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Register Training


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Register Training

  1. 1. Basic Register Functions What does a day in the life of cashier look like? Start of the shift  Check in with Supervisor  Break Chart  Produce walks – store walks Sign in Password Change Tenders accepted: Cash, Credit, EBT, Store Gift Cards, Sign out/Lock Drawer – ring speed The POS from Right to Left: Menu Screen Department “dumping” Barcode Entry Manufacture/Store Coupon Price Checks Gift Card Inquiry Open Cash Drawer Reprint receipt (15 sign off or menu/functions) Bag donations Ringing in items Scanner/Scan gun Manual entry Barcode Entry for “in house” barcodes Entering PLU’s Clear and cancel Favs Tare Quantity Enter Case Discount – Line item discount Wine Discount AMS deals (i.e one day sales, 2 for $15 chicken deal, Whole Body Benefits) Coupons Voids Void Void Last Void Transactions Voiding a weighed item Total Page Cash/credit/gift card/EBT Suspend Transaction When to use EBT What’s covered/what isn’t Explain what B, T and F means (tax codes) What happens when a customer has a balance left Splitting Tenders Part Cash/Part card Split between two cards Key Flicks – leave window up Voids over 10 Wine Discounts Coupon flicks Rain checks Bag donations over 1.00 Etc. Paperwork Pick ups/loans Rainchecks Clean Till Policy End of your Shift Organize & Clean Register and Belt Okay, so we’ve gone over the POS with you. That’s a lot to take in! Now let’s practice. Role play these scenarios with your trainer: