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Kelsey Dunham TINT BACK

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Kelsey Dunham TINT BACK

  1. 1. Tint Back Project Advanced Manikin Original Level (Bottom Left) Natural level 4 with warm undertones. Matching all other quads to this quad! Manikin Starting Level: 7 Neutral/ Warm (Top Right) Fill: CT 15gr 6/75, 30gr 6 vol. Process: 20 mins. Final Color: KP 20gr 5/0, 20gr 10 vol. Process: 45 mins Results: This quad had the best results to matching the original quad. Similar warm, red undertones and level. Manikin Starting Level: 8 Warm (Top Left) Fill: CT 15gr 7/43, 30gr 6 vol. Process: 20 mins. Final Color: KP 20gr 4/0, 20gr 10 vol. Process: 45 mins. Results: This quad turned out a half level darker than original quad. Had similar warm, red undertones. Grey Coverage Quad After completing project for intermediate, I was not satisfied with final result. Deposited with CT 5/4 and 4/77 Equal parts with 6vol. Final Result: Grey quad has orange and gold tones, with a similar level to original quad. Designed By: Kelsey A. Dunham