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Senior Global Strategy Sustainable International Development Consultant

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Maureen Kelsey CV/Resume

  1. 1. Maureen Kelsey 40 Pond Street, Greenfield, MA 01301 (Mobile) +1 732 614 5813 (Email) PROFESSIONAL OVERVIEW: Experienced trilingual Lead Communications Advisor with a proven track record of success across the US, European and Asian private, public and diplomatic sectors. Strong background in business development, sustainability, organizations and operations with Fortune 500s, large European and top Russian company CEOs and European SMEs designing and advancing innovative vision aligned with business strategy; identifying and implementing strategic solutions integrating requirements, processes, applications, systems, technologies, services, relationships and competencies. A pro-active collaborative and consensus building leader of cross-organizational, cross- regional and transnational teams, empowering staff to take ownership providing effective communications, coaching, training, education and mentoring to build cohesive high performing teams of up to 350 staff working together to achieve individual targets and company objectives. As a long-standing advocate facilitating change and transformation, communicating and transferring knowledge and understanding that delivers an experience effectuating a transformation at the levels of head and heart—based in collaboration, cooperation and consensus that evolve organically—solutions endure. CAREER HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE:  Published global articles, presenter at international conference in India to innovate higher education, leader of global sustainable development educational social media website that represents and reaches 143 countries known as “Call to Change”  Developed a customer service platform for international carrier and road map of organizational restructure and development  Continually implemented operational road map to facilitate YOY service improvements  Awarded as Top Team Leader within an organisation of 8000 staff  Led negotiations, developed and implemented complex global contracts, multiple vendors, communications and presentations on behalf of and with C Suite and client staff, complex stakeholder maps  Developed designs to incorporate policy, change management, business development and quality scorecards with profitability increases up to $2m+ for one client engagement, Tetra Pak  Led best practice management consulting for EU Italian national project working with key management of B2C companies improving marketing, sales and business operations CAREER HISTORY: 2008 to 2012 Senior Global Strategy: Global Business & Technology Solutions LLC  Delivers strategic transition and transformation solutions through program and project management of global business development solutions; commits to "customers" as the focus and communications getting the right information to the right people at the right time.  Proactively provides value-added business need, human capital and technology to achieve of business goals; drives strategic development, communication aligning business needs
  2. 2. and focusing on areas of high leverage; actively monitors performance to ensure effectiveness, adjusts strategy as required and identifies investment returns.  Leverages information, manages activities, systems and operational data to ensure quality planning, implementation and operation; actively monitors performance to ensure effectiveness; develops methods for communicating innovation and change across the organization.  Actively bridges business and technical cultures promoting cross-organizational collaboration; recognizes interrelationship of individual, organizational excellence and contribution. 2007 to 2007: Senior Consultant: SDI, Italy  Transitioned knowledge management and technology firm to participate in European market  Managed business strategy and development, marketing, sales, website and content  Responsible for company ISO quality, development of products, services, project management process improvements and alignment of technology with business operations creating a more effective, efficient new platform  Provided organizational development, staff training needs assessment,, supported company staff development by creating and delivering additional key business management training 2002 to 2007: Independent Consultant: Lingua PIU, Italy  Responsible for quality consulting, team building and business English for SDI  Consulted with business owners, directors and professionals in a wide-range of sectors to develop management and communications skills at international level  Integrated knowledge gained from multicultural international business and client services 1998 to 2002: General Director: Wolliton Consulting Ltd, London UK and Russia  Responsible for global business development, sales and marketing of management consulting combined with technology to develop, transform and transition strategic business solutions  HR sourcing, staffing, human capital development at individual and team level combining action learning, training, education, coaching and mentoring  Leader of best management practice—organizational, human capital, technology and quality management projects and a full range of outsourced services for Fortune 500s, large European and key Russian companies  Developed and implemented tactical and operational strategies for the transition and transformation of large, complex global infrastructures, global contract development; transferring knowledge and understanding to client team, HR position requirements development and improvement, training needs and staff sourcing, as needed  Clients—Alfa Bank, American Express International Services, Arthur Andersen Czech Republic, Russia and CIS, Avon Beauty Products, British Airways, Citibank, Coca-Cola International, Chevron, Deloitte & Touché Russia/CIS, Golden Telecom Russia and Central Asia, Tetra Pak, DaimlerChrysler, Pepsi International, the International Monetary Fund, Khanty-Mansyisk Oil Consortium, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Rolf Holdings, South African Breweries and the MacArthur Foundation, among many others EARLY CAREER INCLUDES:  1996 to 1998: IT Director: International Creative Solutions Inc., Clients—Arthur Andersen, Andersen Consulting in Russia/CIS and Enron Russia. Developed and implemented tactical and operational strategies, contracts for IT and telecom infrastructure, developed support staff positions for HR, SOWs, staffing, management, development and operational training of personnel
  3. 3.  1995 to 1996: Director of Telecommunications: Windamere Consulting Group, Managed 40 Russian staff, the program of consulting projects and outsourced personnel providing full-range of technology support, staff development, training and management to fully deliver professional service for major clients—American Express International Services, Bristol Myers-Squibb, Chevron, Coopers & Lybrand, Credit Suisse Bank and Credit Suisse First Boston, Ernst & Young, General Electric and Ferrero (chocolates)  1994 to 1995: Specialist Information Services: US Department of State: Managed the information in support of 800 personnel representing all government agencies and provided cryptographic and comprehensive technology and communications network and equipment management, administration, operations and maintenance.  1984 to 1994: Technical Planning Manager: AT&T Information Management Services, Team leader for President and 10 VPs (8000 personnel) for key business objectives in process development and re-engineering, HR and functional realignment, workforce training needs assessments and development, as well as product quality improvements. Positions held—Facilities Manager, Technical Analyst (Tier3), Site Services Manager. SKILLS:  WAN/LAN and WAN/VPN architectures, web based systems architecture and network communications & protocols, Internet/Intranet, Wireless, Mobile  Client/Server architectures,Distributed systems, Routers,Switches, Bridges, ATM,FrameRelay, MPLS, DNS, Proxy, Caching, Load Balancing, Mainframe, TCP/IP Networking; Oracle, SQL, UNIX technologies, Cloud and Big Data  PBX, Video, Call/Contact Centres, IVR, VoIP, Satellite, GSM, ERP, enterprise systems  Structured Cabling Systems, HVAC, UPS, Generators, Corporate & Government Security  Motorola, Cisco, IBM, HP, Avaya / Lucent, Nortel, Siemens, Ericsson, Alcatel  MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint Outlook), MS Project, Visio, Lotus Notes EDUCATION:  Sustainable Development, Columbia University Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, 100% Distinction  Certified in Professional Sales, Project Management Prince2 Practitioner, and Quality  AT&T, Business Management Education, 30 courses accredited  Communications Platforms and Diplomatic Security, 44+ accredited  Russia/CIS Area and Russian Language Studies, Foreign Service Institute  University for Foreigners in Perugia Italy, Italian CELI 3 (university level)  AAS Degree, Summa Cum Laude: Business Administration PERSONAL:  Dual Nationality: US (native) and EU (Italy), experience spans 33 countries  Languages: English (native), Italian (fluent), Russian (conversational)  References available on request