CFD Engineering Analysis Case Studies - Computational Fluid Dynamics


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At Hi-Tech CADD Services, Our CFD analysis experts have completed numerous CFD projects. Read the case studies in brief.

1) Flow Analysis through diffuser
2) CFD Analysis of Nozzle flow
3) CFD Analysis of FAN model
4) CFD Analysis to optimize flow inside duct

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CFD Engineering Analysis Case Studies - Computational Fluid Dynamics

  1. 1. CFD ENGINEERING ANALYSISComputer Aided Engineering (CAE) Contact us Engineering (Sales & Marketing Division) Email: Phone: +91 79 4000 3252 Board: +91 79 4000 3000 Fax: +91 79 4000 3202 Website: www.
  2. 2. Hi-Tech Offerings Architectural Structural MEP SERVICES Mechanica BIM l CAE Electrica l
  3. 3. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) TrueCADD also provides CFD services to its clients which includes Flow Analysis, Heat Transfer Analysis and Aerodynamic Analysis SERVICES • Heat Transfer Analysis • Compressible Fluid Flows • Industrial Fluid Dynamic Multiphase Flows • Chemical Reactions • Steady and Transient Flows • Multiple Rotation Zones • Turbulent Flows • Distributed Resistances • Aerodynamic Analysis • Dynamic Cell Addition • Hydrodynamic Analysis
  4. 4. CFD Projects #1 Flow Analysis through diffuser Client Air Conditioner company in USA Scope of Work To analysis temperature profile through diffuser. Inputs 3D Model of diffuser Material Properties Application Data Output Under the given condition, flow trajectories and temperature profile across diffuser domain Software SolidWorks | Team 1 | Duration 2 Days
  5. 5. CFD Projects #2 CFD Analysis of Nozzle flow Client Pumps & Hydraulic Company in Norway Scope of Work To find the exit angle of outlet and flow profile across blades in nozzle Inputs 3D Drawing of Nozzle Flow conditions Output Flow path line across nozzle geometry and calculation of flow exit angle of nozzle Software ANSYS CFX | Team 4 | Duration 4 Days
  6. 6. CFD Projects #3 CFD Analysis of FAN model Client Fan manufacturer in Germany Scope of Work To generate fan curve data, operating point and calculate torque generated Inputs Fan 3D CAD Drawing Experimental conditions Input details Output Velocity and Pressure counters, pressure rise across fan and Operating point calculation , Comparison of CFD data with experimental data Software ANSYS - FLUENT | Team 2 | Duration 5 Days
  7. 7. CFD Projects #4 CFD Analysis to optimize flow inside duct Client Cement Company in India Scope of Work To reduce pressure difference across bend region Inputs CAD Drawing of duct Operating condition Output Pressure contour for design condition and suggestion for geometrical modification with support of CFD analysis for desired pressure drop Software ANSYS - FLUENT | Team 1 | Duration 2 Day
  8. 8. Contact usEngineering(Sales & Marketing Division)Email: info@3dcadservicesindia.comPhone: +91 79 4000 3252Board: +91 79 4000 3000Fax: +91 79 4000 3202Website: