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Tvp media kit


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Tvp media kit

  1. 1. The Visitor’s Passport—Eat, Drink and Play like a Local!San Diego’s first and only exclusive deals for conventionexhibitors & attendees.For media inquiries, pleasecontact: 888.859.2350—Ext. 208
  2. 2. About TVPThe Visitors Passport offers exclusive deals for convention-goers coming to San Diego. Get deals oneats, drinks and activities at local hotspots! With The Visitors Passport, YOU can experience San Diegothe right way with these exclusive deals. • Have your option of a variety of restaurants and activities • Get an insiders view of the local hotspots • Enjoy deals exclusive to visitorsTVP for BusinessesSan Diego is a one of the most popular convention destinations in the United States, and TVP is offeredfor all major conventions that take place in our beautiful city. This is the perfect opportunity to reachthe vast convention clientele.TVP reaches the convention goers by:  Emailing the deals to all exhibitors and attendees  Fliers distributed in the welcome packet given to all exhibitors and attendees  Handing out fliers at the convention  Posting the deals on the SDEM website, the convention website & all social media sites
  3. 3. DistributionE-BLASTS POSTED ONLINEWe work with each convention manager to The flier gets posted on all online formatsget the TVP deals out to all exhibitors & Including, SDEM webpage, TVP Facebookattendees coming to San Diego. TVP is page, SDEM Facebook page, SDEM blog &emailed either directly from convention various convention webpages.manager or through our exhibitor database.WELCOME PACKETS HAND DELIVEREDWe work with each convention manager to Fliers are handed out during the conventionput the flier in the welcome packet given to at the convention center and surroundingall exhibitors & attendees upon check-in at Gaslamp District. As well as delivered tothe convention hotels in the surrounding area.About SDEMSan Diego Event Management is the premier event planning company located in San Diego, CA. SDEM isintroducing new strategies to the event management industry by providing unparalleled client supportand relationships with partners that combine smart decisions with integrity. San Diego Event Management is a proud member of the San Diego Conventions & Visitor’s Bureau.SERVICES AVAILABLE◦ Program Design ◦ Exhibitor Services ◦ Themed Events ◦ Corporate Events ◦ Destination Management ◦Venue Selection ◦ Budgeting ◦ Event Coordination ◦ Harbor Cruises ◦ Golf Reservations ◦ Entertainment ◦Off-Site Events ◦ VIP Reservations ◦ Brand Ambassadors ◦ On-Site Management ◦ Tours ◦ Transportation ◦ 3545 Aero Ct. | Suite C| San Diego, CA | 92123
  4. 4. Advertise with The Visitor’s Passport Large ad space Cost: $300  Highest exposure  Includes discounted webcast Small ad space Cost: $200  1 of 2 small ad spaces Large ad space………… 4.5in x 5in Small ad space………….3.75in x 2.25in  Please submit ad materials based on contract  Please supply a URL  Print will be sent for client approval  Content: company logo, address, telephone #, DEAL, anything above will be approved upon submission. YOUR AD HERE!WebcastsCost: $100Be the featured company of the month in a webcast posted onthe SDEM website, YouTube & all social media sites. Showcaseyour company’s specialty and provide a preview of what thecustomer’s experience will entail in a 2 minute video interview. **Inquire about first time advertiser rates!
  5. 5. San Diego Visitor’s Stats• Direct visitors spending of $7 billion a year• Visitor attendance of nearly 30 million people• 72 meeting/banquet rooms totaling 204,114 square feet at the Convention Center• 525,701 Gross square feet of contiguous ground-level space at the Convention Center• 1,100 Meetings, Conferences, Trade Shows, Events and Conventions a year• An estimated 2.9% increase in attendance in 2012• 128,000 Attendees for Comic Con International alone, with $67.8 million spending• Regional economic Impact of $16 billion• $360 million in tax revenues• The Convention Center supports almost 12,500 region-wide jobs
  6. 6. Contact: Kelsey Lapointe FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASETel. 858.279.6668 ext. 200Email: SAN DIEGO EVENT MANAGEMENT ANNOUNCES THE VISITOR’S PASSPORT The Visitor’s Passport – Eat, Drink and Play like a LocalSan Diego, CA (August 8, 2011) – San Diego’s premier event management company, San Diego EventManagement, announces The Visitor’s Passport, a convention goers dream. The Visitor’s Passportfeatures exclusive deals on the best local eats, drinks and activities for incoming exhibitors andattendees.San Diego Event Management saw an opportunity to help local businesses tap into a bigger audienceby reaching out to incoming convention exhibitors and attendees that pour into the city every week.San Diego is the 9th top city for conventions across the country and is host to over 1,100 conferences,trade shows, events and conventions a year. Visitors spend $7 billion annually at thousands of busi-nesses in the county. This equates to $16 Billion in economic impact for the region. With The Visitor’sPassport, local businesses are able to capture more of the convention visitor business.The Visitor’s Passport includes deals from local restaurants, bars and boutiques. TVP is only offered topeople traveling to San Diego for convention purposes. Exhibitors and attendees are able to feel like alocal while getting unique deals to the city’s most treasured spots. With a variety of options, conven-tion goers can try out some of the favorite venues and hidden gems only the locals know exist.The Visitor’s Passport is able to get some of the best deals in town by the relationships San DiegoEvent Management has fostered with local businesses, which relieves the stress of finding places toeat and things to do in an unknown city. Not only do convention exhibitors and attendees receiveamazing deals locally, but can also use San Diego Event Management’s other event and destinationmanagement services for any needs while in San Diego.The Visitor’s Passport is an exclusive offer to convention exhibitors and attendees, where they caneat, drink and play like a local.For more information contact: ###
  7. 7. TVP Production Schedule November 2011Conventions Irrigation Show & Exposition- 6,000 attendees Board of Vocational Nursing- 460 attendees Magic Grand Prix San Diego- 1,200 attendees Taking Control of Your Diabetes- 3,000 attendees American Speech Language Hearing ASSN Annual Meeting- 13,000 attendees Assembly of God Youth Conference- 6,000 attendees Adobe Photoshop- 450 attendees California School Boards Association- 4,000 attendeesTotal Attendance: 34,110Advertisement spots filled, deal defined and graphics/logos collected: October 17thDesign goes to print: October 20thE-mail sent on: October 24th Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Ad spaces filled w/ all Design goes to print content submitted 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 Email sent to Conventions December 2011Conventions American Society of Hematology- 22,000 attendees San Diego International Auto Show- 5,400 attendees 2nd Annual Firefighters’ Ball- 600 attendeesTotal Attendance: 28,000Advertisement spots filled, deal defined and graphics/logos collected: November 14thDesign goes to print: November 17stE-mail sent on: November 22nd Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Ad spaces filled w/ all Design goes to print content submitted 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Email sent to Conventions ***Dates & Attendance are Subject to Change
  8. 8. TVP Production Schedule January 2012Conventions San Diego Home Show PCMA Convene- 3,300 attendees West 2010-AFCEA & USNI- 12,000 attendees Society for Personality & Social Psychology Annual- 3,200 attendees Bridal Bazaar- 6,500 attendees International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare Annual- 1,600 attendeesTotal Attendance: 29,600Advertisement spots filled, deal defined and graphics/logos collected: December 19thDesign goes to print: December 22ndE-mail sent on: December 26th Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Ad spaces filled w/ all Design goes to print content submitted 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Email sent to Conventions February 2012Conventions Sharp International Cheer Competition- 3,000 attendees Firehouse World Exposition & Conference- 4,000 attendees San Diego County Treasurer Land Auction- 600 attendees Pain Management Consumer Show- 5,000 attendees Biophysical Society Annual Meeting- 5,000 attendeesTotal Attendance: 17,600Advertisement spots filled, deal defined and graphics/logos collected: January 16thDesign goes to print: January 19thE-mail sent on: January 23rd Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Ad spaces filled w/ all Design goes to print content submitted 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Email sent to Conventions ***Dates & Attendance are Subject to Change
  9. 9. Terms of Agreement 3545 Aero Ct. | Suite C| San Diego, CA | 92123 www.sandiegoeventmanagement.comOVERVIEWTVP will include client’s ad space for the specified month agreed upon.PHASE 1 Discussion, emails, and/or phone interview Client review and sign up Payment duePHASE 2 Ad space designed by in-house graphics designer or option to submit your own design available upon request Materials submitted for approvalPHASE 3 Completed flier submitted to your company for approval 48hrs before going to print If no requests for changes to ad space, design goes to print on scheduled datePHASE 4 TVP distributed to convention exhibitors and attendees Your company must measure TVPS redeemed and revenue generated from the total of each party that uses TVP Upon expiration of TVP, review of stats i.e. # redeemed, increase in business, ROI, etc.FEESYour company will be placed in the agreed upon ad space for the ______________TVP @ the rate of$_____. monthFinal payment will be due within 14 days of receipt of invoice. Payment must be received even if clientmisses the materials submitted deadline. Payments are to be made via check to San Diego EventManagement or can be paid via debit/credit card online.TVP will see to it that you are satisfied with the return on your investment.By providing your signature below, you are authorizing SDEM to perform the services described herein andagree to pay according to the payment terms described.________________________________ _______________San Diego Event Management Date________________________________ ________________________________ _______________Client (print) Client (Signature) Date