider is one major aspect involved in offshoring-outsourcingindustry.?Communication requires basic knowledge of English languageand Indian professionals employed in this sector are well-versed inthe language.?India has made technological advancements in the past fewdecades.?Internet has revolutionized the entire IT sector and thus 24x7 hoursnet facility is easily available to Indian service providers engagedin outsourcing — ESO or BPO or ITO.Visit us: • Email us:
  6. 6. Lets take a look at the reasons?Availability of toll-free telephone facilities to US is another addedadvantage for Indian service providers in engineeringoutsourcing industry.?Innovations in technology in recent years in India have added tothe demands from the customers. Such development gives moreopportunities to service provider countries like India.?Engineering outsourcing in India offers design and support acrossdivisions of an industry.?Having a co-existing service along with the main engineeringprocesses, the organization gains from the support it receiveswhile designing and analyzing.?Dedicated professionals in India engaged in engineeringoutsourcing field help get an easy access to domain specificknowledge pool and expertise.Visit us: • Email us:
  7. 7. What EngineeringServices India provide?Following is the list of services Indian service providers offer tocompanies seeking offshore engineering services:?CAD Engineering drawings?2D & 3D drafting?Product engineering?Architectural Drafting and Design?3D Architectural Animation?Structural Design and Engineering?Retrofitting and Rehabilitation of Structures?Architectural CAD Drafting?Construction Design?HVAC?Reverse Engineering?Landscape Design and Drafting?Custom Homes DesignVisit us: • Email us:
  8. 8. India is a knownforRead on to know more…preferred destinationworldwide procuring engineeringservices.?Customer satisfaction is the most sought after aspect in any typeof offshoring-outsourcing services. Usually companies in India thatare into service providing have descent infrastructure andcomputing facilities.?In majority of the service providing companies there is an accessto the latest engineering software tools.?Customized solution and domain specific expertise are easilyavailable with Indian service providers.?The service offered is speedy with faster time-to-market at aconsiderable less cost.?Indian service providers have years of experience and in-depthexpertise on hand as compared to others.?Rigid data-information security policies are in place for keeping atab on the protection concerns.?India’s talent pool has become a reason for envy for not one ortwo countries but many. The country’s intelligentsia is engagedlargely into technical sector including IT, BPO, KPO and FPO, toname a few.Visit us: • Email us:
  9. 9. ?India is known worldwide for its growing talent pool.?Labour cost in India is low as compared to othercountries in engineering outsourcing.?Customer satisfaction is guaranteed in India.?Indian service providers have an eye for detail.?Professionals have domain specific expertise.?Availability of toll-free phone facility is an addedadvantage to the engineering outsourcing sector.?Communication between Indian service providers andemployer companies becomes easy because ofknowledge of various languages by Indianprofessionals. Indian employees, in particular engineers,are well versed in English.TakeawaysVisit us: • Email us:
  10. 10. Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services is an ISO 9001:2008 certifiedand privately owned firm, established in 1992. With currentemployee strength of over 700 professionals, the companyoffers services in BPO, Architectural EngineeringConstruction Services, Engineering Solutions and SoftwareSolutions. Hi-Techs primary customer base is USA, Canada,UK, EU, Australia, Middle-East and other countries.Outsourcing your projects to Hi-Tech will save 60%-70% onclients costs.Hi-Tech is affiliated with several national and internationalbusiness groups and industrial bodies. This enables thecompany to stay connected with its clients across theglobe.Company ProfileVisit us: • Email us:
  11. 11. ?U.S. Chamber of Commerce?Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC)?U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)?Software Technology Parks of India (STPI)?Computer Society of India (CSI)?Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)?National Association of Software and ServiceCompanies (NASSCOM)?Gujarat Electronics & Software Industries Association(GESIA)AffiliationsVisit us: • Email us:
  12. 12. Client ListVisit us: • Email us:
  13. 13. ContactAhmedabad - HeadquarterAhmedabad OfficeCochin OfficeHi-Tech House, B/H V-Murti Complex,Near Gurukul Tower, Gurukul,Ahmedabad-380 052, Gujarat, India.Phone: +91-794-000-3000+91-793-014-3000Fax : +91-794-000-3202E-Mail: info@hitechcaddservices.com3rd Floor, Chanakya Plaza,New C.G. Road Opp. Swagat IChandkheda Ahmedabad – 380 006Gujarat India43-A E Block 3rd Floor,Cochin Special Economic Zone (CSEZ)Kakkanad Cochin - 682 037 Kerala Indiawww.hitechcaddservices.comVisit us at:Visit us: • Email us:
  14. 14. The AuthorMegha Sharma is Hi-Techs content developer. Sheregularly administers matter related to various socialmedia platforms and creates content on topicsunder SEO, ITO, ESO, and BPO among others.Megha is responsible for measuring and scalingefforts, the organization puts into various activitiesonline.Visit us: • Email us:
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